2020 WSOP Online – Natural8: Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad” wins a bracelet at the $600 NLH Deepstack Championship; Michael Addamo strikes again at the HR Super MILLION$

Ukraine’s Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad” outshined at the 2020 World Series of Poker Online as he shipped the WSOP #65: $600 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack Championship for his first ever tournament victory. He locked up a signature WSOP gold bracelet, a career high $ 227,906.02, and the $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package. The day also saw Australian pro Michael Addamo rule the High Rollers Super MILLION$. Addamo went from shortest stacked to champion to collect the $ 392,925.11 first prize. This was his third HRSM win since he signed up on the network in mid-May.

The 2020 WSOP Online [ international ] opened July 19th on Natural8 – GG Network. Since then, 34 bracelets have been claimed and a cumulative $ 73 million paid out. 20 bracelets have yet to be won. The series runs until September 6th. For first timers, make sure to sign up on Natural8 to avail of fantastic promos and incentives.

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WSOP #65: $600 NLH Deepstack Championship – Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad” – $ 227,906.02

The lone bracelet event up for grabs on Day 31 was the WSOP #65: $600 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack Championship where 2,911 ponied up to amass a prize pool of $ 1,659,270. After twelve hours and 30 minutes of play, Ukraine’s Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad” closed it out for his first ever known victory. He became the 34th bracelet winner of the WSOP Online international series and brought home the eighth gold for his country.

WSOP #65: $600 NLH Deepstack Championship - Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad”
WSOP #65: $600 NLH Deepstack Championship – Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad”

A large number of notable players shaved off portions of the pot. Among the top 100 were Pavel Plesuv “Ezzzgame” (11th), Chi Chung Ho “chipuker” (13th), Elio Fox (39th), Bradley Ruben “DrStrange7” (49th), Samad Razavi “JejuKingCrab” (64th), and Bertrand Grospellier “ElkY” (94th). For Chi and Ruben, had they advanced to the final table, it would have been their third appearance. The series also got a first look at Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association owner David Tai who ran well, finishing in 85th place.

Buy in: $ 600
Entries: 2,911
Prize pool: $ 1,659,270
ITM: 368 places
Running time: 12 hours and 30 minutes

Sizing up the final table, ring holder Ivan Banic “00COEL” was the only player decorated with a WSOP merchandise which he earned for his victory at the 2016/2017 WSOPE Main Event in Rozvadov. Christopher Puetz “RambaZamba” was back for a second final table visit and hoped to nail this one down having finished an agonizing runner up at the WSOP #59: $2.5K Double Stack No Limit Hold’em.

WSOP #65: Final Table
WSOP #65: Final Table

No such luck for the two. Banic bowed out in 6th place with Puetz delivering the bad news then Puetz missed the mark when he fell in 4th place to Matthew Train “Yellowbuddah” on a three way with Bystrovzorov also in the hand. After nearly two hours of final table action, Bystrovzorov eliminated Train on a cooler to face Florian Gaugusch “Gaug1nho” for the title. Not only was Bystrovzorov ahead in the count, he proceeded to dominate his opponent by claiming pot after pot. In a quick fifteen minutes, Gaugusch was defeated. Bystrovzorov shipped his largest known tournament payout of $ 227,906.02. For runner up Gaugusch, he too picked up a career high score of $ 172,493.06.

Final table payouts

1st Dmytro Bystrovzorov “Too Bad” – Ukraine – $ 227,906.02 + $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package
2nd Florian Gaugusch “Gaug1nho” – Austria – $ 172,493.06
3rd Matthew Train “Yellowbuddah” – South Africa – $ 124,024.12
4th Christopher Puetz “RambaZamba” – Germany – $ 89,174.47
5th Stanley Saul Topol “Donkey_Fish” – South Africa – $ 64,117.17
6th Ivan Banic “00COEL” – Croatia – $ 46,100.82
7th Wojciech Barzantny “itOldUbefOre” – Germany – $ 33,146.90
8th Ivan Alin Constantin “ivenson13” – Poland – $ 23,832.92
9th Giovani Torre “Mandjocka” – Portugal – $ 17,136.11

High Roller Super MILLION$ $10K, $2M GTD – Michael Addamo – $ 392,925.11

Michael Adamo poker
Michael Addamo. Credit: Kings Casino

From runt of the bunch to top of the litter, Michael Addamo has done it again! In dramatic fashion, the Australian high roller beast shipped his third High Roller Super MILLION$ title after overcoming a chip deficit. He defeated Christopher Brewer, on what was nothing short of a nail-biter heads up battle, to bank the $392,925.11 first prize.

