Anacleto Quijano captures the RVS CUP 2016 title

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After six days of Main Event action at the RVS CUP 2016 Philippine Poker Championship, the newest champion emerged and it was Anacleto Quijano. Quijano defeated poker pro Terry Gonzaga at the heads up round to claim the first place purse of PHP1,500,000 ($30,154).

By simply looking at the number of players Quijano dusted at the final day of the Main Event in the Metro Card Club, it would seem as if he was having an easy time at the felt. Quijano eliminated a total of nine players out of the 20 that started the day.

Anacleto Quijano – Photo Deejay Ruperto, Courtesy of Metro

Pre-Final Table eliminations

Prior to claiming his first victim, there were four players who hit the rail. Joven Huerto took the first blow in 20th place followed by Czardy Rivera in 19th place. Both players are decorated with many cashes throughout their poker career including an APT Main Event title. USA’s Gerald Casey, one of the few foreigners attending the event, was eliminated in 18th place, and finishing in 17th was Reynaldo Aguilar.

At this point, Quijano was cracking his knuckles, getting ready to step into the one-on-one arena. He did so by eliminating Roque Lima in 16thplace. The next four eliminations were at the hands of different players with Kim Ian Chi in 15th, Metro regular Trifie Montebon in 14th, Korean player Byun Choul Seung in 13th, and Ivan Lato in 12th place.

Little did everyone know that the next elimination would set the tone for Quijano’s ultimate Main Event takedown. Quijano railed Alvin Chio in 11th place to merge the players into one final table.

Final Table

Final Table – Photo Deejay Ruperto, Courtesy of Metro

Then the domination began. Quijano entered the final table as the chip leader and only once did he actually relinquish that status. He zoomed into an enormous lead after eliminating not one, not two, but three players simultaneously. While two were shorts stacks, Joseroy Jeremias in 10th place, and Danilo Javier in 9th place, Robert Cheng was the heavy hitter running second in chips at the table.

With his overwhelming chip advantage, Quijano also took care of the next player, Jolas Guerrero in 7th place. Taking control of the butcher’s seat next was Gonzaga who increased his stack by scalping Naveen Tiruvalluri in 6th place, but like a commercial break, the show switched right back to Quijano who downed Robert Bravo in 5th place.

For poker pro Euryd Rivera, he had a swinging day with his stack actively going up and down. When he ran smack into Gonzaga’s pocket kings while holding pocket queens that ended his run in 4th place. Michael De Leon put all his chips in and was up against the leader Quijano but like many before him, it was not to be and he finished in 3rd place.

Heads up round

Entering the heads up round, Quijano had the larger stack however this didn’t intimidate the well-seasoned pro Gonzaga. Gonzaga acted fast, winning multiple pots until he overtook Quijano in chips. Both players were eventually all in with Quijano holding pocket tens and Gonzaga with ace-queen. With nothing but bricks for Gonzaga, he was crippled down badly. Three hands later, it was all over. Quijano claimed his last victim and became the RVS CUP 2016 Main Event champion.

Article by Triccia David

Final Day Payouts
1st Lito Quijano – P1,500,000
2nd Terry Gonzaga – P790,000
3rd Michael De Leon – P450,000
4th Euryd Rivera – P305,000
5th Robert Bravo – P215,000
6th Naveen Tiruvalluri – P155,000
7th Jolas Guerrero – P125,000
8th Robert Cheng – P105,000
9th Danilo Javier – P85,000
10th Joseroy Jeremias – P65,000
11th Alvin Chio – P45,000
12th Ivan Lato – P45,000
13th Byun Choul Seung – P36,000
14th Trifie Montebon – P36,000
15th Kim Ian Chi – P36,000
16th Roque Lima – P36,000
17th Reynaldo Aguilar – P36,000
18th Gerald Casey – P36,000
19th Czardy Rivera – P27,000
20th Joven Huerto – P27,000

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