Watch Doug Polk vlogging about his victory in the $111,111 WSOP One Drop

Just a few days ago we brought you news of early results from the 2017 World Series of Poker. One of the big stories to emerge from those early events was that Vlogger, Youtube channel hoster and all-round fan favourite Doug Polk had taken down the $111,111 WSOP One Drop, picking up $3,686,865 as he bested a field of 130 competitors to win his third WSOP bracelet.

Vlogging Polk gives fans special insight

Somehow, in between dragging in all those large pots, Doug Polk managed to find time for some video blogging, also known as vlogging. Not only were fans able to watch the action going on at the tables as they can each year through WSOP live streams, they were also treated to videos each day which were personally posted by Polk. The following four videos made for great viewing, and there is certainly a place for more vlogging at the WSOP from popular players. It enriches the viewing experience and allows fans to get a feel for who players are away from the table.

Episode 1: Building A HUGE STACK In The $111,111 WSOP One Drop!

The video introduces the opening day of Polk’s challenge for the $111,111 One Drop event. He discusses finishing the day with 1.5 million chips, goes over a couple of hands from his day and talks about his hopes for the second day.

Episode 2: I’m Almost In The Money! $111,111 WSOP One Drop With Daniel Negreanu, Elky, Cheet

The second video in the series involves Polk offering thoughts on High Rollers at the WSOP and dissects a few more hands as he makes his way through the second day of play.

Episode 3: I MADE THE FINAL TABLE! $111,111 One Drop Vlog 2017 WSOP

The 3rd episode sees Polk present video content from the final table, including an interview with ElKy in which he discusses a monster pot against Phil Hellmuth.


The last video sees Polk discuss his chip position and his chances in the event before covering a few hands during a break in the tournament. He intersperses his thoughts in the video with interesting strategic points providing educational and interesting content as he takes down one of the biggest prizes paid out at the WSOP.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw