USOP Taiwan Day 7 highlights: Main Event draws 203 entries; Ivan Lee banks SHR; Nam Ho Kim, Oruku Maon, Yu Ta Lee, Chien Hsiang Hung win sides

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On Day 7 of the U Series of Poker (USOP) season opener in Taipei City, Taiwan, the Asia Poker Arena was bursting at the seams with multiple events on the floor. Under the spotlight was the first day of the Main Event which attracted a large crowd of 203 runners. 26 players advanced to the next round. Chip counts can be found below.

In other news, the biggest winner of the day was Hong Kong’s Ivan Hon Cheong Lee who took down the Super High Roller. Lee made his victory ascent from just 9 bb. Other winners were Nam Ho Kim, Oruku Maon, Yu Ta Lee, and Chien Hsiang HungHere are the highlights.

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USOP Taiwan – Main Event info

Main Event – Day 1A

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The first starting flight of the USOP Taiwan MAIN EVENT drew a packed floor of 203 runners with 26 players advancing to the money round. Among the qualifiers were GPI Malaysia POY Webster Chin Wei Lim, Vietnam’s Mai Bien, Taiwanese players Lee Kun Han, Chi Jen Chen, and at the top of the heap was UK’s Jun Li the only player who bagged over a million in chips equivalent to 89 bb. Li has now set the bar for the next starting days to follow.

For those just tuning in, the Main Event comes with a NTD 15 Million guarantee which should be easily breached with only 500 entries needed to meet it over four starting days. SMP will keep track of the numbers as that may be reached at Day 1B or early in Day 1C. To enter, buy in is NTD 33,000 (~USD 1,056). Follow the link for all the info.

USOP Taiwan – Main Event info

Date: January 11 to 15, 2024
Buy in: NTD 33,000 (~USD 1,056)
Guarantee: NTD 15,000,000 (~USD 482,230)
Entries: 203
ITM: 26 advance

Chips in play: 8,120,000
Average stack: 312,307

Player Flag Stack BB
Jun Li United Kingdom 1,073,000 89
Chung Howe Sean Singapore 930,000 78
Chi Jen Chen Taiwan 595,000 50
Schulze Oliver Germany 571,000 48
Chia Hsiang Ko Taiwan 557,000 46
Ho Yuen Ip Hong Kong 461,000 38
Choe Hwan Ho South Korea 375,000 31
Vincent Rubianes USA 374,000 31
Kwok Chun Yip Hong Kong 371,000 31
Chih Feng Li Taiwan 364,000 30
Kun Han Lee Taiwan 334,000 28
Chih Wei Chen Taiwan 273,000 23
Po Yuan Huang Taiwan 252,000 21
Wen Yuan Tu Taiwan 230,000 19
Nguyen Thanh Phat Australia 210,000 18
Tony Ray USA 197,000 16
Tsu Lin Tsao Taiwan 163,000 14
Jun Young Park South Korea 142,000 12
Vu Tuan Khanh Truong Vietnam 119,000 10
Mai Bien Vietnam 112,000 9
Jia Yu Liu Taiwan 109,000 9
Chien Te Lee Taiwan 100,000 8
Chin Wei Lim Malaysia 97,000 8
Dexter Santos Philippines 66,000 6
Jing Yu Huang Taiwan 54,000 5
Hsien Lee Chu Taiwan 26,000 2

HON CHEONG LEE: From 9 bb to Super High Roller Champion

Hong Kong’s Ivan Hon Cheong Lee has been battling it out at the high roller events since Day 1 of the series and ran deep in two events with a 2nd place finish at the High Roller Megastack. His third cash was golden. Lee closed out the Super High Roller event, banking NTD 3,125,200 (~USD 100,300), the single largest 1st place payout of the series to date.


Leading up to his first USOP win, grinding was the key for Lee. At the final table, he dropped down to just 9 bb with five players remaining then chipped up to 14 bb before doubling up on a full house over full house against Thailand’s Punnat Punsri. More grinding followed for Lee to slide into the top spot. The distance widened in an untimely push by small blind Meng Ling Lin with 10d2d only to run into Lee’s pocket Jacks and fall in 5th place.

honcheonglee 2

With his massive stack. Lee eliminated Matthew Belcher in 4th place, Punsri cleaned out Samuel Wilkinson in 3rd place to deny a UK victory. Heads up kicked off with Lee ahead 62 bb to Punsri’s 36 bb. It didn’t take long for the final hand to arrive. Lee 9d8d straight, Punsri Qc9c, board 2s5s7d10hJh.

For Punsri, this was his 4th series cash and largest payout of NTD 1,940,000 (~USD 62,455).

Relive the final table action via the livestream on USOP YouTube

Date: January 10 to 11, 2024
Buy in: NTD 120,000 (~USD 3,840)
Guarantee: NTD 2,500,000 (~USD 80,372)
Entries: 101
Prize Pool: NTD 10,776,700 (~USD 346,456)
ITM: 16 places

Rank Player Flag Payout in NTD
1 Hon Cheong Lee Hong Kong 3,125,200
2 Punnat Punsri Thailand 1,940,000
3 Samuel Wilkinson UK 1,158,500
4 Matthew Belcher UK 727,400
5 Meng Ling Lin Taiwan 538,800
6 Teng Kuei Hsu Taiwan 463,400
7 Chih Wei Fan Taiwan 401,400
8 Yohwan Lim South Korea 355,600
9 Nguyen Quang Huy Vietnam 312,500
10 Chi Jen Chu Taiwan 274,800
11 Chang Huan Bin Malaysia 274,800
12 Kean Wei Tan Malaysia 274,800
13 John Tech Philippines 239,800
14 Alan Khoo Singapore 239,800
15 Hoong Kiat Alex Malaysia 239,800
16 King Lun Alan Lau Hong Kong 210,100

NAM HO KIM holds his head high at Bounty Event


Big first win for South Korea’s Nam Ho Kim, outlasting the 108 entry field of the Bounty Event. Kim knocked out a whopping seven players on his road to triumph to lock up a combined NTD 314,600 (~USD 10,130) and his first live title.

