Doug Polk lays out serious accusations against Tom Dwan

Video blogger Doug Polk has been very vocal on criticizing Tom Dwan for repeatedly evading the Durrrr Challenge against Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates. And unsurprisingly so. With the match on a standstill for several years, and everyone left hanging, Polk went further as to publicly decry it as the largest scam in poker history.

Then just yesterday, Polk released a new video titled, “Has Tom Dwan SCAMMED again?! New 7-Figure Scandal!” suggesting Dwan has conned another.

Tom Dwan

Durrrr Challenge Review: Dwan vs Cates

On a quick review of the Durrrr Challenge, in 2010, Cates accepted Dwan’s open proposal for a heads up challenge that offered an enticing 3:1 odds. The terms were, if after 50,000 hands of No Limit Hold’em, Dwan was ahead by at least $1, then Cates would fork over $500,000, however if Dwan were down by at least $1, then Cates would get paid a handsome reward of $1.5 million. After nearly 20,000 hands completed, Cates was way ahead by over $1.2 million. It was at this point that the game went on blackout with Dwan out of the action while Cates was left scratching his head in limbo.

Polk’s basis for the Dwan new accusations

While the Durrrr Challenge story is well documented with Cates expressing optimism that it will eventually resume, Polk’s latest video rant is unrelated to the issue. According to him, Tom “durrrr” Dwan is likely the person that sports bettor / poker enthusiast Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris talked about on Joe Ingram’s podcast in 2015.

The interview  revolved around a former NVG superhero (News, Views, and Gossip forum on 2+2) who owed Voulgaris “seven figures” in sports bet earnings.

Although Voulgaris opted to keep the person in question anonymous, this led Polk to speculate that it had to be Dwan suggesting that out of all the heroes, Dwan most fits the bill.  Polk also based his assumptions on a recent tweet by Voulgaris to Dwan on March 7th .

Now we all know that a juicy story like this will surely help Doug Polk bring more audience to his channel, but the loose accusations are very serious and bold. For one, we are talking about a seven-figure scam.

It is acceptable to publicly display these kinds of presumptions however shouldn’t a disclaimer also be made that it is just mere speculation and may not bear any truth?

Surely Doug Polk with his vast network in the online poker community knows the gravity of such accusations. Or perhaps Polk has additional information about Dwan that justifies him being designed as a “probable scammer”? And how about Polk’s debatable video that was released shortly after Voulgaris tweeted Dwan. Did Polk and Voulgaris work together on this story, possibly exchange notes before its release?

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Despite the intrigue, Tom Dwan’s mysterious ways continues and it seems that the less he plays (no show on the last Triton), the more he is talked about.

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Article by Triccia David


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