WPT Korea Main Event: Yuwen Pan leads; Chao-Ting Cheng, Aaron Lim, David Yan, Jun Mondalo among 44 survivors; Ji Yu Shun wins NLH Single Day

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Excitement from the get-go at World Poker Tour (WPT) Korea with 283 players returning to Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino for Day 2 of the Main Event. The guarantee-crushing tournament drew 758 entries for a prize pool of KR₩ 2,246,947,400 (~USD 1,770,200). Ten hours later, the money flowed at the fall of Jun Shi on the bubble to Huang Xing Long with 10s10h outdrawn by AhJh on a board QsAc4cQh3s.

wpt korea bubble main
WPT Korea Main Event – Bubble time!

Among the early fallouts in the money round were Hyper Turbo NLH champion Mengdian Peng (95th), Arden Cho (80th), Yunsheng Sun (67th), Michael Wang (59th), and Jinlong Hu (50th).

On the survivors side, 44 remained after the scheduled ten rounds of play led by China’s Yuwen Pan with a 60 bb stack. Other players at his tail were Chao-Ting Cheng, Jun Mondalo, Big Bounty NLH winner Valeriy Pak, and Aaron Lim. 

yuwen pan
Yuwen Pan

The Main Event continues on Friday, July 21 at 1pm. This is the final stage of the race. Returning players are guaranteed KR₩ 9,200,000 (~USD 7,250) but what they will be shooting for is the KR₩ 405,188,000 (~USD 319,215) champion’s purse. Remaining payouts are posted at the bottom of the page.

You can watch some of the daily action via the livestream by Sharehand broadcasted in the WPT YouTube page with Tony Dunst, Matt Savage, Scott Baumstein, Bryan Paris, Henry Kilbane, Chris Soto, Jamie Kerstetter, and AJ Rudolph alternating on the commentary. You can also read up on the action via the Live Updates.

WPT Korea – Livestream 
WPT Korea Main Event – Live Updates
WPT Korea – Schedule and Structures
WPT Korea – Festival Results

Main Event results

wpt korea main event trophy 2

Buy in: KR₩ 3,400,000 (~USD 2,680)
Guarantee: KR₩ 2,000,000,000 (~USD 1,575,600)
Entries: 758
Prize pool: KR₩ 2,246,947,400 (~USD 1,770,200)
Day 2: 283 players
ITM: 95 places

End of Day 2 – 44 players

Player Flag Stack BB
Yuwen Pan China 1,800,000 60
Zheng Kai China 1,690,000 56
Hong Zhu China 1,650,000 55
Wang Yanfeng China 1,525,000 51
Yuzhou Yin China 1,515,000 51
Chunhao Zhang China 1,505,000 50
Goto Takeshi Japan 1,390,000 46
Lu Fan China 1,310,000 44
Kai-Cheng Hsu Taiwan 1,275,000 43
Lei Sun China 1,265,000 42
Yin Tao China 1,200,000 40
Cheng Chao Ting Taiwan 1,185,000 40
Jun Mondalo Philippines 1,125,000 38
Qidong He China 1,110,000 37
Pak Valeriy Uzbekistan 1,080,000 36
Jianguo Shu China 1,055,000 35
Hao Guan Qun China 1,015,000 34
Yao Yao China 1,005,000 34
Pengfei Song China 900,000 30
Odwyer Stephen Ireland 865,000 29
Yan David Australia 865,000 29
Lyan Alexander Russia 860,000 29
Yin Mo Mo China 860,000 29
Zhu Fang Zhou China 785,000 26
Oka Fabio Japan 750,000 25
Shi Jian Qi China 670,000 22
Lim Aaron Australia 660,000 22
Liu Li Jiang China 630,000 21
Zhang Ming Yuan China 630,000 21
Guancheng Wu China 565,000 19
Chen Zhigang China 495,000 17
Kai Zhou China 495,000 17
Gao Liang China 460,000 15
Huang Xing Long China 453,000 15
Zhang Zeyu China 435,000 15
Shih Pei Chih Taiwan 430,000 14
Seok Jaemoon South Korea 425,000 14
Huang Peng China 405,000 14
Li Hang China 340,000 11
Liang Peng China 275,000 9
Liu Shiqi China 260,000 9
Sawada Toshihide Japan 205,000 7
Wu Jiawe China 179,000 6
Zhang Fangxiao China 150,000 5

Remaining payouts

Place Payout in KR₩
1 405,188,000
2 266,500,000
3 192,500,000
4 146,500,000
5 110,300,000
6 82,000,000
7 64,930,000
8 50,300,000
9-10 39,710,000
11-12 31,470,000
13-14 25,430,000
15-16 20,800,000
17-20 17,230,000
21-24 14,450,000
25-32 12,270,000
33-40 10,550,000
41-44 9,200,000

Side Event results

Ji Yu Shun wins the NLH Single Day

ji yu shun
Ji Yu Shun – NLH Single Day winner

Third side event win for China with Ji Yu Shun emerging victorious at the NLH Single Day event. Ji outlasted a field of 74 entrants to secure his career first live win and a career high payout of KR₩ 33,663,000 (~USD 26,520).

Notable player running deep was Vietnam’s Cao Ngoc Anh in 6th place. This was Cao’s third side event cash with a 27th finish at the WPT Opener and 2nd at the Big Bounty NLH.

Date: July 20, 2023
Buy in: KR₩ 1,700,000 (~USD 1,340)
Entries: 74
Prize pool: KR₩ 109,824,000 (~USD
ITM: 10 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Ji Yu Shun China 33,664,000
2 Chen Weihang China 22,440,000
3 Pan Hai China 14,960,000
4 Kataoka Toshio Japan 10,390,000
5 Gao Gen China 7,540,000
6 Cao Ngoc Anh Vietnam 5,730,000
7 Shimizu Masafumi Japan 4,560,000
8 Zhang Chi China 3,820,000
9 Li Chao China 3,360,000
10 Fan Zhe China 3,360,000

For complete results, head to WPT Korea – Festival Results

Other Key Events

Following the main is the WPT Alpha8 One Drop Korea charity event which features a buy-in of KR₩ 170,000,000 (~USD 133,930). A portion of the buy-in goes to the One Drop foundation to help bring access to water to communities in need of clean water.

Cards for a Cause: WPT Alpha8 for One Drop in Jeju Island, Korea from July 21 to 22

To complete the key three is the WPT Korea High Roller with a buy in of KRW 17,000,000 (~USD 13,400). Expect elite players from the region to populate the tables.

Getting to Jeju Shinhwa Landing Resort

jeju shinhwa1
Jeju Shinhwa World

For arriving players, getting to the venue couldn’t be any easier. Just look for the WPT Korea banner with the bus schedule and hop in once it arrives. It takes approximately one hour to get to the venue. The bus runs daily on a two hour schedule starting at 6am. The last bus to the venue is at 10pm.

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