Natural8-WSOPC: China’s “Bangshifu” and Austria’s Mario Mosboeck lock up rings; Sergei Koliakov, Vincent Huang, and Yu Zhang among side winners

It was a sizzling Sunday night on the GG Network with thousands of players logging in for the World Series of Poker Super Circuit Online Series 2021. In the aftermath, Day 2 paid out over US$ 10 Million and two players locked up their first ever WSOPC rings. The newly minted champions were China’s “Bangshifu” and Austria’s Mario Mosboeck. At the side events, 32 came out victorious, among them were Asia Pacific players, namely Australia’s Vincent “Moist” Huang, Taiwan’s “Amy1091991”, and Chinese players Yu Zhang and “bigcongming”. Overall, Russia’s Sergei “Graf Tekkel” Koliakov pocketed the biggest Day 2 payout for his victory at the WSOPC High Rollers: $5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR Million. We’ve got those stories and results down below.

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The festival runs from May 1 to 30 with 18 WSOP Circuit Rings up for grabs and US$ 100 Million in guaranteed prize pools. Three rings have already been claimed. For the first time ever, 2 Cash Game Rings have also been promised. To ensure everyone gets a chance at the coveted merchandise, buy-ins start at an affordable US$ 25 and go as high as US$ 840. The highlighted Main Event features the largest guarantee of US$ 5 Million. Buy-in is US$ 525. To get in for cheaper, make sure to check out the satellites.

RING #1: $100 Super Circuit Kick Off – BANGSHIFU – US$ 147,012.67

RING #1: $100 Super Circuit Kick Off was the first of five phased events scheduled and was the first event extending a US$ 1,000,000 guarantee. Day 1 flights began as early as April 27, ultimately attracting a towering 18,733 entries to build an ever richer US$ 1,723,436 prize pool. 2,939 players advanced to Day 2. After eight and a half hours of play, Chinese player nicknamed “Bangshifu” emerged victorious to claim the WSOPC Ring and US$ 147,012.67.

wsop sc 1
WSOP Super Circuit Online RING #1: $100 Super Circuit Kick Off

Buy in: US$ 100
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 18,733
Prize pool: US$ 1,723,436
Day 2 players: 2,939
ITM: 1,900 places
Running time: 8 hours and 30 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Bangshifu – China – US$ 147,012.67*
2nd Rodrigo “GhostBusters” Teixeira – Brazil – US$ 123,685.59*
3rd ssssssTOEOEOEN – Austria – US$ 129,792.37*
4th D0G0fWAR – Cyprus – US$ 73,038.24
5th Jimmy Buckets – Latvia – US$ 54,770.97
6th Tuukka “Morr1Haisi0” Siren – Finland – US$ 41,072.48
7th Tim “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford – Canada – US$ 30,800.03
8th pisgapoker_1 – Israel – US$ 23,096.72
9th Fabrizio “S@ulG00dm@n” D’Agostino – Italy – US$ 17,320.18
*Three way deal, played for the Ring

Event recap

Day 2 opened with Asia well represented in the upper tier. Ten out of the top 15 players were all from the region with Chinese player “sylj” as chip leader. Sylj went on to cash in 121st place, was later joined by Natural8 Team Hot Pro Pete Chen in 94th place, Andras Nemeth (60th), Ryan Riess (40th), Peter “BIG CHI” Chien (29th), and Neel Joshi (20th).

Down to two tables, Rodrigo “GhostBusters” Teixeira went on a knockout spree, eliminating four players that included Peter “MrDagobert” Traply in 10th place to form the final table. Bringing in the largest stack was Austria’s “ssssssTOEOEOEN”.

wsop sc 2
WSOP Online Super Circuit RING #1: $100 Super Circuit Kick Off final table

The final table ran for just over an hour and a half. The first bust came 23 minutes in with Finland’s Tuukka “Morr1Haisi0” Siren denying Fabrizio “S@ulG00dm@n” D’Agostino in 9th place. Despite the fall, D’Agostino still had a successful day with a victory at one of the side events for an extra US$ 20,922.28. Shortly after, Israel’s pisgapoker_1 joined the rail with Bangshifu delivering the boot. This was the first of five heads claimed by Bangshifu at the final table.

Out next was Canada’s Tim “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford who continued his strong performance. Rutherford won four events and topped the leaderboard at the recently concluded Natural8 – GG Spring Festival series. Leading up to the next bust, chip leader Morr1Haisi0 dropped rank then fell to Bangshifu in 6th place with pocket sevens dominated by pocket Kings. Latvia’s Jimmy Buckets soon followed on a bad beat. He was all in with AhQh however ssssssTOEOEOEN’s AcJc found a Jack on the flop to send him packing in 5th place.

The four-handed round saw big pots moving in every direction. D0G0fWAR suffered a big hit when he pushed on the small blind and got called by GhostBusters on the big blind. This gave Bangshifu the lead which increased further after finishing off the ailing D0G0fWAR in 4th place. At three-handed, four hands were first tabled before an ICM deal was discussed and reached. Big stacked Bangshifu was guaranteed the largest pay. Ten minutes later, Bangshifu railed the remaining two players to add the coveted ring to his winnings.


