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Macau Billionaire’s Poker room is located on the 2nd Floor of the Babylon Casino at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. The casino is literally steps away from the Macau Ferry Terminal.  Being located near the wharf, the poker room is strategically located to provide its players with entertainment from the surrounding restaurants and establishments.

The room itself features five cash game tables including one private room for VIPs. Games run from HKD 20/50 to HKD 10,000/20,000. All tables feature USB charging ports and free Wi-Fi . Texas Holdem Poker and Pot Limit Omaha are both available in the room.  MBP is aiming to put the fun back into poker and encouraging action on their tables. Within the VIP room is a resting area where friends and relatives can relax while they wait for the players to finish.

There are regular events held in the room but weekly tournaments are not being offered.

Practical Info

table-poker-macauAddress : Macau Fisherman’s Wharf A Venida Dr.Sun Yat-Sen

Telephone: +853 2872 7898

Email: mbp [at]



Playing poker at Macau Billionaire Poker

Cash Games (HKD)

No Limit Hold’em



Regular events

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【世界隊再添猛將!Johnny Chan 加入世界隊】

經過上次曝光Tom Dwan加入MBP中外對抗賽世界隊後,觀眾對這場“中國VS世界”的對抗賽都超期待,同時圈內媒體也都紛紛猜測下一位即將加入世界隊的猛將。而今天,這位在扑克圈中舉足輕重的明星呼之欲出,他就是享譽海內外的“東方快車”---Johnny Chan。

陳強尼,英文名Johnny Chan,是一名職業扑克玩家。被人尊稱為"中國陳 China Chan",人稱“東方快車”因為他贏錢的速度快而穩(據傳目前已達二十多億),是第一位被介紹到世界扑克名人堂的亞裔(2005年), 1987年和1988年連續兩年獲得WSOP世界系列扑克錦標賽主賽冠軍,1989年在與Phil Hellmuth史詩對戰中憾失三連冠,而連續三年二冠一亞的神跡,已經令人嘆為觀止,幾乎不可能再被突破。之後他再接再厲以總數10條WSOP金手鏈的成績與扑克傳奇Doyle Brunson齊名,並在世界各地包括澳門繼續大殺四方。


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MBP首創的中外對抗賽昨天公佈了第一位世界隊的明星玩家是Dwan 後,現在來看看誰代表中國隊!

我們的首發主將可是一名超級帥哥,關鍵問題是人家不僅帥,打牌也是國內頂尖級別: 他就是臧書奴,小臧!


【Aaron Zhang announced as first member of Team China】
MBP's very own China vs World show much made the first announcement of Mr. Tom Dwan joining the "World" team and now it is time to announce the first member of Team China! Mr. Aaron Shunu Zhang!

Aaron Zhang is a regular on the Macau high roller scene and represented China's national team in 2013 IFP China Haina International Poker Competition. He was crowned the champion back in 2013 so do not underestimate the skills of this high roller regular!

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較早時間透露過會有明星玩家參加MBP“中國VS世界”中外慈善對抗賽,到底是誰?我們隆重介紹世界隊的第一位明星隊員,他就是風靡萬千女牌手的Tom Dwan!

Tom Dwan自從2014年澳門APPT之后便神隱已久,曾有人說他洗手不玩了,也有人說他正在等待一場值得出手的重量級比賽。而這一次他蟄伏已久后再次出現在公眾視線,又會在對抗賽的牌桌上留下多少令人嘩然的牌局呢?

世界隊第一名參賽者已經公佈了!那中國隊又會派誰呢? 明早10點,留意MBP專頁公佈!

【Dwan is here!Announcing Dwan's participation in MBP China vs. World Match】

Previously we had announced we had a member who would be participating in the MBP China vs World show match. But who is this mysterious person? We would like to formally introduce the first member of Team World, he is Tom Dwan!

Tom Dwan has not been seen often since the 2014 APPT Macau and some even speculated he would no longer play poker. This time he is back in public view and back to remind those who remember watching his plays on the felt which leave lasting memories.

Team World has announced their first member and who will Team China send out? Pay attention as we announce the first Team China member tomorrow at 10 AM!

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很高興!又看到明星玩家Tom Dwan來到億濠扑克廳玩!
除了Tom Dwan,還有很多來自世界各地的明星玩家也是澳門撲克賽事的常客。你也想試試自己的技術,跟世界級高手對戰嗎?


Look who came to visit us here at the MBP Room @ Babylon Casino!!! Aside from Tom Dwan other pros have shown their face here, so are you ready to play against the best?

March 17-20th we will host the MBP Spring Challenge, 5 players from China will face off against 5 top world pros. Do not miss the chance for your face to be streamed to millions of viewers on Douyu, Panda, LeTV, etc. and suddenly become a rising star of the China poker scene!

#MBP #2017MBP新春首戰

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