“Retired” Doyle Brunson crushes Bobby’s Room, shows off new Cadillac

Doyle Brunson’s Twitter feed is always an interesting read, and this week it has been especially revealing. With typical humour, Brunson posted a picture of a new Cadillac with a caption thanking all the players who had paid for the car by losing money to him in Bobby’s Room in recent months. Having announced a retirement of sorts during the WSOP in the summer, many were surprised to see a post which suggests he has been busy at the tables.

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Doyle Brunson – Photo


Just two months ago, news filtered through to the poker world that poker legend Doyle Brunson had decided to retire. At 85 years old, he has certainly had a long and decorated career, with ten WSOP bracelets to his name. But the announcement, made during the WSOP in June has apparently been slightly misinterpreted. The ageing legend has since clarified that he is unlikely to play another WSOP event but will still play cash games. In the two months since, he has certainly been doing just that.

Grinding cash tables

Brunson has been putting in regular sessions lately, despite having scaled back his playing hours due to “feeling guilty every time I leave the house”. He tweeted recently about taking 2 days off after 60 days of cash sessions.

His Tweets suggest that he is primarily playing in Bobby’s Room, which means he is not moving down to lower stakes at all either.

Despite putting in consistent sessions though, Brunson is not spending long hours playing, having pledged to spend more time with his wife. He initially spoke of his plans in the summer: “I’m planning on retiring after the summer. My wife is not in very good health, and I will stay with her for the duration of either her life or mine,” Brunson said.”

Training website

Along with playing live, Brunson still has some online ventures up and running. Teaming up with his professional poker player son Todd Brunson, Doyle has created a poker training site, with courses costing $149 each. This is not the first time that Brunson has revealed his secrets in exchange for cash, with his renowned book ‘Super System’ having been the first major literary work on the subject of poker strategy.

Beating Bobby’s Room and teasing opponents

It seems that since his tournament retirement, Brunson has been prospering at the high stakes cash tables in Bobby’s Room. The room is frequented by players such as Gus Hansen and Daniel Cates along with many other big names. It is unknown who the biggest losers have been in that game of late, but Brunson was quick to offer his thanks to them in his Twitter post, posting a picture of the shiny new Cadillac he had bought with their money.

Article by Craig Bradshaw