Super Millions Final Hand

Since Addamo’s first HRSM victory on June 30 for $ 393,262, he has been running deep on the network’s high roller tournament scene. On July 12, he finished 5th at the High Rollers Blade Prime for $ 46,364, shipped his second HRSM on July 23 for $ 524,964, then took runner up at the WSOP #54: $10,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em Championship for $ 223,488, falling only to David Peters. Another deep run was at the WSOP #48: $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER, finishing in 16th place for $ 40,204. This put him close to a million in tournament profit on the network.

However at the Natural8 nosebleed cash games, his stats may be significantly different. Addamo has been the talk of the town after he lost a massive online pot worth $ 842,438 on a cooler against Wiktor Malinowski “limitless” at the $500/$1,000 ante $1,000 invitational only cash game. This broke the previous cash pot record of $ 723,941 between Tom Dwan “durrrr” and Di Dang “urindanger” set in 2008 on Full Tilt. Check out our story on that hand.

Cash games

Did Wiktor Malinowski win the biggest NLH pot in online poker history?

Buy in: $ 10,000
Date: August 16
Guarantee: $ 2,000,000
Entries: 208
Prize pool: $ 2,017,600
ITM: 31 places
Running time: 3 hours and 33 minutes (final table)

Brief rundown of the HSRM action, the final table resumed after a two day break with Christoph Vogelsang leading the chase however little did everyone know, luck would pour down on shortest stacked Addamo to rein in his third victory.

First showdown happened on just the second hand with Shankar Pillai “Saquon” getting lucky on Rui Ferreira then Addamo lucked out when his Ah5h both paired up to survive Brewer’s JsJd. After the fall of Vicente Bosca Ramon (9th), Addamo and Brewer met again on a four bet shove by the latter with 7c7d but Addamo had KdKc which held to ship another double up to take the lead.

More Addamo action as he continued to drag in the chips. He delivered his first bust in Davidi Kitai with pocket jacks improving to a set to crack pocket aces. Shortly after, he railed Rui Ferreira (8th) when his AdQh found two aces on the board to dust JsJc. As the massive chip leader, he called short stacked Bruno Volkmann’s shove. Although behind at the start with Ac3h to Volkmann’s AdQd, the board ran 3d3c6c8h8c for a full house to end Volkmann in 6th place. Vogelsong took care of the next two eliminations, outflipping both Pillai (5th) and Martin Zamani (4th). An hour later, heads up arrived with Brewer on top having collected all of Vogelsong’s chips with pocket sixes to pocket twos.

Addamo vs Brewer

The battle to the finish was a rollercoaster for both players as the lead switched back and forth multiple times. While there were an abundance of worthy hands to report, one big pot won by Addamo was when he three-bet jammed with 3s9s flush on a board 7s8sJc6sJs and won it as Brewer quickly folded his Ks10c (hand above). Had Brewer called, it would have ended the tournament. However, since Brewer couldn’t pull the trigger, possibly since he only had 13 seconds left in his time bank and Addamo seemed to be representing a full house, the pound for pound action continued. When the final hand arrived, it was another doozy with quads to full house. Action saw bets at every stage. Addamo had 4d6h, Brewer QdJs, the board 6s6cJhQc6d.

Final table payouts

1st Michael Addamo – Australia – $ 392,925.11
2nd Christopher Brewer – USA – $ 293,555.35
3rd Christoph Vogelsang – Germany – $ 219,316.14
4th Martin Zamani – Luxembourg – $ 163,851.71
5th Shankar Pillai “Saquon” – USA – $ 122,414.24
6th Bruno Volkmann – Brazil – $ 91,455.99
7th Rui Ferreira – Portugal – $ 68,327.03
8th David Kitai – Belgium – $ 51,047.49
9th Vicente Bosca Ramon – Mexico – $ 38,137.68

Tonight: WSOP #66: $800 Pot Limit Omaha

Buy in: $ 600
Date: August 19 @ 18:00 UTC / August 20 @ 02:00 HKT
Late registration: 210 minutes
Re-entries: 2 times
Notes: $15,000 WSOP Europe Package added to 1st place

Tomorrow: WSOP #67: $500 Limit Hold’em

This is a LIMIT tournament. There will be a maximum of one bet and four raises on every betting round. Any all in bet that does not meet the bet or raise, will not count towards the number of bets or raises. The next bettor(s) has the option of raising a full fixed amount. Once the tournament becomes heads up (only two players remain in the tournament), unlimited raises apply. In the event an all in results in an incomplete bet or raise, “full bet rule” applies.

