9 Chinese Gambling Superstitions

chinese superstitions

#1. Books Are to Be Avoided

The Chinese don’t like words that sound like unlucky things. For example, “book” in Chinese sounds like “lose,” and hearing the word is considered unlucky. Carrying or looking at books are also unlucky to Chinese gamblers.

#2. No sex before gambling

For males, stay far away from sex (or women) before gambling.

#3. Choose the right entrance

Generally speaking, Chinese gamblers stay away the main entrance of a casino because they are supposed to be cursed by feng shui masters. For ignoring these traditions, MGM Grand had to change its entrance which formerly forced customers to walk through the mouth of a lion.

#4. No touching of shoulders

Don’t hit or touch one s shoulder(s) while he or she is gambling. It’s not only considered very bad luck, but also very rude.

#5. Choose the right of the month

It’s highly recommended for a women to gamble when she’s having her period

#6. Wear red underwear

To the Chinese, the color red represents joy and good fortune. By extension its believed that wearing red underwear is going to bring you good luck.


Choose the right underwear before going to the casino

#7. Choose the right numbers

Eight is a very lucky number because that number in Mandarin Chinese sounds like the Chinese word for “prosperity.” Four, on the other hand, is unlucky, because it sounds like the Chinese word for “death.” Chinese gamblers also tend to use the numbers 3, 6, and 9, and combining them with 8 to form positive combinations.

#8. Wash or don’t wash your hands

Washing your hand can change the course of your luck. So when you’re in the middle of a losing streak, you should go to the nearest bathroom to wash your hands and wash the bad luck away.

#9. Don’t count the money

When you are gambling don’t try to count what you are winning or losing. Try also not to win from the beginning as this means that you will lose money in the long run



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