Watch: Two First Episodes of the Private High Stakes Games Les Ambassadeurs featuring Tom Dwan Released by Triton Poker

As live poker forcibly comes to a temporary halt, poker enthusiasts around the globe can tune in to Triton Poker’s Super High Roller Series Cash Game which just released its first two episodes a week ago. The televised cash games ran alongside the Triton Million event back in August 2019 and was filmed in Les Ambassadeurs casino in Mayfair, London, England.

With the majority of poker fans missing live poker during this difficult time, the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Cash Game is an excellent way to keep up with the action as they wager huge sums of money and attempt to outwit each other’s tactics.

Episode 1


The first episode featured international poker players Tom Dwan, Paul Phua, Qiang Wang, Elton Tsang, Tan Xuan, Wai Kin Yong, and Yu Liang. Highly known in the Asian poker circuit, these professional players interestingly battled it out on the felt at premium stakes of £2,000/ £4,000 with most buy-ins to be at £400,000 (~US$ 494,086).

Episode 2

The second episode featured the same set of players without the Malaysian professional and Triton Poker co-founder, Paul Phua. The stakes added a big blind ante of £4,000 with optional straddles of £8,000 which would sure fire a great deal of action. 


True enough, the first hand of this episode presented a pot of £60,000 pre-flop with a single raise action. Tom Dwan in the straddle position with KcQs called Qiang Wang’s raise of £28,000 with 5d4c from the small blind. Heads up, the flop came 8d 6d 7h giving Wang an immediate straight with both players checking to see a turn, Kh. Wang leads out for £58,000 which is close to pot size putting the pressure onto the 33 year old American star. Avoiding a tough river decision of possible bad cards, Dwan moves all in with his remaining £268,000. A definite call for Wang, he seemingly asks for a chip count and finally announces a call. Dwan, amazed with his opponent’s cards, is left to re-buy for another £400,000 in chips while his slow-rolling opponent takes down a huge £654,000 (~US$ 805,953) pot.

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