WPT Prime Cambodia final winners: John Perry, Minkyu Kim, Deepankur Gupta, Shardul Aramudhan, Mahesh Shyamsundar, Nicholas Williams, Krishna Wadeesirisak, Bin Tang


That’s it! All thirty trophies of WPT Prime Cambodia Season XXI have been claimed. Here are the final side event winners. Congratulations to all!


Huge victory for John Perry at the High Roller 3K


Thrilling finish at the featured High Roller 3K with John Perry‘s rail roaring after he defeated WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Smiljkovic. Perry was on a 3:1 deficit entering heads up, took the lead on a failed bluff by Smiljkovic, then shipped it with JsJh dominating 10c10s. This was Perry’s first victory on Asian soil and largest career score of US$ 105,487.

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The High Roller 3K drew 125 entries to surge past the guarantee for a prize pool of US$ 363,750. The bubble burst on Oliver Schulze whose 8h8d lost the flip against Pratibh Saluja’s AhKh. The final table was formed at the hard fall of Ian Litster to Perry who shoved with Ac7d, Litster called for his tournament life with 5s5h, the board ran Ad3s5cAh3d for full house over full house. The lucky catch gave Perry the second largest stack entering the final table.

DJR07167 1

Chip leader Smiljkovic seemed to be cruising to victory after railing Leo Soma (8th), Dylan Wayne Foster (6th), Manuel Braunhofer (5th), and Monika Zukowicz (4th). However, at three-handed, Perry gained momentum by eliminating Pratibh Saluja (3rd). Perry’s rail erupted when he doubled up with two pair against a bluff. About even in chips, the final hand was pocket Jacks dominating pocket Tens.

Buy in: US$ 3,000
Guarantee: US$ 250,000
Entries: 125
Prize pool: US$ 363,750
ITM: 16 places

1 John Perry $105,487
2 Daniel Smiljkovic $65,475
3 Pratibh Saluja $39,103
4 Monika Zukowicz $24,553
5 Manuel Braunhofer $18,188
6 Dylan Wayne Foster $15,641
7 Justin Chu $13,550
8 Leo Soma $12,004
9 Ankit Jajodia $10,549
10 Ian Litster $9,276
11 Junwoo Lee $9,276
12 Siddarth Karia $9,276
13 David Chiv $8,093
14 Florencio Campomanes $8,093
15 Patrick Liang $8,093
16 Terry Gonzaga $7,093

Minkyu Kim overcomes a huge deficit at heads up to win the Bounty Event

Minkyu Kim

The battle for the Bounty Event title came down between two Korean players, Minkyu Kim and Woojin Kim, both players seeking their first title in this series. Woojin was backed by an enormous stack having knocked out a whopping 17 players before reaching heads up. Woojin was also looking for redemption having missed the win at the earlier bounty event where he fell in 2nd place to Micheal O’Neill.

IMG 8999

However, despite the massive lead, it was still not to be. Minkyu chipped away at the leader and drove it to victory. Minkyu shipped the US$ 14,745 top prize and six bounties amounting to US$ 900.

Buy in: US$ 500
Entries: 252
Prize pool: US$ 72,198
Bounty pool: US$ 37,800

*Bounties not included in payouts

1 Minkyu Kim Korea $14,745
2 Woojin Kim Korea $13,500
3 Gabriel Carter UK $7,400
4 Amir Abbas NZ $4,502
5 Stanislav Kovalenko Russia $3,476
6 Kai Perng Heng Malaysia $2,881
7 Firat Basbaydar UK $2,419
8 Romit Advani India $2,022
9 Tuan Anh Nguyen Vietnam $1,659
10 Chi Ling Tsang Canada $1,411
11 Raju Jaruplavath India $1,411
12 Seongmin Lee Korea $1,411
13 Jaehoon Lee Korea $1,213
14 Jongkyung Lee Korea $1,213
15 Roland Kivi Estonia $1,213
16 Lucas Tae USA $1,018
17 Gunisha Sinha India $1,018
18 Chao-Ting Cheng Taiwan $1,018
19 Takashi Taniguchi Japan $834
20 Jeremy Jehanne France $834
21 Amit Kaushik India $834
22 Jaeyong Kim Korea $657
23 Gyumock Jo Korea $657
24 Isaac Phua Malaysia $657
25 Erik Rozhynskyi Ukraine $570
26 Peter Laird Bennett Singapore $570
27 Eric Alexandre Ceret France $570
28 Tze Kin Vincent Koh Singapore $497
29 Shreyas Suresh Shinde India $497
30 Fung Kong Hong Kong $497
31 Joshua Tan Singapore $497
32 Chang Hyeon Kim Korea $497

Deepankur Gupta wins the NLH Turbo

Deepankur Gupta

India finished strong at the NLH Turbo with three players in the top four. Seizing the win was Deepankur Gupta after defeating Anmol Mehta at heads up. Gupta collected a career high live tournament score of US$ 8,000. This was only his second ever live tournament score outside of home turf which should boost his confidence towards attending more live international events. Missing the final table was Joseph Hebert, the 2020 WSOP Online Domestic Main Event champion.

