[Video] Daniel Negreanu – Top 5 fails 2016

We initially wanted  in this video to underline Daniel Negreanu’s latest top recent achievements but we unfortunately haven’t been able to find them. And so, we ended up exploring the top five fails  endured by the Canadian pro in 2016.

5 – In at number five is…. tournament blanks.

Tournaments have always been Negreanu’s main focus, and his hopes going into 2016 were high.

When listing his goals end of 2015, He ordered 3 WSOP bracelets, a $2.5 million live cash and a top 10 place on the GPI rankings from the 2016 menu of dreams, but unfortunately, his eyes were bigger than his stomach.

Not only did he miss all three goals, but he missed them by some considerable distance.

He didn’t manage to win a WSOP bracelet this year, finished 111th on the GPI standings, and didn’t hit a single six-figure score all year. He did collect 9 cashes at the WSOP however, and came close to a bracelet with 4th place in a Razz event.

Never one to wallow in defeat though, Daniel Negreanu has now released his list of goals for 2017. You might think that he will be aiming a little lower after last year, but you’d be wrong.

He once again strives for a $2.5 million cash and 3 WSOP bracelets along with other ‘simple’ goals such as making the November Nine.

 4 – Number 4 on the list of Negreanu’s 2016 troubles is the shadow of High-Roller specialist Seidel now looming over him at the top of all time money list.

Seidel recorded 10 six-figure wins   last year accompanied by a 2.4 million dollar cherry on the cake, which he picked up at the Super High Roller Bowl.

The “Cyborg” is closing the ailing Negreanu down with robotic consistency, and the gap between the two at the All Time money list is now only 2 million dollars.

And the fact that one of his 2017 goals is to stay at number 1 on that list – would suggest that Negreanu has noticed too.

3 – Online results are next on our list.

Negreanu has always struggled in the virtual arena compared to his live exploits, despite being the leading ambassador for the biggest online poker room in the world.

January 2009 saw him announce a bankroll challenge in which he pledged to turn $10 into $100,000 but 8 years later, the challenge appears to have been shelved.

He also tweeted in 2014 that he thought it would take around 2 weeks of hard work for him to be a consistent winner at the 25/50 level online.

He certainly stirred up a reaction from the online community, not all of it positive. Doug Polk even challenged Negreanu to put in the 2 weeks work and prove his claims.

2016 havent seen anything better. Negreanu’s online action for 2016 could be described as somewhere between the unpleasant and the non-existent. He only played 257  Cash Games hands all year, but lost $131,057.

Every cloud has a silver lining though, and Negreanu’s silver came in the form of gold as he won a WCOOP title, defeating Isildur1 heads up in the $2,100 HORSE.

 2 – At number 2 we are placing Negreanu’s political campaign

 Listening to him in 2016 was little about poker  but more about politic. His vocal support for Hilary during the election led to several heated exchanges with Trump supporters on social media.

It’s understandable that a well known individual might use their position to  fight for a cause they believe in; but the manner in which Negreanu attacked opposing views was clearly over-zealous at times.

In one exchange, he used Mike Matusow’s personal  drug problems to insult him, a move which seems to have lowered his reputation in the eyes of many fans.

The election result inflicted double the pain for Negreanu, as he apparently had bets on a Clinton victory.

1- Finally, in number 1 we should mention Negreanu’s unshakeable support for Amaya.

When many other sponsored pros like Isaac Haxton or Victoria Coren have voiced concerns about changes, and left the team altogether, Negreanu choose an opposite Path.

He remains their main ambassador regardless of what decisions the company makes and the number of players that they have angered.

Negreanu himself incurred some of this wrath while attempting to defend his sponsors, particularly during his curious assertion that rake increases are good for poker.

When one of the most prominent figures in the game loudly approves of a company using its monopoly over the market to strangle every cent out of the game that it can and while progressively reducing the skill aspect of it, the biggest loser is the poker community as a whole.

We can just hope that Negreanu won’t forget in 2017 what he owns to the the game and the community behind it.

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