WPT Prime Cambodia: late game surge by Younghoon Joo and JK Sorn earn victories; Player of the Festival update


Day 3 of World Poker Tour Prime Cambodia saw lots of fist pumps as two players celebrated their first ever WPT victories. At the 8-Max NL Hold’em Single Day, JK Sorn‘s late game surge landed him the win, and at the Deepstack NLH Freezeout, Younghoon Joo crushed it at the final four. The top nine players of these events earned points towards the WPT Player of the Festival. We’ve got those recaps for you.

More trophies to capture with 20 remaining events left to play out at NagaWorld Phnom Penh. For pics, please head to the Somuchpoker FB page.

WPT Prime Cambodia schedule
WPT Prime Cambodia structures
A Quick Guide to WPT Prime Cambodia

JK Sorn’s late surge wins the 8-Max NLH Single Day

JK Sorn was all smiles after lifting his first ever WPT title and trophy. He was one of the 74 runners of the 8-Max NLH Single Day event, and after 7.5 hours of play, Sorn conquered it for a pocketful US$ 6,591 payday.

DAC 9088
JK Sorn

Picking up the action at bubble time. Sorn was already one of the biggest stacks when he delivered the bubble with 5c5s holding up against Ac10h. At the final table, Sorn laid low while Japan’s Takuya Mitsui went on a knockout spree. Mitsui booted all the Thai players in succession, Prommin Talordpong (9th) with pocket Aces over Ace-King, Panitan Poopadsri (8th) with Ace-King dominating Ace-Jack, and Kankij Panekwong with pocket Fours standing firm against overcards. After Vietnam‘s Pham Bao (6th) fell to Sorn, Japan‘s Chihiro Takamu survived five double ups which included a very lucky flush against Max Menzel. Menzel had AdKs, Takamu with AcQh, four hearts dropped on the board.

DSC 8103
Chihiro Takamu

Takamu‘s rush earned him the chip lead, though very brief, as he was put to a hard halt by Sorn. On a flop 10d6s5s, Sorn jammed with 2c4c, Takamu called with Ah10h top pair, the turn 3c Sorn spiked the lucky four-outer for a winning straight. Back on top with a massive stack, Sorn went on to win it, defeating Takamu  (3rd) then Menzel at heads up with AdKh dominating Jh2h.

DAC 9030
8-MAX NLH SINGLE DAY (1 RE-ENTRY) – Final table

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 74
Prize pool: US$ 19,381
ITM: 10 places


1st JK Sorn Malaysia US$ 6,591
2nd Max Menzel Germany US$ 3,779
3rd Chihiro Takamu Japan US$ 2,364
4th Takuya Mitsui Japan US$ 1,599
5th Kien Duc Tran Vietnam US$ 1,211
6th Pham Bao Vietnam US$ 969
7th Kankij Panekwong Thailand US$ 853
8th Panitan Poopadsri Thailand US$ 775
9th Prommin Talordpong Thailand US$ 659
10th Jack Leong Singapore US$ 581

Younghoon Joo crushes the final four to win the Deepstack NLH Freezeout

The Deepstack NLH Freezeout drew 98 entrants at US$ 300 a piece for a prize pool of US$ 25,666. The title came down among three Koreans with Younghoon Joo backed by a commanding stack. Joo went on to claim it along with a payout deal of US$ 5,392.

DAC 8987 1
Younghoon Joo

The two day event saw Day 1 close with the final 13 players all in the money. Returning on the following day, it was action from the get-go with newsworthy moments all the way to the finish. It kicked off with short stacked Kai Yang Gu shoving his 2K stack, which was equivalent to just 1/5 of a BB. Gu landed two quick double ups and eventually made it to the final table.

DSC 8031
Kai Yang Gu

On the opposite end of the pole, India‘s Kunal Patni didn’t have much to worry about as he entered the day with the second largest stack then proceeded to clean out five players. Among Patni’s knockouts was Japan‘s Tatsuhiko Terai in 10th place and a double bust to Wanki Baik (7th) and Shardul Parthasarathi (8th). On the next three-way, Patni‘s AcAs were cracked by Joo‘s Jc10c on board 7c8c9hAhJh. The shoves were at the flop with Gu falling in 5th place holding QsQd.

DSC 8056
Younghoon Joo

With Joo now the new chip leader, he finished off Patni to amass a monstrous stack. After a three-way deal with remaining fellow Koreans Jony Hyun Baeg and Bae Kyung Suk, he grinded them down to claim the title and the coveted WPT trophy.

DAC 8948 1
Deepstack NLH Freezeout – Final table

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 98
Prize pool: US$ 25,666
ITM: 13 places


1st Younghoon Joo Korea US$ 5,392*
2nd Bae Kyung Suk Korea US$ 5,200*
3rd Jony Hyun Baeg Korea US$ 5,000*
4th Kunal Patni India US$ 1,925
5th Kai Yang Gu Singapore US$ 1,501
6th Patrick James Standen Canada US$ 1,200
7th Wanki Baik Korea US$ 1,020
8th Shardul Parthasarathi India US$ 885
9th Nguyen Van Xuan Vietnam US$ 783
10th Tatsuhiko Terai Japan US$ 706
11th Selim Souissi Tunisia US$ 706
12th Thanakrit Lachaima Thailand US$ 706
13th Artsiom Pankratau US$ 642

*Three-way deal

WPT Player of the Festival update

Another 18 players have joined the WPT Player of the Festival race. At the end of the festival, the player with the most points accrued will win a WPT Passport worth US$ 5,000 to any Main Tour of choice this year.

Current leaderboard

1st Ashish Munot India 300 points
2nd Younghoon Joo Korea 300 points
3rd JK Sorn Malaysia 300 points
4th Trent Fechter USA 225 points
5th Bae Kyung Suk Korea 225 points
6th Max Menzel Germany 225 points
7th Sam Adams Australia 175 points
8th Jony Hyun Baeg Korea 175 points
9th Chihiro Takamu Japan 175 points
10th Akshay Kapoor India 150 points
11th Kunal Patni India 150 points
12th Takuya Mitsui Japan 150 points
13th Anmol Mehta India 125 points
14th Kai Yang Gu Singapore 125 points
15th Kien Duc Tran Vietnam 125 points
16th Jun Hoe Phua Singapore 100 points
17th Patrick James Standen Canada 100 points
18th Pham Bao Vietnam 100 points
19th Tatsuhiko Terai Japan 75 points
20th Wanki Baik Korea 75 points
21st Kankij Panekwong Thailand 75 points
22nd Eric Wasylenko Canada 60 points
23rd Shardul Parthasarathi India 60 points
24th Panitan Poopadsri Thailand 60 points
25th Rungrot Nuannoi Thailand 50 points
26th Nguyen Van Xuan Vietnam 50 points
27th Prommin Talordpong Thailand 50 points

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker for updates on the ongoing WPT Prime Cambodia.

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