Vince Nachor clinches APL Manila Main Event title for PHP 3,240,790 (~USD 58,550)

Following a week of thrilling games at 2Ace Poker Manila, Philippines, the Ace Poker League festivities has wrapped up its latest season with a new Main Event champion in the books. The headlining Main Event drew a total of 366 entries competing for a piece of the PHP 21,249,790 (~USD 384,400) prize pool. Each starting flight saw the field play down to the money and went on to battle it out on Day 2 for a spot in the final table. Coming down to the Final Day, local runner Vince Nachor came out strong and successfully captured his career first victory along with PHP 3,240,790 (~USD 58,550) in winnings in just under six hours of play.

Main Event Final Day Recap

4 Main Event Final Day 51 1
Vince Nachor

The Final Day saw nine players head back to the felt with Philippines’ Vince Nachor in the lead having bagged a healthy 106 BB stack from the Day 2 games. Nachor wielded this big stack to his advantage and was unafraid to dabble in several pots. Aggression as well as run good worked out perfectly for the Filipino runner as he maintained his advantage and left everyone on their toes. By the end of the day, Nachor locked in the win having defeated Taiwan’s Liao Po Hsun in heads up play to clinch the APL Main Event title.

APL MANILA Main Event – Results 

4 Main Event Final Day 1
APL Manila Main Event Final Table

The final table’s first casualty was seen an hour in with Rick Jason Ambata suffering a terrible beat with AsAh by the hands of the chip leader. Nachor called off Ambata’s all-in with Ac10h and ran a straight to crack the latter’s aces. From then on, one short stack after the other hit the rails with Michael Concepcion being the next to go having been crippled down to two big blinds. Singapore’s Ong Jingxiang followed suit after losing a flip to Moses Saquing and exited in 7th place finish. One more short stack remaining, Edgar Asehan tried to hold on for as long as he could but eventually had to risk it with As2d. Asehan ran into a better ace and was eliminated in 6th place.

Five players left, an average stack of 38 big blinds and sixty minutes on the clock left room for some play. However, this wasn’t the case for Saquing as he smacked into a cooler situation and flipped for his tournament life. Saquing got the losing end of the stick and was knocked out of the running in 5th place. Nachor still in the lead, remained relentless and showed several outrageous bluffs including a four bet with 8s5d. His opponents, unable to play back, would instead pay him off when he actually had it. This was the case for Euryd Rivera who lost over half his stack after running into Nachor’s nut flush. Rivera then went on to lose it all shortly after.

4 Main Event Final Day 50

At this point, the three contenders remaining agreed to an ICM deal where Nachor took the biggest loot of PHP 3,000,000 (~USD 54,200), leaving aside the trophy and PHP 240,790 (~USD 4,350) to play for. South Korea’s Han Sung Jin crashed momentarily, having bluffed his entire stack right into Nachor’s top pair.

Down to heads up, Nachor started off with a clear advantage until Liao won a race to level the game. The back and forth continued with Liao regaining the lead for a minute, yet lost it just before the final hand came up. A three bet pot, Liao pushed all-in with Jh10d on 3cQcKs and was called by Nachor with KhQd for two pair. Needing to complete his straight, the runout bricked for Liao and left him to settle for a runner up finish. Nachor claims the top spot and secures the gold and glory for his impressive success!

APL Main Event Review

Date/s: November 29 – December 3, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 30,000 (~USD 540)/
PHP 60,000 (~USD 1,080)/
PHP 100,000 (~USD 1,800)
Guarantee: PHP 20,000,000 (~USD 361,280)
Prize pool: PHP 21,249,790 (~USD 384,400)
Entries: 366
ITM: 58 players

Pre-Event 1: 21 entries, 2 qualified
Pre-Event 2: 13 entries, 1 qualified

Day 1A – 57 entries, 9 qualified
Day 1B – 126 entries, 19 qualified
Day 1C – 53 entries, 13 qualified
Day 1D Turbo – 96 entries, 14 qualified

APL Manila Main Event Live Updates

APL Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Flag Prize (PHP) Prize (USD)
1st Vince Nachor Philippines ₱3,240,790* $58,550
2nd Liao Po Hsun Taiwan ₱2,700,000* $48,780
3rd Sung Jin Han South Korea ₱2,800,000* $50,580
4th Euryd Rivera Philippines ₱1,509,000 $27,300
5th Moses Saquing Philippines ₱1,183,000 $21,400
6th Edgar Asehan Philippines ₱927,000 $16,770
7th Ong Jingxiang Singapore ₱697,000 $12,600
8th Michael Concepcion Philippines ₱495,000 $8,950
9th Rick Jason Ambata Philippines ₱395,000 $7,140

*Denotes deal was made; full results via the link provided – Festival Results

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