PKC’s Main Event Day 1c Flight B ends with Dong Kyun Nam on top

Just past midnight hour, Day 1c flight b of the Poker King Cup National Main Event concluded with 19 players remaining out of the 52 registered entries. There were three players who crossed the century mark with Korea’s Dong Kyun Kim claiming the chip leader’s seat with 128,800 chips.

Chipleader day 1c
Dong Kyun Kim is Day 1c flight b Chip Leader

All it took was one big hand for Kim to jump into the leader’s seat. With the final round already at hand, it looked as if Filipino player Jose Rodriguez was on his way to being the day’s chip leader holding well over 100k chips but that quickly changed when he doubled up Kim. Rodriguez pushed all in on the river of a nine-high board and a one card flush showing. Kim didn’t bat an eyelash, instead he snap-called with his pocket tens dusting Rodriguez’s ace-king suited.

The second player to cross the century mark was New Zealand’s Paul Hockin with 105,000 chips. Hockin was awarded a big pot against Marc Rivera when his ace-nine found a pair on the board. From there, he managed his stack well, and claimed a few more pots towards the end of the day.

Paul Hockin
New Zealand’s Paul Hockin

Korea’s Tom Lee was one small chip behind Hockin with 104,900 chips at bagging. Lee was a tough man at the table, tanking players with his bets and raises. During the last level, Lee won three big pots without a showdown.

Tom Lee
Korea’s Tom Lee

With the final flight all wrapped up, these survivors will merge with qualifiers from the previous flights for tomorrow’s Day 2. Among those attempted but will not be joining them are China’s Zhinning Chen, Korea’s Byungil Park, Filipino Czardy Rivera, and Team PKC’s Adrian Brion.

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List of Day 1c flight B survivors

Dong Kyun Nam – Korea – 128,800
Paul Hockin – New Zealand – 105,000
Tom Lee (Lee Deok Hee) – Korea – 104,900
Pedro Gutierrez – Philippines – 93,300
Min Soo Kim – Korea – 75,900
Dave Erquiaga – Philippines – 73,700
Kurt Glenn Jacoba – Philippines – 63,700
Srinivas Polishetty – India – 56,800
Jose Rodriguez – Philippines – 54,000
Redentor Edoc – Philippines – 51,200
Euryd Rivera – Philippines – 42,600
Roozbeh Namvarasl– Iran – 34,600
Bertrand Ortiz – Philippines – 33,100
Mark Pagsuyuiin – Philippines – 27,100
Yongqi Ren – China – 27,100
Isabelo Braza – Philippines – 23,200
Michael Wee – Malaysia – 17,900
Ben Abrahams – Thailand – 16,700
Renniel Galvez – Philippines – 11,300

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