Meet blonytair: Somuchpoker School Coach

Hi blonytair, We are happy to get you as our coach for Somuchpoker.

Can we expect you to do videos on a regular base, and what exactly can we expect?

Thanks. Yes, sure, the goal is to provide a well-structured poker school for our users, and I am happy to be part of the team that take care of this part of Somuchpoker. Since I have played nearly all games in all formats for years, I hope to able to help where I can … Given the experiences that I have had in past coaching poker players, I especially want to focus on bringing the right attitude to poker. This is, in my opinion, the biggest leak most people have. They may be talented, but they don’t work in the right direction to get better. Besides all thoughts about how to play a certain hand, this is the point where you can win or lose the most money in the long run, so I’ll  keep an eye on that as well – and hope that some users might take advantage of this kind of content.

What are your reasons for deciding to settle in Asia, and what was your way through the continent?

I wanted to travel a bit, but mainly it was the great weather and infrastructure that kept me here. During the winter, it’s a bit of a mess to grind away in cold Europe, especially if you have the option to do your job in Asia for the same price – with 30°C weather and a swimming pool plus a great kitchen somewhere on the street that makes great food 24/7 for 1-3$ per meal. But definitely it was also the local cultural aspect and just the different kinds of foreigners you meet here in South East Asia that made me stay. After 4 Years in Thailand, I moved to Vietnam a year ago. If I move to another country in this area, my actual favorite is definitely the Philippines.

Do you have live poker experience in Asia?

Asia is definitely great for live poker. I’ve been playing in Macau, Cambodia, Manila, and at the Aussie Millions last year (if we can count that as Asia). Macau is drying up a bit at the moment, but fortunately Manila is growing even more. My biggest success was 2nd Place in a 2,1k High-roller event that was part of the Asian Poker Tour – my favorite tour at the moment. Even if I had had 85% of all the chips before the HeadsUp, I couldn’t  have managed to win it. That was pretty unlucky. But I’ll definitely try to find some more stops around here this year to travel to and finally win my first trophy somewhere around here … Smile

What have been your biggest online achievements?

The “biggest” one was definitely 6th place at the SundayMillion while traveling through Thailand in 2010. I changed a couple of things a lot to win 56k$ in one night. Three months later, I got 6th place in the 2,1k HORSE Event of the Scoop, my first ever tournament with such a Buyin. But independent of the prize money, I definitely love the following two anecdotes the most: 1. Some years ago, I won two MiniFTOPS-titles FullTilt, and I don’t know, but I may still be the only player who has managed that so for… Smile 2. Before the BlackFriday, they had a lot of big field tournaments on Pokerstars, and the one that I mostly played in my tournament grinds was the daily 11$ 20k$ GTD at 15:30 ET. Usually 2k – 2,5k players. I won on the 9th AND the 10th of June 2011, defeating 2,4k players. That was very funny to beat such a big field back-to-back.

Is there a big community in Ho Chi Minh, and if so, what’s the difference between that community and the players you met in Thailand?

The biggest difference is that here there are way more French people … Smile. But in general it’s the same kind of nice people who just want to enjoy their liberty and are easy to handle. Quite an interesting assortment of people compared what you normally meet at home, since ALL of them left their home for the same reason that you did it, do the same job than you do, and chose the same place that you’ve chosen to move to. In Thailand, there are just more people, since it’s definitely a bit better prepared for online grinders who want to travel or stay somewhere for a couple of month while playing online. The Internet was a bit better there, and what I miss the most is the great food you get anytime, anywhere…

What are your prospects for Poker in the future?

Well, I definitely never want to quit playing Poker, but I also don’t  want to do that forever for a living. There are a couple of great opportunities at the moment to work for Somuchpoker, besides some other projects. Next year I want to play the WSOP in Las Vegas, and this October I might give it a shot at the WSOP Europe Edition in Berlin.

Is there any key experience you’ll always keep in mind that you want to share with our users?

According to my personal development, I could tell you at least a dozen. But concerning the users, I would like to share the following: when I started to play poker, I was always interested in playing with new people – friends who I knew, but I  hadn’t  played with yet, private SNGs for 5-10 at one of our homes. I very often thought “Wow, this (new) guy is a really good player”. But, finally, I realized it was just my first wrong assumption about their level of play, and my own lack of knowledge at that time. I don’t want to mean it in a way like “Now I know, they where all big fishes”. But if you see somebody who YOU THINK might be able to play better than you – 1. you might be wrong about that. 2. even if you are actually right, it’s not the question to admire him. It’s just the actual situation and very often easy to change, if you work hard on your game and play confidently, even if you know you are not (yet) the best player at the table. Being afraid of potentially better players will stop you from getting better. And thinking you cannot change this ranking is totally wrong! I hope to be able to communicate that as well as I can in my upcoming videos. But more important is that our users are able to communicate this with the little gambler inside them to improve their game as much as possible. Poker is a sport/competition, the luck is only the entertaining part of it!

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