Videos of the Week: Dwan vs. Hellmuth Greatest Hands; The Sickest Player of All Time; Hero Calls on PNIA; & more!

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Highlights of the Dwan vs. Hellmuth Heads-Up Duel

It’s been a while since one of the most anticipated poker events of the year, the Phil Hellmuth vs. Tom Dwan $100,000 heads-up match concluded. As all of you probably know by now, Dwan ended Hellmuth’s impressive 7-game winning streak. Now, PokerGO was gracious enough to provide us with a 20-minute long highlights video with the most interesting hands.

Is Viffer the Sickest Poker Player Ever?

David Peat, aka “Viffer”, spent quite some time in the highest stakes cash game circles back in his day. Unfortunately, he’s now retired. He appeared on such classic poker TV shows as Poker After Dark on NBC and High Stakes Poker on The Game Show Network in the mid to late 2000’s. He’s always stood out with his table presence and his creative, unorthodox plays.

In honor of him, the PokerStars YouTube channel as compiled some hands with signature “Viffer moves”.

Don’t Go All-In Against Kara Scott

Peat isn’t the only poker player Stars decided to honor with a compilation this week. Canadian poker pro and poker presenter Kara Scott also got a nice video showing her most interesting hands played in front of cameras.

The Hero Callers of PNIA

If you haven’t had enough of poker hand compilations just yet, here’s one by Poker Night in America.

The CBS Sports show picked out the 7 most insane hero calls that ended up being just good enough during their 7 seasons on the air. A hero call is a call made by very weak hands on the river. This highlight reel features such poker greats as Doug Polk, Shaun Deeb, or Antonio Esfandiari.

However, host Chris Hanson (not to be confused with Chris Hansen of To Catch a Predator fame) warns as in advance: while editing the video, they found “roughly 25 incorrect hero calls for every correct one”. However, those correct ones look sensational on camera.

Wolfgang Poker in Michigan

For our weekly poker vlog, Alexander “Wolfgang Poker” Wolgang travels up to the Great Lake State, Michigan to get some $1/$2, $300 cap No Limit Hold’em action. He was lucky enough to flop sets left and right, even making the nut flush in another hand, so this ended up being a lucrative trip for him.