Triton Cash Games episodes highlighted by Tom Dwan’s catastrophic fails

The 2018 Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju took place last July and saw massive televised NLH and Short Deck cash games hosted on the side. Two episodes are released every week on the Triton Poker YouTube channel displaying prominent players: Tom Dwan, Patrick Antonius, Paul Phua, Dominik Nitsche, Jason Koon, and Andrew Robl. But, among all players involved, it was Tom Dwan who stole the spotlight in notorious fashion.

It’s hard to know exactly how much Tom Dwan is up or down cumulatively in these sessions but from what we’ve seen so far, the former online prodigy may not be in great shape…

A record breaking $2.3 M pot loss to Paul Phua

Everyone has had the gut wrenching feeling of being snap called preflop by aces, but only a select few have lost over a million dollars in such a manner. One of the side games in the Triton High Roller Series Jeju was a No Limit Hold’em game with SKW 3 million/6 million ($2,700/$5,400) blinds and an additional SKW 6 million big blind ante. Well known for his gambling prowess, Paul Phua posted a SKW 12 million ($10,800) straddle under the gun, bringing the grand total of the pot to SKW 27 million ($24,200).

The action got heated quickly with Dominik Nitsche raising to SKW 30M with KhQs in the cutoff, Dwan re-raising in the BB with AsQh to SKW 120 million and amazingly, Phua looking down at Aces then promptly re-raising to SKW 320 million. Take a look at what happened next:

Unfortunate USD $537,300 loss to follow

The classic AQ versus KK all-in pre-flop has made its way to Short Deck and although the predominant favorite is the pocket pair, things don’t always play out as one would expect. This time Dwan held the big pair against Elton Tsang’s AcQs at a SKW 3M/6M ($2,700/$5,400) Short Deck game and with a sneaky play from Tsang, both got it in preflop for a total of $537,300. Durrrr didn’t have to wait long for the bad beat:

Questionable play in a $1M pot?

Of all of Tom Dwan’s plays in the course of his career, one of the most confusing ones happened at Jeju when he tank called with only a 4% chance to win in what became a nearly $1M pot!

The hand in question had three players making aggressive actions on the turn and Dwan tank called for all his chips with trips despite having a player behind and Andrew Robl all-in in front. As Tom Dwan reluctantly found out, one of the two players obviously had the flush leaving Dwan with only one out and one card to go:


Among all posts on social media about Tom Dwan, it maybe Durrrrr’s fiancée who summarized the direction he is heading the best.


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