WPT Prime Cambodia: Anand Kumar & Kunal Patni win trophies; Player of the Festival update; Mystery Bounty draws 250 entries, 31 advance


South Africa’s Anand Kumar and India’ Kunal Patni were the latest players minted at WPT Prime Cambodia. The ongoing festival has now awarded six trophies. Action continues with games running from August 11 to 23 at NagaWorld Phnom Penh. Make sure to check the links provied for all your needs.

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South Africa’s Anand Kumar awarded the NLH Mini High Roller title

After a four way deal, South Africa lifted its first trophy of the series with Anand Kumar awarded the win at the WPT Prime Cambodia – NLH Mini High Roller. Kumar turned his US$ 2.2K buy in into a substantial U$ 32.422 payday.

DAC 9240
Anand Kumar

“It feels good to win the trophy. This is my second WPT trophy. I won a WPT tournament in South Africa. I also came in second at the Main Event.”

To reach the final table, Kumar had to climb from under 5 BB. He shared,

“I had a big stack coming into today then dropped down to 28K when a player hit his gut shot. But that’s poker. So I kept my cool and was back to the game.” 

When asked why he agreed on a deal despite his overwhelming stack advantage, Kumar said,

“It comes with my experience and learning. Towards the end of the game it becomes not about race. Even if you have really nice cards and you go all in, someone with 6 or 7 can hit that card and the game changes. I had a good lead and I felt it was a good place to make a deal.”

DJR 8287

Event recap

The NLH Mini High Roller was a two-day affair with 60 runners ponying up the US$ 2,200 buy in. It built a six figure prize pool of US$ 116,400 with 8 earning a piece. Day 1 attracted well known pros Punnat Punsri (Thailand) who returned from his highly successful WSOP run, online hyper grinder Florent Remi, WSOP bracelet champion Abhinav Iyer, WPT champions Zarvan Tumboli, Dhaval Mudgal, and Ashish Munot. The day wrapped up with 16 players remaining led by Korea’s Wanki Baik. This was another strong run by Baik who several days prior bagged the chip lead at Opener Day 1A.

DJR 8246

At Day 2, it took a few hours to form the final table. With only 8 places paid, it was also bubble time. The money was reached when two short stacks went head to head resulting in South Africa’s Marc Joseph eliminating Taiwanese vlogger Yu Chung Chang aka Nevan.

DAC 9224
2.2K NLH MINI HIGH ROLLER – Final table

India’s Shardul Parthasarathi was a familiar face at the final table. He recently finished 8th at Deepstack NLH Freezeout and was stopped here in the same spot. Famous Japanese musician “Gackt” followed with Ace-Seven losing to Kumar’s Ace-Queen. Next was Baik who was first chunked down by Taiwan’s Tsu Ying Lee with broadway beating Queen to Eight straight. Kumar claimed the rest.

Hands later, Kumar also took all of Ankit Jajodia’s stack with AhKc spiking the King to outdraw JdJc. Down to four handed, the quartet played however Kumar’s stack could not be dented. A deal was then struck to end the game abruptly and award Kumar both the larger payout and trophy. Joseph had the second largest stack which meant it was a 1st and 2nd South African reign.

Buy in: US$ 2,200
Entries: 60
Prize pool: US$ 116,400
ITM: 8 places


1st Anand Kumar South Africa $32,422*
2nd Marc Anthony Joseph South Africe $20,000*
3rd Tsung Ying Lee Taiwan $20,000*
4th Constatine Paparestis Ireland $20,000*
5th Ankit Kumar Jajodia India $8,148
6th Wanki Baik Korea $6,402
7th GACKT Japan $5,238
8th Shardul Parthasarathi India $4,190

*Four way deal

Second trophy for India as Kunal Patni claims the Deepstack NLH

Heads up deal between buddies Kunal Patni and Ben Abrahams closed out the Deepstack NLH. Patni had the larger stack to earn him the second trophy for India.

DJR 8206

The Deepstack NLH was a one day competition that brought 130 to the chase. With buy in at an affordable US$ 300, it generated a prize pool of US$ 34,047. Just under the seventh hour mark, Ben Abrahams delivered the bubble with 4c4s standing firm against KsQs. Several busts later, Abrahams sent South Africa’s Rayhaan Adam to his knees with 5c7c straight crushing Ad4h two pair on a board 4cAh6c10d3s.