Buy in: $ 500
Date: August 20 @ 18:00 UTC / August 21 @ 02:00 HKT
Late registration: 180 minutes
Re-entries: 2 times
Notes: $15,000 WSOP Europe Package added to 1st place

Open: WSOP #77: $ 5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event [ $25M GTD ]

The Main Event is here! Year after year, players flock to Las Vegas with dreams of winning a bracelet, however no gold is more desired than that of the WSOP Main Event. This year’s edition guarantees a staggering $ 25 Million, the largest ever in online poker. The hunt for the 51st champion has begun with 3 flights completed. 143 advanced out of 694 players. Freezeout entry flights run daily until August 30. Players are allowed only three bullets with no same flight re-entry offered.

Natural8 Team Hot Ambassador Pete Chen, Natural8 Team NLG Stefan Schillhabel “Schilli33”, Wei Guo Liang “SPARK1207”, Sung Joo Hyun “ArtePokerTV”, Gab Yong Kim “genbenglee”, Xuming Qi “scplayer”, Kilian Loeffler “Birdie Power”, Preben Stokkan, Fedor Kruse, Nicolas Chouity, and Dan Smith were among the Day 2 qualifiers.

Buy in: $ 5,000
Guarantee: $ 25,000,000
Entry Dates: August 16 to August 30
Cumulative Entries: 694
Final Day qualifiers: 143
Entry flights: 20 remaining
Day 2: August 30 @ 18:30 UTC [ play down to final 40 players ] Final Day: September 7 @ 18:30 UTC

Top 15 in chips

Main EVent top 15

Open: WSOP #71: BIG 50 [ $1M GTD ]

At the 50th anniversary of the series last year, the BIG 50 [ $1M GTD ] event was introduced. Due to its incredible draw of 28,371 entries, it was given a spot at this year’s roster. With this year’s buy in lowered to $ 50, it is the cheapest of all the bracelet events. An enormous field has been brewing since it opened; 13,450 have entered across five flights. If it continues at this pace, expect the $1M guarantee to be breached soon. 10 flights remain.

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Cumulative Entries: 13,450
Final Day qualifiers: 1,211
Entry Dates: August 16 to 23
Entry Flights: 10 remaining
Final Day: August 23 @ 18:30 UTC / August 24 @ 02:30 HKT

Top 15 in chips

Big 50 top 15

Update: WSOP Leaderboard

In addition to striving for the WSOP gold bracelet is the esteemed Player of the Series title. For the first time, three types of POS titles will be awarded. The ultimate leaderboard champion will win the WSOP Pure Gold Mouse, the WSOP Pure Gold Dragon will be awarded to the Asia Player of the Series – highest points accrued on the Asia Time Zone events -, and the exclusive Pure Gold Card to be given to leaderboard finishers 2nd to 5th. Current standings after 33 completed events.

WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard – Top 10

Leaderboard rest of the world

WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard [ Asia Time Zone Events ] – Top 10

leaderboard Asia


WSOP Side Event: BIG 500 – Ben Farrell – $ 65,768.60

Ben Farrell
Ben Farrell

Buy in: $ 500
Date: August 18
Guarantee: $ 250,000
Entries: 823
Prize pool: $ 390,925
ITM: 116 places
Winner: Ben Farrell – UK – $ 65,768.60

WSOP Side Event: $300 Marathon – ggjuicetoor18 – $ 31,354.68


Buy in: $ 300
Date: August 18
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Entries: 660
Prize pool: $ 184,140
ITM: 98 places
Winner: ggjuicetoor18 – Mexico – $ 31,354.68

WSOP Side Event: $210 Super Turbo Bounty

Buy in: $ 210
Date: August 18
Guarantee: $ 75,000
Entries: 554
Prize pool: $ $ 110,800
ITM: 80 places
Winner: Patawells – Argentina – $ 18,942.22

WSOP Side Event: $126 Bounty Six Shooter – Ran Koller “Pearblossom” – $ 24,392

Big win for Ran Koller “Pearblossom” who made his third bullet count at the $ 126 Bounty Six Shooter side event. Koller closed it out on a double knockout, dropping CCTV7777 and Samuel Tsehai “LilWuhan” simultaneously. This was Koller’s deepest run at the series, earning him a cool $ 24,392.

