WPT Prime Vietnam: Bien Mai, Duy Thuc Nguyen, Pham Quang Huy win trophies

WPT Prime Vietnam
awarded a few more side event trophies with Bien Mai, Duy Thuc Nguyen, and Pham Quang Huy earning their first ever WPT wins. Have a read on those victories down below.

The inaugural series has been running since May 19 at the Crown Poker Club in Hanoi to conclude on May 30. With sizable turnouts seen daily, it is shaping up to be the tour’s richest event in the country. To date, nine trophies have been claimed and over VN₫ 14.5 Billion (~US$ 636,440) already paid out. More events have yet to be conquered including the festival headliner Main Event which features an VN₫ 8 Billion (~US$ 346,477) guaranteed prize pool. Make sure to check the schedule for all the info. 

Full WPT Prime Vietnam schedule
Main Event details and structure

Event 7: SuperStack – BIEN MAI – VN₫ 205,500,000 (~US$ 8,867)

The SuperStack is always a very popular WPT side event with early birds starting off 400 BB deep. Even for players that sign up at the last second, it is still a decent 33 BB. At the series, the tournament did not disappoint. It filled a large portion of the floor, seeing 120 uniques and 37 re-entries for 157 total entries. After a lengthy 11 hours of play, the title came down between Bien Mai and Deepstack Cheap Freeze champion Ngo Minh Tien. Instead of playing for it, they let luck decide with one fast flip. Ngo had 6s5d, Mai opened a premium AsKd, the board favored Mai as it ran 7sJc10cQs7s for a victorious straight. Mai captured his first ever WPT trophy and an ICM payout of VN₫ 205,500,000 (~US$ 8,867). 

ENZ 7037

Brief recap of the event, Ba Tran delivered the bubble with pocket Tens standing firm against King-Eight offsuit. He went on to reach the final table and was first to exit in 9th place. Leading up to heads up, Mai cleaned out several players that included Vu Thai Bao in 5th place. This was Vus third final table, bringing him up to 485 points in the Player of the Festival race. The next two to go were Manh Truong Nguyen (4th) and Hanna Azimai (3rd), both players axed by Ngo. Heads up was one no-look showdown. Ngo missed out on a second series title however he did earn a chunk of POF points to stay in the upper ranks.

Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~US$ 285)
Entries: 157 (120 unique, 37 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 913,740,000 (~US$ 39,428)
ITM: 20 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Bien Mai Vietnam 205500000*
2nd Ngo Minh Tien Vietnam 199500000*
3rd Hanna Azimai Australia 94,000,000
4th Manh Truong Nguyen Vietnam 57,000,000
5th Vu Thai Bao Vietnam 44,000,000
6th Son Lam Phu Vietnam 36,740,000
7th Jin Hwang Yong Malaysia 32,000,000
8th The Viet Nguyen Vietnam 28,000,000
9th Ba Tran Vietnam 24,500,000
10th Quang Hai Vu Vietnam 21,500,000
11th Can Cuoc Cong Dan Vietnam 21,500,000
12th The Manh Phung Vietnam 21,500,000
13th Gia Trung Nguyen Vietnam 18,500,000
14th Duy Anh Le Vietnam 18,500,000
15th Ngoc Anh Cao Vietnam 18,500,000
16th Ta Khanh Linh Vietnam 15,500,000
17th Cheng-I Hsieh China 15,550,000
18th Trong Linh Phan Vietnam 15,500,000
19th Quang Hung Bang Vietnam 13,000,000
20th Mark Christopher Vingua Vietnam 13,000,000

*Heads up ICM deal

Event 8: Single Day High Roller – DUY THUC NGUYEN – VN₫ 1,040,500,000 (~US$ 44,900)

Duy Thuc Nguyen

Noteworthy attendance at the Single Day High Roller event finding 77 runners to pony up the VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,373) buy in. This was the first of three high roller events scheduled. Among the many decorated players in attendance were 2019 WPTDeepStacks Vietnam Main Event champion Vincent Chauve who cashed out in 9th place and Bounty Event winner Christopher Mateo in 7th place. The main highlight of this event was undoubtedly the rise of the short stacks, most notably, Duy Thuc Nguyen, who went from 30 BB down to 6 BB, back up to 20 BB, down to 6 BB again, then to champion. 

