[Watch] The 6 poker hands that made 2018

Crazy WSOP Main Event hand that set the final table

Every player thinks of one day reaching the WSOP Main Event final table, which makes the situation surrounding this hand during the 2018 Main Event all the more compelling. Could there ever be a more dream destroying situation in poker than this? Can Labat consider folding? Undoubtedly, the most dramatic final table bubble hand in the history of the WSOP.

Isildur1’s hero call

Just in case anyone had managed to forget, Isildur1 chose his heads-up battle in the partypoker MILLIONS Main Event as the moment to remind the world what he is about. Facing an all-in jam, with much of his stack and the title firmly on the line, the Swedish legend made a fantastic hero-call to take the event down and cement his status as one of the most feared players in the world.

Tom Dwan loses one of the biggest pots ever seen on television

This pot just goes to show the carnage which can ensue from a straddle being placed. When the straddle gets dealt aces, it’s easy even for the best of players to feel that his opponent is simply trying to defend light. Tom Dwan levels himself into thinking just that during this Jeju televised cash game played during the Triton series earlier this year.

Fedor Holz finds himself in an insane spot in the WSOP One Drop

Fedor Holz has a habit of finding himself in very good spots at the poker table, but this time around he has a truly horrible borderline decision to wrestle with during the WSOP Big One for One Drop event. With millions of dollars on the line, Holz needs to find the right choice with a marginal hand when facing aggression from two directions. In a curious twist in the tale, Holz gains enough extra information to re-evaluate his decision.

Tony Miles runs a huge bluff heads-up in WSOP Main Event

Heads-up play during the WSOP Main Event is perhaps the place in poker to run a big bluff, but the risks involved are absolutely huge. During this hand, Tony Miles finds a bucketload of courage to pull the trigger for his tournament life and treats us to one of the most memorable hands of the year.


Phil Hellmuth creates headlines and controversy

In this hand which took place during day 2 of the Main Event, Phil Hellmuth showed his bad side by not only firing off some foul language, but also giving away information to another player who is yet to act. Whether he had noticed that Kuzmin was still in the hand or not, there is a very convincing argument to be made that his outburst should have earned a penalty.


Article by Craig Bradshaw