Asia: The New Frontier for Online Poker

For the past few years, the bigger online sites are becoming more competitive and the games far more difficult and severe for the casual player to join in. Some people still consider the game of poker a recreational and social activity instead of a means to earn a living. But with the way things are, somehow, the friendlier games are being pushed out of the scene.

PokerStars, which dominates the online poker industry especially after taking over Full Tilt, leads the rest of the pack. But despite spending billions on advertising and rehashing promos in favor of casual players to lure them into the platform, recreational players just don’t seem to come in as PokerStars’ expected that they would. This holds true also for the other big names, who have tried to do the same.

On the other hand, 3 new budding Asian online poker rooms don’t seem to encounter the same problem with casual players as the poker giants.

Pokamania (September 2018 Update : Site Closed)

$5/$10 PLO on Pokamania

Pokamania is part of the reputable GGNetwork which is considered one of the best software providers in the industry today. Players can play with US Dollars, and the platform is available on the PC, Android and iOS. Players come from all over Asia playing micro to high stakes. For players interested in tournaments, the Sunday Series guarantees a total of $50,000. Pokamania has tapped into growing poker markets in Asia and can assure an enjoyment for the casual player without getting burned.

Poker Monster

High Stakes Games on Monster Poker: 1M/2M ($10/$20)

Owned by Ourgame which in turn owns the WPT, Poker Monster is the biggest platform in China. Most of the players come from China but is now allowing other players to join and enjoy the game the way it was intended. The platform is played via a browser for English speakers as it is still not available to be downloaded to a PC or a MAC. Despite this, the game experience is not altered. The games are soft and perfect for the casual player. Following gaming regulations in China, games are not played with real cash instead they use “Gold”. However, Somuchpoker can easily convert “Gold” to US Dollar.


Bluff Online

Bluff Online

Bluff Online is the newest addition to the online platforms currently in the market. It initially started in South America but is now expanding to the Asian Region. As it caters mostly to developing poker communities, the games in the platform are perfect for beginners trying out the game. They offer cash games and tournaments alike. However, they do not transact in real cash, instead they use CHP. Nevertheless, Somuchpoker can easily convert CHP to US Dollar to those who register via the website.


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With these profiles, it is quite apparent that these 3 poker asia online rooms have stumbled into new territory, making the growing market of Asia the new frontier for online poker.

Article by Gabrielle Barredo

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