Some of the poker variants played at World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker is now a prestigious tournament, with rich history dating back to 1970, and its main event considered to be unofficial championship of the globe. In its humble beginnings, it was just a cash game and champion, Johnny Moss, was awarded the first title by the vote of his peers. Since then, the series have grown in many ways, including the number of participants, events played and variations of poker available to enjoy.

First installments of the series gathered just a few enthusiasts who were competing against each other in one or two tables, which grew slowly over the next decades. Nowadays, the WSOP numbers in many aspects became admirable. More and more poker fans are being drawn to the chance of taking their part of huge money awards, such as the record-breaking 2006 event when Jamie Gold received 12 million dollars for the first place in the tournament of 8,773 contestants. In the early ages, over half of the events were based on Texas Hold’em, which of course is still a big part of any poker series.

Steve Soffa WSOP 2010
Steve Soffa WSOP 2010

Vast majority of games in modern poker in general evolve around this popular type. As of 2017, the 74 WSOP events are covering most of the recognizable poker variants. Notable example of diversity in game types is $1,500 Six-Handed Dealer’s Choice that debuted in 2014. In this one alone player siting on the button can choose from 16 available options, and his choice will be played for entire round.

The most common are the flop games and their different alterations. We have the obvious Hold ‘em (no limit, pot limit and fixed limit) and few types of Omaha, which is a game where, simply put, you have to use exactly two cards of your own and three from those on the table. Those kinds of games also have their lowball counterparts, where the standard poker hands ranking is inverted, so the goal here is to get the lowest hand possible. There are of course few methods of determining the rank of low hands, depending f.e. on how the aces are treated.

Then there are mixes of high and low, which simply means that you would want to target the piece of the pot for both, high and low hands. The popular game like that is Omaha Hi/Lo (Omaha 8-or-better). Before the Texas Hold ‘em boom, Seven-Card Stud was the king at the tables. The ones from the Stud group are still a popular choice, and few of them surely made their way to WSOP events. Just like another bunch – draw games. Those include the earliest and simplest form of Five-Card Draw, and a few relatively new and less known types such as Badugi, Badeucy or Badacy.

Those and more would be the different variants that await poker fans every year at World Series of Poker. There is no doubt that even extravagant players will find something for themselves. To compete against the best and take a shot at money prize that can set them up for life.

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