Record breaking Poker Dream Vietnam pays out over $3.8 Million; locals dominate; Dang Thanh Luong, Sin Ren Chen bag two; highlights inside


The inaugural Poker Dream Vietnam has come and gone but the experience will certainly not be forgotten by those that graced the felt. Running from October 14 to 23 at the Grand Hall of Hoiana Hotel & Suites, it was the first live poker event held in Hoi An, Vietnam, and it was an enormous success. Similar to its launch in Malaysia last July, the prize pools were immense, setting new heights in Asia.


Over 28 events, the series concluded with a grand total ₫94,572,158,000 (~$3,855,366,000) prize pool, making it the richest festival in the region this year. The Super High Roller contributed the most with a Vietnam record prize pool of 19,699,960,000 (~$803,100) for a single tournament. The Main Event was also a Vietnam chart buster with 822 entries, the largest attendance for a buy in of ₫25M, and a record prize pool of ₫17,940,150,000 (~$731,350).

In other results, host country Vietnam dominated, capturing 8 trophies which included the Main Event won by Minh Anh Nguyen. Two players bagged two events – Vietnam’s Dang Thanh Luong and Taiwan’s Sin Ren Chen -, and Philippines’ Jason Kyle Magbanua picked up four final table cashes. We’ve got all those highlights below and results of the remaining side events.

Festival review (trophy events only)

Festival prize pool: ₫94,572,158,000 (~$3,855,366,000)
Entries: 3,504
Record prize pools for Vietnam:

  • Super High Roller – ₫19,699,960,000 (~$803,100)
  • Main Event – ₫17,940,150,000 (~$731,350)

Largest tournament payout: Ewe Eng Soon – ₫5,230,000,000 (~$215,000)
Main Event champion: Minh Anh Nguyen – ₫3,378,000,000 (~$137,700)

Multiple wins:

  • Dang Thanh Luong – Deepstack and Monster Stack
  • Sin Ren Chen – PLO Turbo and High Roller

Most final table cashes: Jason Kyle Magbanua – 4
Trophy by flag:

  • Vietnam – 8
  • Korea – 5
  • Malaysia – 4
  • Hong Kong – 3
  • Taiwan – 3
  • Philippines – 2
  • Thailand – 2
  • India – 1

Festival highlights

Record high Vietnam tournament prize pool of ₫19,699,960,000 (~$803,100)


The Poker Dream Vietnam high roller scene was unlike any seen in Asia this year. In addition to the regular circuit pros was a star studded showing of Asian players mostly seen at Triton events. The Super High Roller was most impressive with a stunning 92 putting up the hefty ₫230,000,000 (~$9,400) buy in. This resulted in the single largest Vietnam tournament prize pool of 19,699,960,000 (~$803,100). It was also just three buy ins shy of the inaugural Poker Dream Malaysia collection. Claiming the lion’s share was Malaysia’s Ewe Eng Soon,  earning the single largest festival first prize of ₫5,230,000,000 (~$215,000) for his victory.

Record breaking Vietnam Main Event prize pool of ₫17,940,150,000 (~$731,350)

DSC 5665

The Main Event was anticipated to be a big one that weeks prior, the guarantee was upped from ₫8 Billion to a very generous ₫10 Billion. The response was tremendous with 822 flooding the felt, the largest seen in Vietnam for a buy in of ₫25 Million (~$1,020). This also bloated the prize pool to ₫17,940,150,000 (~$731,350), making it the richest Main Event prize pool in the country. After four days of competition, Vietnam’s own Minh Anh Nguyen claimed it for a career high ₫3,378,000,000 (~$ 137,700). 

VIETNAM closes with eight trophies claimed

Vietnam surged at the end of the series, capturing the last five events to bring its closing trophy total to eight. This was the most by any flag with Korea a far second with five under its belt.

