Off topic: Dead man at the table. Woman gives her stack to husband before giving birth

Puerto Rican man's corpse embalmed to play one final poker game with loved ones

In Puerto Rico, Henry Rosario Martinez has this week been redefining the term “dead man's hand” as he was seated at a poker game with friends and family, despite having departed this world and then been embalmed, just days earlier. The 31 year old had his picture taken by friends during the evening, but despite normally being the life and soul of the party, Martinez only had eyes for the poker game, even refusing to drink alcohol while he played. Despite the fact that he was drawing dead in every hand he played, reports suggest that Martinez never showed the slightest flicker of being tilted. It was undoubtedly the best live poker he had ever played, giving off absolutely no physical or verbal tells, and relentlessly pressuring opponents with an ice cold stare down – regardless of whether he was in a pot with them or not. Normally a keen Reggae singer, it is not known whether his friends took him to karaoke once he had won all their money.

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Henry Rosario Martinez embalmed and propped up at the table for a last game

Woman Gives Birth While Still Alive In Poker Tournament, Husband Takes Over Her Stack

At the Aussie Millions this week, a highly unusual situation occurred, when players returned for the following days play, only to find that a heavily pregnant female player at their table had either been replaced, or undergone a serious makeover. Further investigation revealed that as she had given birth overnight, her husband had been allowed to take over her chip stack. Tournament rules state that in exceptional circumstances, a player may be substituted, provided they have not already played the event themselves. The baby was a few weeks early, and perhaps wrongly thought that someone had called the clock. The wife/husband team had a great day overall, welcoming their child into the world, and taking their chip stack on to a 25th place finish, which was good for $6,495.

Article by Craig B.

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