The only other player to knock out more players than Kim was USOP decorated champion Edwin Dela Cruz with 8 knockouts before exiting in8th place for a total of NTD 81,700 (~USD 2,630).

Date: January 11, 2024
Buy in: NTD 15,000 (~USD 480)
Guarantee: NTD 800,000 (~USD 25,719)
Entries: 108
Prize Pool: NTD 881,500 (~USD 28,340)
Bounty Pool: NTD 532,800 (~USD 17,150)
ITM: 14 places

*Bounties partially included

Rank Player Flag Bounty in NTD Payout in NTD Total Payout in NTD
1 Nam Ho Kim South Korea 36,000 278,600 314,600
2 Kai Ping Choo Malaysia 18,000 171,700 189,700
3 Duc Thanh Nguyen Vietnam 27,000 103,000 130,000
4 Wilson Lim Singapore 22,500 67,300 89,800
5 Nguyen Huu Cao Vietnam 18,000 5,200 23,200
6 Hok Shing Ho Hong Kong 9,000 42,700 51,700
7 Lee Jung Yeol South Korea 22,500 36,200 58,700
8 Edwin Dela Cruz Philippines 36,000 31,600 67,600
9 Kennie Tay Singapore 27,800 27,800
10 Pak Ning Lee Hong Kong 18,000 24,600 42,600
11 Yi Hsuan Chen Taiwan 24,600 24,600
12 Yi Hsuan Chiang Taiwan 24,600 24,600
13 Tony Khoang Netherlands 21,800 21,800
14 Ryosuke Yamazaki Japan 21,800 21,800

ORUKU MAON continues strong run at Women’s Event


2023 was a coming out year for Japan’s Oruku Maon, racking up a substantial number of final table runs around Asia. In June, she won her first trophy at the HKPT Women of Hong Kong Event in South Korea. Kicking off the new year at USOP Taiwan, Maon matched it up with a second win at the Women’s Event. She bested a field of 41 entries for a cool NTD 80,600 (~USD 2,600).

Date: January 11, 2024
Buy in: NTD 6,000 (~USD 192)
Entries: 41
Prize Pool: NTD 206,900 (~USD 6,650)
ITM: 6 places

Rank Player Flag Payout in NTD
1 Oruku Maon Japan 80,600
2 Hera Kim South Korea 47,600
3 Sayaka Seshimoto Japan 29,000
4 Szu Min Su Taiwan 20,700
5 Vitaliya Dubovik Italy 16,600
6 Fu Lin Tseng Taiwan 12,400

YU TA LEE wins maiden title at 5-Card PLO


Local player Yu Ta Lee now has a trophy to start a collection having won the 5-Card PLO on Day 7. Lee out-flipped the 58 entry field to rein in his first live title and the NTD 105,300 (~USD 3,390) top prize. Among the ITM finishers, it was another impressive run by Shao Me Yang in 3rd place who now has four final table cashes.

Date: January 11, 2024
Buy in: NTD 6,000 (~USD 192)
Entries: 58
Prize Pool: NTD 292,600 (~USD 9,407)
ITM: 8 places

Rank Player Flag Payout in NTD
1 Yu Ta Lee Taiwan 105,300
2 Ryan McArthur Canada 61,900
3 Shao Me Yang Taiwan 38,800
4 Tsung En Yeh Taiwan 26,300
5 Alan Khoo Singapore 20,500
6 Chang Lin Gia Taiwan 16,100
7 Christopher Pasion Philippines 13,200
8 Wu Hung Hsiang Taiwan 10,500

CHIEN HSIANG HUNG wins first USOP title at 8-Max Hyper Turbo


The final event of the day was the 8-Max Hyper Turbo, another incredibly fast paced game. 94 joined the rush for a prize pool of NTD 401,200. To date, this was the largest entry field of the Hyper Turbo events. Taiwan’s Chien Hsiang Hung shipped it for his first ever USOP trophy and a payout of NTD 127,500 (~USD 4,100).

Date: January 11, 2024
Buy in: NTD 5,000 (~USD 160)
Entries: 94
Prize Pool: NTD 401,200 (~USD 12,900)
ITM: 12 places

Rank Player Flag Payout in NTD
1 Chien Hsiang Hung Taiwan 127,500
2 Yew Tong Malaysia 76,200
3 Thai Nguyen Vietnam 48,100
4 Tiger Beng Wei Ong Malaysia 31,100
5 Federico Faranda Germany 24,100
6 Chien Hua Lo Taiwan 19,100
7 Yun Li Taiwan 16,000
8 Szu Wei Chiu Taiwan 14,000
9 Ca Phe Vietnam 12,700
10 Chi Kit Fong Macao 11,600
11 Wei Jen Wang Taiwan 10,800
12 Kai Yi Sun China 10,000

USOP Taiwan 2024

In partnership with the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP), USOP Taiwan runs from January 5 to 15, 2024 at the largest brick and mortar poker room in the region, Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City. With seven days in the books, 31 of the 45 trophies have already been claimed. Only 14 left! Time to win yours!

*Photos by CTP and USOP

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