  • Minh Anh Nguyen – Main Event
  • Hao Manh Nguyen – Short Deck Single Day
  • Dang Thanh Luong – Deepstack
  • Dang Thanh Luong – Monster Stack
  • Thai Van Nguyen – Midnight Hyper Turbo
  • Nhat Duc Nguyen – Turbo Edition of the Main Event
  • Minh Quang Nguyen – Mini High Roller
  • Ngoc Phuong Nguyen – Deepstack Hyper Turbo

DANG THANH LUONG and SIN REN CHEN bag two events

Vietnam’s Dang Thanh Luong and Taiwan’s Sin Ren Chen both walked away with two titles. Luong was first to achieve this with a victory at the Deepstack and Monster Stack for a total payout of ₫724,180,000 (~$29,520). As for Chen, he won the PLO Turbo event on Day 4 then closed out the series with a bang at the two-day High Roller. He earned a combined ₫2,317,800,000 (~$94,480).  

Filipino JASON KYLE MAGBANUA with four final table cashes

Jason Kyle Magbanua

On his first visit to Vietnam for a poker event, Filipino player Jason Kyle Magbanua finished as the player with the most final table cashes. Magbanua monied at four final tables with a victory at the Pot Limit Omaha for his first ever title outside home turf.

  • 1st at Pot Limit Omaha
  • 6th at Pot Limit Omaha Turbo
  • 3rd at Deepstack
  • 3rd at Mini High Roller

BRANDON KOH rises from 1 BB to Main Event runner up

Brandon Koh

Malaysia’s Hsien Ren Koh aka Brandon Koh staged the most stunning comeback at the Main Event. Down to 13 players, Koh lost a showdown against Wai Sim Kok to plunge to 1 BB. Forced to bring in the small blind on the next hand, he shortened further to half a big blind. As luck would have it, he won the pot to rise to 3 BB. From there, he claimed four more double ups to regain a healthy stack and eventually reached the final table. Koh took the lead at five handed and carried it into heads up where he finished in 2nd place.

Coming out in full force

Screenshot 20221026 101354
Hong Kong
DSC 5050

Final side events

Event 23: High Roller 3BN GTD – SIN REN CHEN – 2,234,000,000 (~$91,000)

DSC 6234
Sin Ren Chen

Buy in: ₫60,000,000 (~$2,445)
Guarantee: ₫3,000,000,000 (~$122,300)
Entries: 172

Prize pool: ₫8,910,420,000 (~$363,245)
ITM: 23 places

1st Sin-Ren Chen Taiwan 2,234,000,000
2nd Chung Yi Ho Taiwan 1,514,000,000
3rd Chin Wei Lim Malaysia 1,008,420,000
4th Eugene Kim Co Philippines 826,000,000
5th Mak Weng Kuong Macau 663,000,000
6th Fuk On Wong Hong Kong 514,000,000
7th Abhinav Iyer India 380,000,000
8th Jun Hao Wu Singapore 280,000,000
9th Binh Duy Tran Vietnam 223,000,000
10th Anh Khoa Ngo Vietnam 187,000,000
11th Vincent Huang New Zealand 187,000,000
12th Wonchul Bae Korea 163,000,000
13th Tuan The Vu Vietnam 163,000,000
14th  Tu Anh Nguyen Vietnam 149,000,000
15th Nam Huu Nguyen Vietnam 149,000,000
16th Minh Ngoc Le Vietnam 135,000,000
17th Hwany Lee Korea 135,000,000
18th Quang Nang Nguyen Vietnam 121,000,000
19th Donghyun Kim Korea 121,000,000
20th Duong Thi Thuy Nguyen Vietnam 121,000,000
21st Tien Quyet Pham Vietnam 111,500,000
22nd Hoang Huy Tran Vietnam 111,500,000
23rd Yohwan Lim Korea 111,500,000

Event 21: NLH Turbo – HA YOUNG PARK – ₫92,800,000 (~$3,780)

DSC 5682
Ha Young Park

Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$245)
Entries: 59
Prize pool: ₫309,402,000
ITM: 8 places

