APPT Cambodia Day 8 winners: Thijs Hilberts wins grueling Deepstack event; China’s Yuhan Liu and Zhangbin Ying win trophies

Day 8 at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) was pumping with action as the highlighted Main Event took center stage. While players battled for a spot at Day 2, over at the side games, three players came out victorious to deplete the mantle another three spades. Here are the results.


Thijs Hilberts outlasts at the Deepstack

The two-day Deepstack Event attracted 179 runners for a prize pool of US$ 78,134. Dutch pro / Life Of Poker owner Thijs Hilberts turned his single buy in of US$ 500 to a five digit payout of US$ 17,309. This was his career second PokerStars spade.

Thijs Hilberts

On the first day, the bubble burst when Filipino player Junnie Pamplona won the flip with 9c9h against AsKs on a board that ran 6h10hQs3c4h.

IMG 1635

From there it was a long grind to the final table. Players bagged up well past the witching hour and returned the next day to hunt down the title.


As the field trimmed to six players, Hilberts was backed by a commanding stack and carried it to the final three. Taiwan’s Nevan Chang was able to shave down the leader to slide into the top spot however it was brief. Hilberts regained the lead with over 2:1 chip advantage at heads up. Hilberts went on to close it out with 3c5d straight on a board Jh6d4h7cQs. It was all in on the turn with Chang holding 10h3h draw.

Date: May 12-13, 2023
Buy in: US$ 500

Entries: 179
Prize pool: US$ 78,134
ITM: 27 places

Final table payouts

Place Player
Payouts in USD
1 Thijs Hilberts $17,309
2 Yu Chung Chang $11,681
3 Changbum Jeon $8,040
4 Shravan Singh $6,555
5 Anton Widjaya $5,227
6 Junnie Pamplona $4,016
7 Manoe Betrix $2,922
8 Anil Adiani $2,117
9 Evgenii Nekrasov $1,750

FESTIVAL RESULTS – for the full payouts

One heads up hand victory for Yuan Liu at the HR Knockout Bounty

Yuhan Liu

China’s Yuhan Liu has played every high roller event up to this point and finally bagged himself a title at the High Roller Knockout Bounty. It was a one hand heads up clash with Fedor Dedelov JhJd and LIu Ad9c. The board ran Qh3h9h5c8s. In addition to the the US$ 16,323 top prize, Liu collected US$ 7,000 in bounties for a combined US$ 23,323 in winnings. This was China’s eighth victory of the series.

Date: May 12, 2023
Buy in: US$ 2,500

Entries: 39
Prize pool: US$ 48,009
Bounty pool: US$ 39,000
ITM: 6 places

Place Player
Payouts in USD
1 Yuhan Liu $16,323
2 Fedor Dedelov $11,282
3 Jhon Hendri $7,201
4 Valeriy Pak $5,521
5 Lev Kydatov $4,321
6 John Perry $3,361

Zhangbin Ying wins the Megastack Turbo

Zhangbin Ying

It was a sure win for China at the Megastack Turbo with the final three players all from the same nation. They opted to split the money down the middle then play for US$ 1,000 and the trophy. After nearly an hour, Zhangbin Ying came from behind to ship it with 9c7c two pair cracking KhKs. It was a four-bet shove on the flop 7d9d6h. The turn 8c and river Jc completed the board. This was the ninth win for China.

Date: May 12, 2023
Buy in: US$ 500 

Entries: 62
Prize pool: US$ 27,063
ITM: 8 places

*Three way deal

Place Player
Payouts in USD
1 Zhangbin Ying $6,5948
2 Zizheng Huang $5,593*
3 Haisheng Bi $5,593*
4 Somashekar Nahadeva $2,869
5 Christopher Mateo $2,219
6 Chengbei Li $1,732
7 Eric Wasylenko $1,380
8 Tian Yuan Tang $1,083
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