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PokerBros is a new application granting you, just like PPPoker and Upoker, access to Online Home Games!

If you have never tried it, make sure to contact us to discover this brand new online poker experience! Somuchpoker will ease every step to your PokerBros Experience:


  VIP Customer Service
  Express Cash-In and Cash-Out
  Attractive Rakeback
Access to several clubs via an unique contact point
Join from any countries (including USA and Australia)


The following are the PokerBros Clubs you can join now via Somuchpoker. This rundown will get refreshed with more clubs/unions – as this application is very new, so make sure  to check our latest club offerings out! If you are looking for more information about PokerBros, please read our full review of the app.

At the moment, we offer access to the following clubs below:

Best PokerBros Clubs

Joker’s Wild

  • Club ID: 21724
  • Country: USA
  • Currency: USD
  • Chips ratio: 1 chip = 1 USD
  • Payment: Skrill (Euro / USD) – Neteller (USD) – Cryptocurrencies – Cash App –
  • Traffic: Up to 25 tables at peak times
  • Games (USD) : Games from NL10 – NL2K and PLO10 – PLO2K, MTTS, NLHE, PLO/PLO5/PLO6 and OFC are available to play

Contact us to join these clubs

  • Club ID: 792536
  • Country: USA
  • Currency: USD
  • Chips ratio: 1 chip = 1 USD
  • Payment: Skrill (Euro / USD) – Neteller (USD) – Cryptocurrencies – Cash App –
  • Traffic: Up to 10 tables at peak times.
  • Games (USD) : NLHE and PLO small-midstakes available to play

Contact us to join these clubs


Read our Full Review of PokerBros

How to join a Poker Bros club with Somuchpoker?

It’s easy! First, contact us mentioning your prefered payment method. Then, follow our instructions on how to download and install the app and start playing immediately.

What means of payments do you accept?

You can choose to pay your Somuchpoker agent with Bitcoin, Skrill, or Neteller.

How do withdrawals work?

Just contact us to receive your money. We will apply a small commission to do the transfer to your prefered method of payment. Money transfers are processed within 24 hours.

Do you guarantee my bankroll on PokerBros?

You can trust Somuchpoker to fully guarantee your bankroll.

Do the clubs have any special offers on PokerBros?

Pokerbros clubs can choose to create their own poker deals. As such, you can come across different offers such as deposit bonus, freerolls, badbeat jackpots, rakeback deals and more. Just ask us to know if special offers are under way.

What is the rake like in PokerBros clubs?

The general rake on Pokerbros private clubs is around 5% with a cap for small games. However, smaller rakes are usually applied for bigger games.

Which devices are supported by PokerBros?

PokerBros is an app designed to run on mobile phones. You can download it for both iOS and Android phones. However, if you want to enjoy PokerBros from the comfort of your computer, you can play thanks to an emulator. If you don’t know how to run one, our customer service will be happy to guide you through it.

What are the stakes like in PokerBros clubs?

Once again, each club has its own policies regarding the stakes of their games. Whether you are playing at low stakes or high stakes, don’t worry, we will find the right club for you.

Can I access PokerBros clubs from the U.S and other countries where poker is regulated? 

PokerBros avoids local regulation and offers “a home game experience”. As such, you should have no difficulty in using the app. In case you do, please contact us to find a solution.

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