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Graduated in Journalism at the University of Essex, Craig Bradshaw has been part of Somuchpoker from the beginning. Joining Somuchpoker after 5 year of being a semi-professional online poker player, his in-depth knowledge of the game and the community has provided great value to the site and has made his writings and articles easily relatable to the audience he is addressing.

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Everything you should know before making a deal in a tournament

Over the years, deal making has become an increasingly popular and important factor in tournaments. It allows players to flatten the payouts in the late stages which decreases the variance which can make tournament grinding difficult to manage as a profession. Most live events are happy to facilitate deals between players, and certain online poker […]

One Day of Poker: The biggest cheating scandal in online poker history

  It’s 2007, and a player called “Potripper” drags in another pot during a tournament on Absolute Poker. Based in Costa Rica, the player is making perfect bluffs and unbelievable calls. Soon enough, Potripper has all the chips in play and a big payday, but his opponents are suspicious. They are about to unveils the […]

WSOP POY Bombshell: Negreanu’s title retracted due to data error

The official Twitter account of the WSOP dropped the explosive tweet yesterday which revoked Daniel Negreanu’s 2019 POY title and handed it to Robert Campbell. Thanks to a sharp-eyed Russian journalist by the name of Alex Elenskiy, the Player of the Year crown for 2019 now rests on the right head. Data discrepancy changes the […]

Macau gaming revenue continues to plummet

Macau casino industry growth once seemed unstoppable, with high rollers flocking to its casinos on a weekly basis. These latest pictures show the past calendar year has been gloomier. This week saw Macau announce the latest of six revenue drops in the last ten months which indicate that Macau’s allure as a gambling hub is […]

Asian Nations Cup 2019 kicks off – Team Singapore among the favourites

The IFMP Asian Nations Cup is on the verge of kicking off in Taiwan, with twelve teams ready to battle for their nations’ pride. Singapore is one of those teams, having secured sponsorship from Betvision for the event.  What is Match Poker? The event is being organised by the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP), […]

Are re-entries and late registrations hurting the poker economy?

There once a time when poker tournaments involved one buy-in, one stack and one shot. In the simpler days of a freezeout you’d only ever see a player bust once. But these days, professionals can fire bullet after bullet until they finally build a big stack they can go to war with. Meanwhile recreational players […]

WSOPE Europe Main Event: Alexandros Kolonias crowned champion

The Main Event is the highlight of the WSOPE festival, and it has served up all the usual fascinating stories and big-name deep runs that it always does. With the crown now resting on a new head, allow us to run you through the most prestigious tournament in Rozvadov. Numbers and early action The WSOPE […]

Mediarex Group partners with Chinese Poker Enterprise

Mediarex, who own the GPI Index and Hendon Mob have announced a new partnership with Chinese Poker Enterprise. This announcement will see changes made to the way in which Asian player rankings are publicised online. Speaking in response to the partnership announcement, GPI Asia CEO Raymond Wong said, “It will be exciting news for players […]