Videos of the Week: Russian Poker Champ Running Like a GOD; Garrett Adelstein on Doug Polk’s Podcast, “He Called Me with Jack-High”, Brad Owen’s Biggest Win Ever & More!

In this article we deliver you a couple of selected poker videos of the past week.

Vitaly Lunkin Running Like a GOD

If you could pick when you want to go on your “rungood” of a lifetime, a €50K EPT event with 51 entries would probably be a solid choice. This dream scenario is exactly what happened to Vitaly Lunkin from Russia. He took down the €50,000 Super High Roller at EPT Barcelona for €771,300 back in August 2013. PokerStars put together a nice video compilation of his streak of lucky draws. He outflopped Kings with Quad Queens in a huge all-in pot, then hit Quads again, and was on the good side of a boat-over-boat hand as well. What luck!

The Historic Triton Million in London

Speaking of old, classic poker tournaments, Triton Poker has decided to go on a trip down memory lane as well. This week, they started their special video series about the historic Triton Million poker tournament, held in London back in August 2019. It’s the biggest buy-in poker tournament ever held: players had to fork up £1,050,000 for a seat in the event. You can watch episode 1 of the series below.

How Garrett Adelstein Plays Poker

Doug Polk has vowed in the past to never put out poker content again. Luckily for us, he’s broken that promise. This week, he had live cash game crusher Garrett Adelstein on his podcast, and edited together a highlight reel for his main channel. In it, they talk about how Adelstein deals with bad beats and cold decks. Also, they point about something eerily similar about their career: they have both folded 10-7 for the second nut straight on live streamed, high stakes cash games! Adelstein also shares a crazy story about him being cheated in a private high stakes game, then getting death threats if he outs the scam publicly.

The Famous “Jack-High” Call

PokerGO also posted some vintage footage, from a 2004 WSOP Limit Hold’em event. Ellix Powers’ lively behavior at the table got one of his opponents so tilted that he called his river bluff with Queen-high – only to be beaten by the King-high bluff… Powers was so amused by this indeed amusing call that he went outside the Horseshoe Casino to share the news with bystanders. To add a little flavor to the story, he modified it to Jack-high, hence the famous quote.

Brad Owen’s Biggest Win EVER

Poker vlogger superstar Brad Owen was happy to share his biggest winning session ever. He played a game of $10/$20/$40 No Limit Hold’em at the Bellagio on Labor Day Weekend. Just how much money did Owen win? Watch his vlog linked below to find out.