Videos of the Week: Doug Polk Explains How He Wrecked Phil Hellmuth, Andrew Neeme is back and more…

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Doug Polk Explains How He Wrecked Phil Hellmuth

The most discussed hand played on poker TV recently was between Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth on High Stakes Poker. Doug laid down the second nuts against the “Poker Brat” and the poker world was astonished. In this video, Doug explains his thought process. It was filmed only an hour after the hand was played.

Scott Seiver vs Andrew Robl: Who is the Genius?

From a genius fold to a genius check… It’s not a real question if both these players are poker geniuses. They are! In this hand though we see a big pot between Andrew Robl and Scott Seiver and are left with the question “Who is the bigger genius of the two?”.

Doyle Brunson Best Poker Hands | High Stakes Poker

We’re sticking to PokerGo content for the next video. This is a highlight clip of Doyle Brunson’s best poker hands on High Stakes Poker from Season 1 through 7.

We’re ALL IN with TOP SET! The Blueprint for Live Pot Limit Omaha

After a 4-month hiatus Andrew Neeme is back vlogging. He returns with Pot-limit Omaha wisdom. This video is not just about playing some live PLO hands in Las Vegas, but also includes an ace strategy section about “the great game”.