Off topic : Galfond engaged, Isildur1 and Unibet, Amiral caught cheating

Galfond Engaged

This week, news broke of Phil Galfond becoming engaged to actress Farah Fath. According to a tweet, he opened a bottle of the same wine they shared on their first date, then presented her with a beautiful engagement ring and a twelve page love letter, and she accepted.

Phil Galfond normally remains quiet about his love life and so the announcement was a slight surprise to those who didn’t know him personally. The renowned pro owns the poker training site and is held in high regard by the poker world, who have wished him a very happy future.

A ring and a 16 pages love letter : Galfond is off the market

Coren Mitchell And Pokerstars

One very interesting development this week has been the statement made by Victoria Coren Mitchell on her blog. The only ever two time EPT champion has decided to walk away from her affiliation with Pokerstars after the addition of casino games onto their site.

As a very well liked and respected pro, many have praised her decision to take the brave choice of walking away from the earnings she makes for endorsing Pokerstars. Coren Mitchell explained that having signed up to endorse poker, she didn’t feel able to endorse casino games, but was understanding of the business decision.

This is just one of several recent changes at the worlds largest online poker room which have been making headlines.

Victoria Coren Mitchell : Goodbye Pokerstars !

Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom

Since the recent termination of his link with Full Tilt Poker, Viktor Blom hasn’t been seen much at the high stakes tables, but a recent post from his twitter account has hinted at the possibility of important news to come.

He was mentionning the Unibet cash game and the Unibet Open tournament. On the 24th of november isildur1 played the first of three days of live streamed cash games being run by Unibet at the Aspers Casino in the East of London.

Until now, there has been no official announcement but this apperance has led to whispers that Viktor Blom will soon be sponsored by Unibet.

[su_youtube url=””]

Isildur1’s Aces get cracked

 Admiral caught cheating at poker

Another unusual story to emerge this week is that of Timothy Giardina, a poker playing former admiral in the US navy.

Having been found attempting to use counterfeit chips at the Horseshoe Casino in Iowa, he immediately claimed to have discovered the chips in one of the casino toilets.

His statement about the incident suggest that he thought the chips had been left in a toilet on purpose, so that the forger could wait for someone to try and use them, before watching to see if they were accepted as $500 chips, when in fact they were carefully altered $1 chips.

The story seems on the surface, possible, although there have been reports of evidence which may cast doubt on this version of events. He is accused of being the one who manufactured the chips, but with authorities still looking into the incident, nothing has been proven at this point.

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