[Watch] Phil Hellmuth crushes Poker After Dark for $300,000

Phil Hellmuth’s woes when it comes to televised cash games are well documented, with a series of high profile losses and blow ups having been broadcast to the world. This has always been an oddity in his career however, especially when you consider his unrivalled success at the tournament tables and record haul of WSOP bracelets. Finally, this week, Hellmuth has found an upswing at the televised cash tables, banking $300,000 and a fantastic session on Poker After Dark.

Aces hold

During the two sessions that Hellmuth walked away from with profit, a crucial hand came up against Jean Robert Bellande, in which Hellmuth held pocket aces, and JRB somehow levelled himself into getting everything in with AJ. Hellmuth held up, and he was well on his way to a huge winning session.

Just to be sure, he then picked up aces again with two opponents holding AK and managed to pick up an $80,000 pot.

Happy backers

As well as putting a smile on his own face, Hellmuth also gave his backers something to be happy about, having sold pieces of his action online. He tweeted after the session to inform them of his great session and was clearly pleased to have been able to repay their faith in him with a huge score.

Turn in fortune

These winning sessions may have had plenty to do with being dealt aces twice, but they still offered the 15-time bracelet winner a chance to respond to his critics in the best way possible. During the WSOP he had been pilloried for large mark-ups and selling action and then turning up for events late, but soon silenced those critics by winning his 15th bracelet. He has now once again shown the doubters and critics what he brings to the table and why backers should put their faith in him.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw