[Watch] New Tom Dwan Interview released by Triton Poker

Tom Dwan arrived on the poker scene in the same way many others did ten years ago. Having risen through the ranks online he became one of an elite few who sat at the biggest tables in the online world. It was only once he stepped into the live arena though, that Dwan set himself apart from those who had come before. The way he aggressively pushed around some of the biggest names in live poker during televised cash games such as High Stakes Poker instantly made him a star of the game.

Dwan delves into live cash games in Asia

While the American pro was making plenty of noise at the tables, he was always a little more reserved away from the felt. Interviews with Dwan were not common, and they became far less so after Black Friday and Full Tilt’s closure. In the years that followed, Dwan became a regular in the private cash games in Macau and appeared publicly at tournaments less frequently. One of the few tournaments he does still attend regularly is the Triton Super High Roller Series.

The Interview


This year’s Triton Super High Roller Series has seen Tom Dwan take a moment to sit down and give an 8-minute interview in which he discusses several topics. Along with discussing how he has changed himself, Dwan also talks about his favourite locations to play poker, learning Chinese and also his views on short-deck Holdem and why it has been good for the game. This interview is interesting in that it gives a small glimpse into the current situation with high stakes games in Asia and also allows the poker world a rare chance to hear from one of the biggest names to have emerged in the game’s history.

Article by Craig Bradshaw