Poker Dream Manila: Andrej Nagy and Ming Hong Teoh win trophies; Duhan Lee tops Crazy Weekend Day 1A

Weekend warriors of all levels had plenty to keep them busy at Poker Dream Manila with a platter of games on offer on Friday, April 28, 2023 at Newport World Resorts. High rollers dug their heels at the 200K Short Deck Ante-Only with Ghai Pang Yap awarded the win and Rene Van Krevelen paid big. You can read up on the highlights here.

Over at the lower-tiered events, Duhan Lee bagged the chip lead at Crazy Weekend Day 1A, Andrej Nagy won three all in showdowns to ship the two-day Superstack, and Ming Hong Teoh recovered some of his losses by taking down the Short Deck Ante-Only. Scroll down for the results.

Crazy Weekend Day 1A

Crazy Weekend 105
Duhan Lee

The Crazy Weekend tournament featuring a PH₱ 4,000,000 (~US$ 71,800) guarantee filled a large portion of the floor as 119 signed up to Day 1A. With only 15% eligible for the next stage of the race, it was a hard grind to claim one of the 18 spots. Luckily, free drinks were flowing for all participants to keep spirits up all day and night.

Just before the tenth hour of play, the bubble burst with Scott Hess scooping up with pocket Aces. This gave him the second largest stack of the day. Bagging the chip lead was Korea’s Duhan Lee who secured his second cash of the series. He is in fine shape to surpass his 22nd finish at the Warm Up event.

Date: April 28, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 25,000 (~US$ 460)
Guarantee: PH₱ 4,000,000 (~US$ 71,800)
Day 1A entries: 119

End of Day 1A – 18 players

1 Duhan Lee Korea 540,000
2 Scott Michael Hess USA 366,000
3 Florencio Campomanes IV Philippines 339,000
4 Jongmin Won Korea 285,000
5 Jayvon Carreon Philippines 273,000
6 Raymundo Gomez Jr Philippines 234,000
7 Joseph Talamayan Philippines 232,000
8 Jose Colada III Philippines 215,000
9 Jeongmin Park Korea 175,000
10 Johnson Tan Philippines 140,000
11 Ryan McAllister USA 137,000
12 Christopher Mateo Philippines 119,000
13 Sang Won Song Korea 110,000
14 Jimmy Johan Philippines 94,000
15 Keijiro Shimojo Japan 93,000
16 Rio Kitaoji Japan 68,000
17 Adones Carmona Philippines 67,000
18 Darren Ong Abdullah Malaysia 54,000

Up next is Day 1B on Saturday, April 29, starting at 3pm. This is the last chance to join this fun event. Registration closes at 9pm.

Andrej Nagy comes from behind to win the Superstack

SuperStack Final 33
Andrej Nagy

After Edilberto Gopez delivered a harsh blow to Won Jae Lee with Jc9d all in called at the flop landing the straight on the river 8h2h7cKc10s to beat AcQh, he carried in a substantial 66 bb into heads up against Andrej Nagy with 14 bb.

Despite the big lead, Gopez could not shut down Nagy who had luck on his side. On the first hand, Nagy doubled up with Ks5c pairing the King on the turn to survive against Ac9h. Hands later, Nagy took the lead with 3d4d all in at the flop 2dJsKd5c6h improving to a straight to beat Kc4h top pair.

On the third all in showdown, it was a hat trick. Nagy ousted Gopez with JsJh dominating QcJd for his first ever live victory and a payout of PH₱ 408,000 (~US$ 7,320).

For the full final table action, head to the Poker Dream facebook page for the recorded livestream.

Date: April 27-28, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 20,000 (~US$ 370)
Entries: 85
Prize pool: PH₱ 1,484,100
ITM: 11 places

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Andrej Nagy Slovakia 408,000
2 Edilberto Gopez Jr Philippines 290,000
3 Won Jae Lee Korea 190,000
4 Anthony Wanghei Chan Austria 146,000
5 Myeon Jung Kim Korea 115,800
6 Stephen Nathan UK 90,600
7 Jason Nocon Philippines 71,300
8 Scott Michael Hess USA 55,700
9 Enrico Dela Rosa Italy 42,300
10 jeongmin Park Korea 37,200
11 Yehonatan Behor J Israel 37,200

Ming Hong Teoh wins the Short Deck Ante-Only

Short Deck Ante 23
Ming Hong Teoh

After missing the mark at the high roller short deck event, Ming Hong Teoh found success in the cheaper PH₱ 15,000 (~US$ 275) buy in Short Deck Ante-Only to recover some of his losses. Teoh outlasted a field of 28 entries for a payout of PH₱ 132,600 (~US$ 2,380).

Date: April 28, 2023
Buy in: PH₱ 15,000 (~US$ 275)
Entries: 28
Prize pool: PH₱ 358,512 (~US$ 6,435)

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Ming Hong Teoh Malaysia 132,600
2 Choon Kwang Lim Singapore 91,400
3 Tin Lam Wong Hong Kong 58,212
4 Kwok Wai Wong Hong Kong 42,200
5 Svyatoslav Dvornikov Russia 34,100
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