After a grueling 11 hours, the race for the third WSOP Circuit Ring concluded with Austria’s Mario Mosboeck clinching it along with a cool US$ 129,700.43. This was Mosboeck’s first major victory and largest known career score.

mario mossboeck
Mario Mosboeck. Credit: PokerFirma

Buy in: US$ 400
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 3,063
Prize pool: US$ 1,151,688
ITM: 368 places
Running time: 11 hours and 8 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Mario Mosboeck – Austria – US$ 129,700.43*
2nd Csaba “PumpedGabo” Szasz – Hungary – US$ 130,557.27*
3rd Simon “MotiKakoon” Goldthorpe – Israel – US$ 83,635.09
4th Paul “Rahchan” Hong – New Zealand – US$ 62,717.41
5th Geraldo Cesar “UmReiNoRiver” Neto – Brazil – US$ 47,031.47
6th Nicolo Molinelli – Italy – US$ 35,268.61
7th Claas Segebrecht – Austria – US$ 26,447.71
8th spakiiinator – Poland – US$ 19,832.94
9th adolfito – Uruguay – US$ 14,872.67
*Heads up deal, played for the RING

Event Recap

RING #3: $400 DOUBLE STACK MILLION was the second ring event loaded with a US$ 1,000,000 guarantee. 3,063 runners jumped in to build a slightly larger US$ 1,151,688 prize pool. Leading up to the final two tables, among the players in the money were Daniel Dvoress (192nd), Sung Joo “ArtePokerTV” Hyun (169th), Juan Pardo Dominguez (118th), Natural8 Team Hot Pro Kosei Ichinose (108th), Wei Guo “SPARK1207” Liang (87th), and Apratim “checm@te” Sharma who went the deepest for India, exiting in 18th place.

At 16 remaining, play ran for 24 minutes with a total of 12 called shoves before forming the final table. The first two shoves were double ups paid by Italian pro Nicolo Molinelli to Israel’s “Jabochi” and Uruguay’s “adolfito”. Adolfito landed another full boost off Moldova’s “ApdReg” who then fell in 16th place to Guilherme “Au!Au!Au!In!” Ribeiro. Adolfito went on to bring in the largest stack to the final table, trailed closely by both New Zealand’s Paul “Rahchan” Hong and Mario Mosboeck. Also in the round were two decorated WSOP players, bracelet holder Molinelli and ring holder Claas Segebrecht.

Several hands into the final chase, “adolfito” dropped to 3rd rank when it all went in against second ranked Mosboeck. Adolfito’s KcKd was ultimately outdrawn by Mosboeck’s AdKh straight on a board 10cJc8sQdKs to exit in 9th place. This gave Mosboeck the lead with 8 remaining. It took over 45 minutes before the next player went bust. Rahchan eliminated short stacked spakiiinator to slide up top. Minutes later, Rahchan did the same to Claas Segebrecht (7th) and then to Molinelli (6th), denying both players another WSOP merch. Rahchan’s stay up top didn’t last long though. Csaba “PumpedGabo” Szasz stole it after eliminating Geraldo Cesar “UmReiNoRiver” Neto. Down to four players, more shoving led to Rahchan paying MotiKakoon then falling to Mosboeck in 4th place with AhKd losing to 10h10s (hand pictured below).

wsop sc 3
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series RING #3: $400 DOUBLE STACK MILLION

Back on top, Mosboeck cleaned out MotiKakoon (3rd) and faced PumpedGabo at heads up with a 2:1 advantage. PumpedGabo had his “Deal” flag up however Mosboeck chatted that he preferred to play it out. PumpedGabo proceeded to win four consecutive pots to grab the lead for the first time. At this point, Mosboeck lit up his “Deal” flag, both agreed on the numbers, then played on for the ring. After numerous tugs at the chip lead, Mosboeck tightened his grip and finally rivered it on a four outer to capture his first WSOP win and WSOP Ring. The final hand was Mosboeck 4s5s straight, PumpedGabo 7c7s, the board 3h9hKhAc2d.

Biggest Side Event Winner

WSOPC High Rollers: $5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR Million

Buy in: US$ 5,250
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 167
Prize pool: US$ 1,000,000
Overlay: US$ 165,000
ITM: 23 places
Winner: SERGEI “Graf Tekkel” KOLIAKOVRussia – US$ 185,777.02

Asia Pacific – Side Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $1,050 Sunday Kick Off

Buy in: US$ 1,050
Guarantee: US$ 150,000
Entries: 197
Prize pool: US$ 197,000
ITM: 27 places
Winner: Amy1091991Taiwan – US$ 42,744.92

WSOPC Series: $840 Sunday Bounty Warmup

Buy in: US$ 840
Guarantee: US$ 100,000
Entries: 174
Prize pool: US$ 139,200
ITM: 23 places
Winner: Yu ZhangChina – US$ 25,152.11

WSOPC Series: $300 Triple Chance Closer HR [3-Stack]

Vincent Huang
Vincent Huang. Credit: Asian Poker Tour

Buy in: US$ 300
Guarantee: US$ 50,000
Entries: 187
Prize pool: US$ 52,173
ITM: 26 places
Winner: Vincent “Moist” HuangAustralia – US$ 12,350.20

WSOPC Series: $40 Sunday Forty Stack

Buy in: US$ 40
Guarantee: US$ 100,000
Entries: 4,138
Prize pool: US$ 152,278.40
ITM: 512 places
Winner: bigcongmingChina – US$ 18,715.11

WSOPC by the numbers

Day 1-2 prize pool: US$ 12,891,568
Seven figure prize pools: 2 ring events, 4 side events
Ring Events: 3
Side events: 54
Total entries: 85,693

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