Jose Colada clinches APC Da Nang Main Event title for career high ₫2,148,600,000 (~$90.5K)


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The Dragon Poker Club set the arena for the APC Da Nang MAIN EVENT Final Table Round. Eight of its players, half of which were Koreans, two Vietnamese, one Polish and one Filipino, all were armed to the teeth to nab the inaugural championship title in Da Nang, Vietnam. It was a good three hours of grueling grind to reach the top, but soon the next APC champion was revealed. 

Filipino player Jose Colada entered the final table as chip leader then proceeded to eliminate the last three players to clinch the title and pocket a career high score of ₫2,148,600,000 (~$90.5K). With this win, Colada became the fourth Filipino to win the coveted APC title and the first on Vietnam soil.

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Jose Colada

Final 8 payouts

1st Jose Colada Philippines ₫2,148,600,000
2nd Woo Young Lee Korea ₫1,300,000,000
3rd Lukasz Jankowski Poland ₫760,000,000
4th Ha Van Thien Vietnam ₫510,000,000
5th Vu Manh Linh Vietnam ₫350,000,000
6th Chan Kyong Jeon Korea ₫260,000,000
7th Hyoung Chul Choi Korea ₫190,000,000
8th Seong IL Hwang Korea ₫140,000,000

Final 8 race to the crown

At the start, Hyoung Chul Choi tested the waters with his pushes.  Soon after, Seong Il Hwang took the bait, running short on the big blind with Queen-Eight for 8th place as Choi showed pocket Tens. Next shove was the opposite result with Vu Manh Linh’s pocket Aces dominating Woo Young Lee’s pocket Nines to double up.

As the blinds climbed to 50,000/100,000, Choi’s stack trimmed significantly and was eliminated in 7th place. Fellow countryman Chan Kyong Jeon met the same fate with Ace-Jack falling to pocket Kings for 6th place.

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Chan Kyoung Jeon

On a board 3s6h8s2h8h, Vu lost a considerable amount of chips to Jose Colada who opened with Six-Four and big blind Vu defending with 10d9d. On the flop and turn, Vu check-called then switched up on the river, leading out roughly one-third of the pot. Colada called and won it with pair of Sixes. Vu dropped in chips from which he could not recover to fall in 5th place.

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Vu Manh Linh

Down to four players with Colada clearly dominating in stack, he proceeded to clean out the rest of the table starting with Vietnam’s last hope Ha Van Thien in 4th place .Ha’s suited connectors 8c7c missed on a board 10dAs9d2c5s to fall to Colada’s Ad3h top pair. The all ins were at the flop. 

Soon after, Colada and Jankowski clashed with the former’s AdKd improving to a flush to crush the Pole’s pocket Kings and sack him in 3rd place. This led to heads up between the day’s top two entering leaders Colada and Woo Young Lee.

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Lukasz Jankowski

A big blow came to Lee on a board Qd5s3sQc2h when he attempted to take down the pot with a big bet on the river, but Colada raised nearly 3x over to send Lee tanking. Lee eventually called, Colada had the goods with 10dQh for trips. 

Another crucial hand, both were all in on a flop 7s8c2h. Lee had 6d5s open ended straight draw, Colada with 10c7d mid-pair. The turn 10h further improved Colada to two pair, the 9s river gave Lee the straight to survive and double up. 

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On the final hand, Lee was all in on a flop 10s7c3s with 8d8c, Colada challenged with 8s7s and a strong draw, the turn 3c saw no change but the river 9s was  one of Colada’s outs for a victorious flush. Colada clinched the tournament, his first title outside of home soil. 

Congratulations to the champ!

That concludes the Asian Poker Championship Da Nang MAIN EVENT. The festival headliner attracted 404 entries over four entry heats with 50 players earning a piece of the ₫7,837,600,000 (~$330,350) prize pool.

Buy in: ₫22,000,000 (~$930)
Guarantee: ₫8,000,000,000 (~$337,000)
Entries: 404
Prize pool: ₫7,837,600,000 (~$330,350)
ITM: 50 players

Day 1A: 56 entries / 7 advanced
Day 1B: 82 entries / 10 advanced
Day 1C: 171 entries / 21 advanced
Day 1D: 95 entries / 12 advanced

The previous APC events were held in Manila, Philippines and all three were won by Filipinos – Noel Araniel, Mike Takayama, William Ysmael.  Colada joins the exclusive club of APC champions and keeps the title in his homeland. Kudos to premier poker organizer Korea Mind Game Members (KMGM), who once again raised one of the biggest tournaments in Asia with its monumental venture at Da Nang, Vietnam.

That concludes the Somuchpoker coverage of the Asia Poker Championship which took place from February 27 to March 5 at the newly opened Dragon Poker Club, owned and operated by KMGM in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Article by Amador Bongcaras


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