WPT Korea: Tao Yin wins the Main Event; Jin Xu Dong and Zhao Wei win trophies; Mystery Bounty draws 173 entries; WPT High Roller up next

wpt korea jeju main event
WPT Korea – Jeju Shinhwa World

The World Poker Tour (WPT) crowned its first WPT Korea Main Event champion after China’s Tao Yin emerged victorious for his first WPT title and largest career score. Over at the side events, Jin Xu Dong and Zhao Wei walked away with trophies. More events up ahead including the WPT High Roller which runs from July 23 to 24 at the Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino.

WPT Korea: Schedule and Structures

Tao Yin wins the WPT Korea Main Event for KR₩ 295,000,000 (~USD 229,370)

Big win for China’s Tao Yin who entered the WPT Korea Main Event final table as chip leader and was able to fend off the more decorated players to clinch the title and career high ICM payout deal of KR₩ 295,000,000 (~USD 229,370).

tao yin 3
Tao Yin

In an interview with the champ, he expressed,

“I’ve always known of WPT and heard they were coming to Jeju so I came to play. Winning the Main Event is a fantastic feeling. It’s not easy to win the Main Event so this is very special for me. The players were so good and tough, especially the second and third placers. I felt I got lucky. One time I won with pocket Aces and beat pocket Queens. I also pushed all in preflop with Kd9c and my opponent Chao Ting Cheng had AcAh, I won the hand (board Qs9s7cKh5h).”

Dates: July 17 to 22, 2023
Buy in: KR₩ 3,400,000 (~USD 2,680)
Guarantee: KR₩ 2,000,000,000 (~USD 1,575,600)
Entries: 758
Prize pool: KR₩ 2,246,947,400 (~USD 1,770,200)
ITM: 95 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Yin Tao China 295,000,000*
2 Pak Valeriy Russia 250,187,000*
3 Cheng Chao Ting Taiwan 319,000,000*
4 Jianguo Shu China 146,500,000
5 Chunhao Zhang China 110,300,000
6 Sawada Toshihide Japan 82,000,000
7 Liu Li Jiang China 64,930,000
8 Hong Zhu China 50,300,000

*Full list of payouts in WPT Korea – Festival Results

You can catch the action via the livestream by Sharehand broadcasted in the WPT YouTube page with Matt Savage and Jamie Kerstetter on the commentary. You can also read up on the action via the Live Updates.

WPT Korea – Livestream 
WPT Korea Main Event – Live Updates

Final 8 recap

wpt korea main event final table

The Main Event attracted 758 entries over three starting days to generate a prize pool of KR₩ 2,246,947,400 (~USD 1,770,200). The top 95 players claimed a cut with the final 8 battling for the biggest piece and the coveted title.

chao ting cheng 3
Chao Ting Cheng

China’s Tao Yin entered as chip leader, Taiwan’s Chao-Ting Cheng trailed not too far behind. At seven-handed, Tao soared to a massive advantage with AsAh eliminating Liu Li Jiang QdQh. Cheng tightened the gap by booting Sawada Toshihide (6th) then overtook by four-handed.

jian guo shu 1
Jianguo Shu

After Valeriy Pak railed Jianguo Shu in 4th place with KsQd outdrawing Shu’s Ad3c on a board QsKhKd8h7c, the final three struck an ICM deal then played for the trophy.

ICM deal payout:

Chao Ting Cheng – KR₩ 319,000,000 (~USD 248,000)
Tao Yin – KR₩ 295,000,000 (~USD 229,370)
Valeriy Pak – KR₩ 250,187,000 (~USD 194,520)

tao yin wins

Tao nearly fell first with his King-Nine shove improving to two pair to double up through Cheng’s pocket Aces. Cheng was unable to recover for the final battle battle to be between Pak and Tao. Several exchanges in, Pak risked his entire stack on a gutshot and missed to finish in 2nd place and Tao to be crowned the champion.

Side Event results

Jin Xu Dong stays tough to win Mini Main Event

jin xu dong 2
Jin Xu Dong

The two-day Mini Main Event also wrapped up with China’s Jin Xu Dong impressive throughout. Jin topped the 26 Day 1 survivors out of 208 total entries. He maintained his big stack for a majority of Day 2 to claim his first known live tournament title and a career high payout of KR₩ 71,103,000 (~USD 55,285). Notables at the final table were Taiwanese players Chen-An Lin and Ting-Yi Tsai. 

