The Grand Ho Tram Strip in Vietnam Begins Poker Operations

The Grand Ho Tram Strip in Vietnam teamed up with World Gaming Group (WGG) to open a world class poker room. Surrounded by beaches, an amazing golf course and with a world class poker venue in the making, Ho Tram looks set to bring in tourists and poker players from across the world as their popularity spreads. 

They have plans for both cash game operations, and big tournaments on the international stage, with the APT Vietnam already scheduled to be hosted here from May 6th – 13th. There are also big plans for May 1st to 3rd during the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight weekend. This will include satellites to the APT Vietnam tournament along with other festivities. Satellite entries are expected to cost around USD$110. 

Ho Tram Poker

The poker room at The Grand Ho Tram Strip will open on april 18th

World Gaming Group CEO, Andrew W Scott, kindly took a few moments out of his day to speak to Somuchpoker. When enquiries were made about cash game offerings at Ho Tram, he said “We will start with a $1/$2 game (rake capped at $10) and a $2/$5 game (with rake capped at $20.) Bigger games can always be requested if we have enough players.”

As tournaments are also an important part of future plans at Ho Tram, regular local tournaments will be hosted on Sundays, with more information on that schedule to come.  In terms of the future for big tournaments at Ho Tram, nothing is yet set in stone, and their focus is currently on working closely with the APT. But as CEO Andrew W Scott mentions “As the only international standard five-star integrated resort in Vietnam, Ho Tram is the obvious place for major poker festivals in Vietnam. The rooms at Ho Tram are as good as (or even better than) those in the new resorts in Macau – but the difference is Ho Tram also has a two kilometer strip of ocean beach and one of the best hundred golf courses in the world right here on property!” . It will also be a tradition at Ho Tram to always hold a fun golf day for players and the industry on the day before any major poker tournament.   

Ho Tram seems to have a real motivation to set itself aside from other casino resorts in the way it approaches poker offerings. According to the World Gaming Group "The senior management of Ho Tram understands that poker is exploding in Vietnam right now and they’re very supportive of nurturing poker. We’ve seen cases of resorts in Macau that hosted poker rooms and poker tournaments but didn’t really put their heart and soul into it – there was management at those properties that held an anti-poker viewpoint. I can assure you that that isn’t the case at Ho Tram". 

With only two casinos currently offering poker in Vietnam, Ho Tram Poker Rooms will be in any case a great addition to the local poker scene. 


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