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 121
Prize pool: US$ 31,690
ITM: 16 places

1 Deepankur Gupta India $8,000
2 Anmol Mehta India $6,895
3 Joshua Kai En Tan Singapore $3,407
4 Dhaval Mudgal India $2,139
5 Calvin Tan Singapore $1,584
6 Peng Zheng China $1,363
7 Konstantin Generalov Russia $1,180
8 Ting-Yi Tsai Taiwan $1,046
9 Kanta Matsuo Japan $919
10 Joseph Murphy Hebert USA $808
11 Kaoru Kishimoto Japan $808
12 Tze Kin Vincent Koh Singapore $808
13 Yosuke Kijima Japan $705
14 Chun Kit Lee Hong Kong $705
15 Tan Luan Le Uk $705
16 Joon- Han Lee Korea $618

Shardul Aramudhan awarded the Superstack Classic Freezeout win

Shardul Parthasarathi Aramudhan

The Superstack Classic Freezeout was a two-day affair with 150 players battling it out on that one bullet. Plenty of dramatic moments on the bubble round. Chip leader Hua Wei Lin dominated her table with repeated uncalled shoves, Jeremy Jehanne doubled up with a flush over two pair, followed by the fall of Yu Sheng Lin to Thai Bao Vu with a small pair turned counterfeit on a double paired board.

As the players raced to the top, Vu eliminated big stacked Lin to enter the final table with an overwhelming advantage. That lead further grew until four handed. Vu began to lose shoves, doubling up every player including Shardul Aramduhan who cracked pocket Aces with Ace-Queen trips queens. Vu eventually exited in 4th place.


Out next was Harsh Bubna in 3rd place. The final two players – Shardul and Yu Ogusu – struck an ICM deal. With Shardul ahead in chips, he was awarded the win and the trophy. This is Shardul’s career second WPT side event title having won the Super High Roller event last year.

Buy in: $600
Entries: 150
Prize pool: US$ 78,570
ITM: 19 places

*Heads up ICM deal, Shardul awarded the trophy

1 Shardul Aramudhan India $19,247*
2 Yu Ogusu Japan $16,190*
3 Harsh Bubna India $8,093
4 Thai Bao Vu Viet Nam $4,913
5 Keng Yong Tan Singapore $3,811
6 Duc Kien Tran Viet Nam $3,147
7 Vineet Kumar India $2,750
8 Jeremy Jehanne France $2,455
9 Jonathan Looi Malaysia $2,169
10 Hua-Wei Lin Taiwan $1,886
11 Jedrzej Gruszczynski Poland $1,886
12 Prommin Talordpong Thailand $1,886
13 Curt Livermore Uk $1,611
14 Arun Sriram India $1,611
15 Denis Pisarev Russia $1,611
16 Abhijith Cheruku India $1,375
17 Zhongya Wang China $1,375
18 Kjell Ove Dyb Norway $1,375
19 Shan Hui Chua Singapore $1,179

 India bags another as Mahesh Shyamsundar wins 1K Re-Entry

Mahesh Shyamsundar

Mahesh Shyamsundar topped the 75 entries of the 1K Re-Entry event to lift his first ever WPT trophy. After heads up ICM deal, Shyamsundar and Chao Ting Cheng battled for glory. It ended with Shyamsundar shoving on a Ks4c3s6c2h and getting tank-called. Cheng had Kd10c top pair, Shyamsundar with the winning Qh5c straight.

Buy in: US$ 1,000
Entries: 75
Prize pool: US$ 65,475
ITM: 10 places

*Heads up ICM deal

1 Mahesh Shyamsundar India $19,110*
2 Chao-Ting Cheng Taiwan $15,919*
3 Aroha Ngata NZ $7,988
4 Eric Wasylenko Canada $5,402
5 Chi-Jen Chu Taiwan $4,092
6 Vitalii Borodin Russia $3,274
7 David Chiv $2,881
8 Nikolay Ponomarenko Russia $2,619
9 Erik Rozhynskyi Germany $2,226
10 Stephen Nathan Uk $1,964

Nicholas Williams pulls through in the end for Superstack 6-Max Finale

Nicholas Williams

Australian Nicholas Williams emerged victorious at the Superstack 6-Max Finale defeating Taiwan’s Feng-Wen Chen at heads up. Before doing so, he paid a double up with Ad9d dominated by AhJc to switch ranks. Williams grinded back up leading to the final hand. On a flop 4s8d2s, Williams shoved with Js6s flush draw, Chen risked with Qc8s top pair, the turn 9s and river 10s gave Williams the flush and first ever WPT victory.

Buy in: US$ 400
Entries: 87
Prize pool: US$ 37,380
ITM: 11 places

1 Nicholas Williams Australia $9,797
2 Feng-Wen Chen Taiwan $5,924
3 Saransh Garg India $3,684
4 Ben Abrahams Thailand $2,491
5 Max Menzel Germany $1,899
6 Armon Van Wijk Australia $1,519
7 Thijs Hilberts Netherlands $1,261
8 Chien-Chih Weng Taiwan $1,063
9 Hua-Wei Lin Taiwan $980
10 Adrien Franck Berger France $911
11 Jongkyung Lee Korea $851

Krishna Wadeesirisak comes from behind at the Closer Turbo

Krishna Wadeesirisak

Buy in: US$ 550
Entries: 58
Prize pool: US$ 28,130
ITM: 8 places

1 Krishna Wadeesirisak Thailand $10,127
2 Nobuaki Sasaki Japan $5,949
3 Yu-Chung Chang Taiwan $3,727
4 Anton Widjaya Indonesia $2,532
5 Craig Daniel Jones UK $1,969
6 Dhaval Mudgal India $1,547
7 Tong Tan Singapore $1,266
8 Ankit Kumar Jajodia India $1,013

Bin Tang denies Kiale Matthews, wins 10/10/10 event

Bin Tang

Buy in: US$ 200
Entries: 60
Prize pool: US$ 10,476
ITM: 8 places

1 Bin Tang China $3,772
2 Kiale Jacob Matthews Australia $2,216
3 Willy Kevin Portier France $1,388
4 Yuji Kawata Japan $943
5 Brendon Rubie Australia $733
6 Keng Yong Tan Singapore $576
7 Chun Kit Lee Hong Kong $471
8 Setty Pon France $377
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