USOP Hanoi: Mystery Bounty draws 496, Dinh Quang Vu, Arjanveer Chadha top heats; 63 advance led by Vu Thai Bao; largest bounty prize VND 300M

usop hanoi mysteryb

The U Series of Poker Hanoi Mystery Bounty 3BN guaranteed event stole the spotlight as hordes of players poured in the Crown Poker Club for the final two heats. In the aftermath, it amassed a collective 388 entries boosting the total entry count to an impressive 496 and swelling the prize pool to VND 3,127,200,000 (~USD 129,840).

usop hanoi mystery bounty day1c bubble hand

As Day 2 approaches, 63 players are set to return, each one guaranteed a minimum payout of VND 12,000,000 (~USD 500) while the ultimate champion is poised to seize a handsome VND 610,000,000 (~USD 25,325).

Final 9 Payouts

Place Payout in VND
1 610,000,000
2 420,000,000
3 273,000,000
4 212,000,000
5 159,000,000
6 125,000,000
7 98,000,000
8 76,100,000
9 60,300,000

In addition to the top prize, the players have a chance at the juicy bounty rewards, which for this event, ranges from VND 5,000,000 (~USD 210) to a generous VND 300,000,000 (~USD 12,450). For a bit of a twist, the second largest bounty reward of VND 200,000,000 (~USD 8,300) will be set aside for the final table.

Amount in VND Pcs
300,000,000 1
200,000,000 1
150,000,000 1
100,000,000 2
50,000,000 6
30,000,000 7
13,900,000 1
10,000,000 18
5,000,000 26

Mystery Bounty review

Date: September 1 to 3, 2023
Buy in: VND 11,000,000 (~USD 465)
Guarantee: VND 3,000,000,000 (~USD 124,560)
Total entries: 496
Prize pool: VND 3,127,200,000 (~USD 129,840)
Bounty pool: VND 1,683,900 (~USD 69,915)
ITM: 63 players

Top 10 entering Day 2

Rank Player Flag Stack BB
1 Vu Thai Bao Vietnam 753,000 126
2 Dinh Quang Vu Vietnam 476,000 79
3 Arjanveer Chadha India 452,000 75
4 Tran Hoang Hoa Vietnam 407,000 68
5 Giang Apple Vietnam 390,000 65
6 Nguyen Van Dan Vietnam 361,000 60
7 Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu Vietnam 349,000 58
8 Nguyen Manh Trung Vietnam 336,000 56
9 Chul Nguyen Vietnam 331,000 55
10 Luong Van Quang Vietnam 330,000 55

Chips in play: 12,400,000
Average stack: 196,825
Day 2 opening blinds: 3000-6000 ante 6000

USOP Hanoi – Mystery Bounty – Chip Counts, Seat Draw, Payouts, Bounty Rewards

quang yu usop hanoi mystery bounty day1b chipleader
Dinh Quang Vu

When action resumes on Sunday, September 3, 2023, Day 1A chip leader Vu Thai Bao will bring in the largest stack of 126 bb, that’s nearly 50 bb more than his closest challenger Dinh Quang Vu who bagged up the largest stack at Day 1B of 79 bb. Dinh outpaced the 197 entry field, earning a large portion of his stack on a lucky two-outer with 10h10c beating KcKd on a board 6d7s10s4c8c. 25 players advanced from this heat.

End of Day 1B – Top 5

Day 1B Player Flag Stack
1 Quang Vu Vietnam 476,000
2 Nguyen Van Dan Vietnam 361,000
3 Chul Nguyen Vietnam 331,000
4 Luong Van Quang Vietnam 330,000
5 Tien Sang Vietnam 327,000
arjanveer chadha usop hanoi mystery bounty day1c chipleader 2
Arjanveer Chadha

Over at Day 1C, another 191 was added to the entry pool. As the bubble approached, several players were in contention for the chip lead until India’s Arjanveer Chadha knocked out a player with big slick dominating a shorter stack’s Ace-Five suited. Chadha bagged up 75 bb to earn third rank entering Day 2. The heat closed with Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu lucking out on the river with Ah7s against Ah10h seeing a board run out 4c4d8d6h5s. Nguyen racked up 58 bb to put in 7th rank. 24 players advanced from this heat.

End of Day 1C – Top 5

Day 1C Player Flag Stack
1 Arjanveer Chadha India 452,000
2 Tran Hoang Hoa Vietnam 407,000
3 Giang Apple Vietnam 390,000
4 Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu Vietnam 349,000
5 Nguyen Manh Trung Vietnam 336,000

USOP Hanoi – VND 32 Billion in guarantees

USOP Hanoi is the young brand’s third event since its break out to the live scene on February 2023. With its variety of offerings and buy ins that cater to all types of bankrolls, the USOP has quickly become one of the most sought after festivals in the region.

usop hanoi vietnam main event trophy 4

If you haven’t heard yet, for this edition, the brand has spiced up the schedule with VND 32 Billion in guaranteed prize pools. Games run from September 1 to 11, 2023. The star attraction is the Main Event which carries a mighty VND 12 Billion guarantee, that’s over half a million USD! Mark these dates, Main Event runs from September 7 to 11, 2023. Buy in is VND 25,000,000 (~USD 1,060).

Hoodies have become the go-to choice of table attire for poker players, and at USOP, participants who register and have their chips in play during Level 1 of the Main Event will be gifted the newest USOP hoodie. It’s advisable to join on Day 1A as supply is limited to a total of just 250 pieces.

usop hanoi hoodie

New Events

In addition to the Heads Up Challenge, several new events have also been added. One of the most enjoyable will be the Tag Team Event. Strategy is the key. The winning team will receive two trophies, one for each player. Buy in is VND 6,600,000 per player / VND 13,200,000 per team. Teammates must register together. Event takes place on September 8, 2023.

The first 8 levels is individual play with teams battling at separate tables. As soon as Level 9 kicks in, teammates combine their stacks and play Tag Team poker from then on. Teammates can switch off anytime as long as they are not in an active hand.

tag team format

Other new events to look out for are listed below:

Run It Twice – September 3, 2023
Mixed NLH/PLO – September 5, 2023
Freezeout – September 10, 2023

Livestrean Events

Event Date
Mini High Roller September 1, 2023
High Roller Warm Up September 2, 2023
Mystery Bounty September 3, 2023
Superstar Challenge September 4, 2023
High Roller Superstack September 4, 2023
Mini Main Event September 6, 2023
High Roller Megastack September 6, 2023
Super High Roller September 7, 2023
Heads Up Challenge September 8, 2023
Main Event September 11, 2023
High Roller Finale September 11, 2023

Final table promo

usop hanoi caps 5

In addition to the Hoodie promo, players that reach the final table of any trophy event will receive a newly designed USOP cap. Three colors are available: black, white, and pink.


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