Date: July 21 to 22, 2023
Buy in: KR₩ 1,700,000 (~USD 1,340)
Entries: 208
Prize pool: KR₩ 308,693,000 (~USD 240,000)
ITM: 26 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Jin Xu Dong China 71,103,000
2 Wang Jizhong China 47,230,000
3 Lin Chen-An Taiwan 34,310,000
4 Guo Meng China 25,260,000
5 Tan Win Meng Malaysia 18,860,000
6 Guodong Sun China 14,270,000
7 Tsai Ting Yi China 10,980,000
8 Liu Tianyou China 8,560,000
9 Lam Wai Lun William China 6,760,000

*Full list of payouts in WPT Korea – Festival Results

Zhao Wei takes down the Single Day High Roller

wei zhao 1
Wei Zhao

Rarely seen on the live felt, online grinder Zhao Wei proved his virtual prowess translated seamlessly to the real world. His fierce and aggressive playing style led to his victory at the Single Day High Roller, thus breaking a six year live victory drought. Zhao topped a field of 39 runners to pocket a live tournament career high payout of KR₩ 109,713,000 (~USD 85,300). This was his fourth side event cash.

Leading up to his win, Zhao eliminated Michael Wang on the bubble with AhAs dominating KhJc. Jieming Xu polished off the next three players to bring about heads up. On the final hand, Zhao was slightly up in chips. Both were all in preflop with Zhao’s Ah7s top pair defeating Xu’s Kd10h on a board 9hKhAs3h2c.

Date: July 22, 2023
Buy in: KR₩ 8,500,000 (~USD 6,610)
Entries: 39
Prize pool: KR₩ 292,383,000 (~USD 227,335)
ITM: 5 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Zhao Wei China 109,713,000
2 Jieming Xu China 73,150,000
3 Lin Wenguo China 48,760,000
4 Sun Guo Dong China 34,580,000
5 Yang Chongxian China 26,180,000

Mystery Bounty Day 1 results

kataoka toshio 2
Kataoka Toshio

Date: July 22 to 23, 2023
Buy in: KR₩ 850,000 (~USD 660)
Day 1A: 111 entries
Day 1B: 62 entries
Entries: 173
Prize pool: TBA
ITM: 22 players

Rank Player Flag Stack
1 Kataoka Toshio Japan 614,000
2 Yuzhou Yin China 611,000
3 Chen Shaoyi China 472,000
4 Yunfeng Sun China 425,000
5 Luo Chuan China 413,000
6 Lam Wai Lun William China 378,000
7 Song Li China 333,000
8 Sakuma Akihiko Japan 253,000
9 Tamalayan Karen USA 224,000
10 Liu Yin China 201,000
11 Hongxu Zhang China 164,000
12 Ding Yu Jia China 157,000
13 Zheng Zhan Hui China 138,000
14 Wang Xiaoyu China 121,000
15 Lin Hao China 111,000
16 Okada Takeya Japan 106,000
17 Kun Wang China 104,000
18 Shih King Lun China 93,000
19 Chauve Vincent France 77,000
20 Lei Xiang China 77,000
21 Ji Yu Shun China 69,000
22 Zhang Lei China 47,000

Update: WPT Alpha8 for One Drop

wpt korea jeju 3

The WPT Alpha8 for One Drop event went on as planned however it was held behind closed doors. We will have the results for you once it has been made available. The event ran from July 21 to 22 to raise funds for the One Drop Foundation whose mission it is to provide sustainable solutions and support to communities in need of clean water.

This was the second Alpha8 for One Drop collaboration between WPT and One Drop with the first one held earlier in the month at Wynn Las Vegas. The events are a lead-up to the return of the Big One for One Drop taking place at the WPT World Championship on December 18 to 20, 2023.

Up next: WPT Korea High Roller

Up next is the final key event of the festival, the WPT Korea High Roller which features a buy in of KR₩ 17,000,000 (~USD 13,400). Elite players have already been seen since the opener. You can expect more to make their way for this final key event. Event runs July 23 to 24, 2023.

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