DJR 8166
Ben Abrahams

At the final table, Patni and Bae Kyung Suk were back for their second attempt at a trophy. Both players reached the final table of the Deepstack NLH Freezeout. This time Suk didn’t get far at all, falling in 9th place. Leading up to the finish, China’s Zhaohong Guo caught a lucky break when his 7c7h cracked Viet Hoang Tran‘s AcAs. The boost in chips also gave Guo a boost in aggression to drive his stack to the top. However, Guo’s rise would not hold. Players around the felt shaved him down until Patni drained the last of it to take the lead. Patni went on to end Puttamsetty Raja Sekhar with 10c10s over 5c5h. An even deal with Abrahams was quickly reached to end the game.

DAC 9173
$300 Deepstack NLH 1Re-entry Final Table

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 130
Prize pool: US$ 34,047
ITM: 17 places


1st Kunal Patni India $7,853*
2nd Ben Abrahams Thailand $7,852*
3rd Puttamsetty Raja Sekhar India $3,609
4th Zhaohong Guo China $2,213
5th Chuen Wai Leong Malaysia $1,685
6th Julius Umbraziunas Lithuania $1,430
7th Viet Hoang Tran Viet Nam $1,243
8th David Spatar New Zealand $1,090
9th Bae Kyung Suk Korea $962
10th Dhanesh Chainani Singapore $851
11th Rayhaan Adam South Africa $851
12th Prommin Talordpong Thailand $851
13th Tien Hui Sam Lick Singapore $749
14th Huaxin Wang China $749
15th Katanyu Ruatnip Thailand $749
16th Nithiwat Suphanit Thailand $655
17th Yong Peng Val Leong Singapore $655

*Heads up deal

WPT Player of the Festival – race update

At the end of the festival, the player with the most points accrued will win a WPT Passport worth US$ 5,000 to any Main Tour of choice this year. Here are the top 16 players in points. Russia’s Semen Kapitonov championed the WPT Prime Cambodia Opener to take the lead.


Mystery Bounty – Day 1 results

DJR 8341
Alexander Puchalski – Flight A leader

Dates: August 15 to 16
Buy in: US$ 550
Flight A: 151 entries
Flight B: 99 entries
Prize pool: US$ 80,000
Bounty pool: US$ 41,250
ITM: 31 places

*Payouts and Bounty rewards are at the bottom of the page.

Chips in play: 10,000,000
Average stack: 322,580

DJR 8349
Yuri Ishida – Flight B leader

Final Day – 31 players

Alexander Puchalski Canada 1032000 2 5
Yuri Ishida Japan 856000 2 6
Ankit Wadhawan India 514000 3 2
Jin Xiong Lee Singapore 464000 2 2
Ruslan Belinskll 463000 4 7
Trong Hieu Ngo Viet Nam 449000 4 4
Jasven Saigal India 414000 1 2
Gaurav Sood India 366000 3 1
Dhaval Mudgal India 354000 4 6
Jonas Magdalinski Sweden 353000 1 4
David Paul Anstice Ireland 332000 4 8
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Balushin Russia 323000 1 1
Laksh Pal Singh India 307000 3 3
Michael Kim Falcon Denmark 303000 1 8
Samuel Adams New Zealand 301000 1 5
Bastien Joly France 257000 1 6
GACKT Japan 251000 3 4
Kuen Wai Jeffrey Lo Hong Kong 251000 3 6
Eric Wasylenki Canada 235000 4 2
Eike Soren Strub Germany 226000 3 7
Tsz Him Phun Hong Kong 219000 2 3
Kunal Patni India 186000 2 8
Ashish Munot India 184000 4 3
Aladin Youri Reskallah France 180000 2 7
Kohei Nakai Japan 164000 4 1
Hai Nam Le Viet Nam 153000 2 1
Jhang-Youuu Huang Taiwan 135000 2 4
Trent Wayne Fechter USA 116000 3 5
Jiyoung Kim Korea 111000 1 3
Somashekhar Kurkhepally Nahadeva India 27000 4 5
Zhaohong Guo China no data 1 7

Mystery Bounty payouts

1st US$ 18,400
2nd US$ 12,915
3rd US$ 8,200
4th US$ 4,990
5th US$ 3,850
6th US$ 3,190
7th US$ 2,680
8th US$2,240
9th US$ 1,840
10th-12th US$ 1,565
13th-15th US$ 1,345
16th-18th US$ 1,130
19th-21st US$ 925
22nd-24th US$ 75
25th-31st US$ 650

Mystery Bounty – Bounty rewards

US$ 250 11
US$ 500 9
US$ 1,000 5
US$ 3,000 3
US$ 5,000 2
US$ 10,000 1

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you updates on the ongoing WPT Prime Cambodia at NagaWorld Phnom Penh. For pics, head to the Somuchpoker FB page.

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