Vincent Chauve

Recapping Nguyen‘s ride, at eight-handed, he lost two shoves to plunge to just 6 BB. The first dip was to Peerathat Sukpaisarn and the second was to short stacked Chi Chung Ho with 6d6s banging into 9c9h. Before Nguyen risked his tournament life, Ho continued to climb, winning two more shoves, one of which sent Sukpaisarn out in 8th place with Ad6c trips Sixes cracking KhKc. Nguyen had it all in next with Js10d and found a Jack on the turn to survive Mateo’s As10c. After Vu Duc Trung finished off Mateo (7th), Ho swung, losing a chunk to Nguyen’s 2d2s set. Ho recovered by railing Van Tai Tran (6th) but missed the board holding AcKc against Nguyen’s JhJc to fall in 5th place. Vu eliminated Thibaut Blondel to bring in a big lead entering three-handed. 

Despite Vu’s stack, it was Nguyen putting pressure. Dennis Ng took a stand and scored a double up with AcQd over Kc3h flush over flush on a board 5c6c3c2h7c. Down to just 5 BB, it seemed like the end for Nguyen but three all in wins against Vu nursed him back to health while Vu was out in 3rd place with Ac9h outdrawn by Nguyen’s Kh7h, king on the flop. Heads up was a grind with Nguyen and Ng keeping fairly even. After one level, they opted for an ICM deal then played for the trophy. It lasted one hand with Ng Qc10d, Nguyen KhQs, the board Kc6sQh8h9s. This was Nguyen’s first known live win and personal high score of VN₫ 1,040,500,000 (~US$ 44,900)

Buy in: VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,373)
Entries: 77 (49 unique, 28 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 3,734,500,000 (~US$ 161,145)
ITM: 10 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Duy Thuc Nguyen Vietnam 1040500000*
2nd Dennis Ng Hong Kong 957,500,000*
3rd Vu Duc Trung Vietnam 455,000,000
4th Thibaut Blondel France 308,000,000
5th Chi Chung Ho Hong Kong 234,500,000
6th Van Tai Tran Vietnam 190,000,000
7th Christopher Mateo Philippines 165,000,000
8th Peerathat Sukpaisarn Thailand 145,000,000
9th Vincent Chauve France 127,000,000
10th Duy Thanh Dang Vietnam 112,000,000

*Heads up ICM deal

Event 10: Hyper Turbo – PHAM QUANG HUY – VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,373)

ENZ 7193

The Hyper Turbo blew past in just under four hours and nearly taking it down was  Vietnam’s Vu Thai Bao who continued to impress, reaching his fourth final table. He picked up 225 POF points to catapult to the top with 710 points. We will have the official update for you once it released. Denying Vu the win was fellow countryman Pham Quang Huy Pham who crippled Vu at heads up with Kh9d straight over QcJc two pairs on a board 10dJsQd7d4c. This led to the final hand with Pham’s Qd6d shove further improving to Jc10h9d4cKh straight to dust 8d6h.

Buy in: VN₫ 3,300,000 (~US$ 142)
Entries: 51 (38 unique, 13 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 148,410,000 (~US$ 6,404)
ITM: 7 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Pham Quang Huy Vietnam 55,000,000
2nd Vu Thai Bao Vietnam 32,500,000
3rd Kimoto Masayoshi Japan 20,000,000
4th Maaku Tanaka Japan 14,100,000
5th Trong Viet Hoang Nguyen Vietnam 11,200,000
6th Ruel Jose Philippines 8,900,000
7th Ta Khanh Linh Vietnam 6,710,000

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you daily recaps and highlights of the inaugural WPT Prime Vietnam from start to finish.

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