Ron Koller “Pearblossom”

Buy in: $ 126
Date: August 18
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Entries: 1,389
Prize pool: $ 166,680
ITM: 188 places
Winner: Ran Koller ”Pearblossom” – Israel – $ 12,965.98 bounties + $ 11,426.02 = $ 24,392
2nd CCTV7777 – China – $ 9,408.56 + $ 2,283.75 bounties = $ 11,692.31
3rd Samuel Tsehai “LilWuhan” – Canada – $ 6,827.79 + $ 2,026.87 bounties = $ 8,854.66

WSOP Side Event: $140 FORTY STACK

Buy in: $ 140
Date: August 18
Guarantee: $ 40,000
Entries: 342
Prize pool: $ 44,049.60
ITM: 47 places
Winner: Victor Begara – Brazil – $ 8,207.58



For high rollers and deep pocketed no title is more coveted than this one, the No Limit Hold’em Poker Player Championship. Expect the biggest names in poker in attendance. If you have $ 25,000 to burn, this is the event to wage your skills against the creme de la creme.

Buy in: $ 25,000
Date: August 23 @ 18:00 UTC
Guarantee: $ 10,000,000
Notes: 2 day event

WSOP #84: $100 WSOP MILLIONS [ $2M GTD ]

Buy in: $ 100
Guarantee: $ 2,000,000
Entry Dates: August 31 to September 6
Entry Flights: 26 offered
Final Day: September 5 @ 18:00 UTC / September 6 @ 02:00 HKT

WSOP #83: $10K WSOP Super MILLION$ [ $5M GTD ]

Buy in: $ 10,000
Date: September 6 @ 18:00 UTC / September 7 @ 02:00 HKT
Guarantee: $ 5,000,000
Notes: 2 day event

Other Games

For those looking to enter bracelet events for cheap, the WSOP Silk Road is your route. Daily tickets can be won until August 31. Alek Stasiak “astazz” earned his seat to WSOP #33: $1,111 Every 1 for Covid Relief via a $10 qualifier which bought him a seat in the $100 satellite to the above-mentioned bracelet event which he shipped for $ 343.2K. If you are interested in non- bracelet events, several WSOP side events are scheduled with buy ins from $125 to $800.

Natural8 Promos

For players signed up on Natural8, expect fantastic player incentives. WSOP Online champions Luis Assuncao Garla “Xapilskinha”, Daniel Dvoress, Hun Wei Lee, Teoh Ming Juen “Paul Teoh”, Shoma Ishikawa “pp_syon”, and Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla “Marolo” have already won a Team Bling Sponsorship package for their incredible achievement. Other promos are the First Deposit Bonus and WSOP Silk Road leaderboard race. 23 days left to avail of the promos!

WSOP Winner’s Circle Sponsorship Packages

wsop natural8 promotion big

Main Event = $100,000 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win the WSOP Main Event and you’ll not only become a part of Team Bling, you’ll be the CAPTAIN of the team. This exclusive package includes:

12 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover your buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses)
$25,000 for live event sponsorships
T$60,000 in online sponsorships, paid out over 12 months

Buy-ins of $1,000 and above = $15,000 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win a WSOP Bracelet from any event with a buy-in of $1,000 and above, and you’ll get a Team Bling package that includes:

6 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$15,000 Las Vegas Package ($10,000 to cover your buy-ins and $5,000 for expenses)

Buy-ins from $50 to $999 = $7,500 Natural8 Sponsorship*

Win a WSOP Bracelet from any event with a buy-in of $999 and below, and you’ll get a Team Bling package that includes:

6 month Team Bling Sponsorship
$7,500 Las Vegas Package ($5,000 to cover your buy-ins and $2,500 for expenses)

WSOP First Deposit Bonus

wsop natural8 promotion

First time depositors on Natural8 can expect a special bump in the load. For a minimum deposit of $20 are gifts worth up to $ 100 over six consecutive days. The initial $ 60 in WSOP tickets – WSOP Satellite and WSOP Spin & Gold, another $ 40 in WSOP tickets for those that complete all 6 AoF challenges of 100 AoF hands per day.

WSOP Silk Road

The WSOP Silk Road Micro Series has been ongoing since July 1st and will run until August 31st. This is for players looking to enter bracelet events for cheap. And seriously, who wouldn’t want to win a multi million event for as low as $ 1.08? Via this route, buy ins only go as high as $ 21.60. Top the Natural8 Silk Road Leaderboard to win an instant ticket to the WSOP #77: $5,000 Main Event [ $25M GTD ].

Plenty of action still to come so stick with us at Somuchpoker as we bring you daily updates on the ongoing 2020 WSOP Online on Natural8.

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