1st  Ha Young Park Korea 92,800,000
2nd Hojin Kim Korea 66,742,000
3rd Richard Marquez Philippines 43,300,000
4th Jun Hee Kim Korea 32,800,000
5th Ik Jong Kim Korea 25,400,000
6th Choong Sub Lim Korea 19,800,000
7th Kyungsuk Ko Korea 15,800,000
8th Dong Anh Dug Vietnam 12,400,000

Event 22: NLH Turbo – JAEHO KIM – ₫125,000,000 (~$5,095)


Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$245)
Entries: 90
Prize pool: ₫471,420,000
ITM: 13 places 

1st Jaehon Kim Korea 125,000,000
2nd Boonorm Yuthana Thailand 87,000,000
3rd Tran Thanh Hung Vietnam 57,400,000
4th Joachim Baruch Lob Switzerland 45,000,000
5th Park Seungri Korea 36,220,000
6th Nguyen Manh Trung Vietnam 28,300,000
7th Shiu Carlos Canada 22,400,000
8th Nguyen Dong Duc Vietnam 17,500,000
9th Doan Minh Tuan Vietnam 13,200,000
10th Park Sungwoon Korea 10,200,000
11th Choi Seunghoon Korea 10,200,000
12th Kim In Seung Korea 9,500,000
13th Artem Fedula Russia 9,500,000

Event 24: Monster Stack: DANG THANH LUONG – ₫345,000,000 (~$14,060)

Dang Thanh Luong

Buy in: ₫12,000,000 (~$490)
Entries: 131
Prize pool: ₫1,372,356,000 (~$55,940)
ITM: 17 places

1st Dang Thanh Luong Vietnam 345,000,000
2nd Lin Yu Sheng Taiwan 233,100,000
3rd  Jiwon Yoon Korea 151,400,000
4th Son Duc Tran Vietnam 125,556,000
5th Phan Huu Minh Tri Vietnam 101,300,000
6th Hoa Duc Nguyen Vietnam 79,900,000
7th Lam Kim Long Vietnam 61,100,000
8th Min Yujung Korea 46,000,000
9th Vu Thai Bao Vietnam 34,400,000
10th Xuan Van Nguyen Vietnam 28,200,000
11th Nguyen Quynh Thu Vietnam 28,200,000
12th Tran Van Tai Vietnam 24,800,000
13th Tien Van Nguyen Vietnam 24,800,000
14th Nhuong The Nguyen Vietnam 22,700,000
15th Shin Kyungsub Korea 22,700,000
16th Villanueva Renato Philippines 21,600,000
17th Vo Ngoc Hien Vietnam 21,600,000

Event 25: Midnight Hyper Turbo: THAI VAN NGUYEN – ₫108,598,000 (~$4,425)

Thai Van Nguyen

Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$245)
Entries: 71
Prize pool: ₫371,898,000 (~$15,160)
ITM: 9 places

1st Thai Van Nguyen Vietnam 108,598,000
2nd Ngoc Phuong Nguyen Vietnam 78,000,000
3rd Ka Fai Wong Hong Kong 50,700,000
4th Chuaynum Sartsilp Thailand 38,400,000
5th Yeu Wei Hsiang Malaysia 29,800,000
6th Pitakparadon Papach Thailand 23,100,000
7th Ling Tien Loon Malaysia 18,300,000
8th Joachim Baruch Lob Switzerland 14,200,000
9th Chanavee Tungtrongjit Thailand 10,800,000

Event 26: Turbo Edition of Main Event: NHAT DUC NGUYEN – ₫138,300,000 (~$5,630)

Nhat Duc Nguyen

Buy in: ₫8,000,000 (~$325)
Entries: 72
Prize pool: ₫502,848,000
ITM: 11 places

1st Nhat Duc Nguyen Vietnam 138,300,000
2nd Doan Minh Tuan Vietnam 98,300,000
3rd Kien Duc Tran Vietnam 64,400,000
4th Jonathan Tek-Wye Looi Malaysia 49,500,000
5th Kim Jun Hee Korea 39,198,000
6th Park Soorin Korea 30,700,000
7th Ha Huy Vu Vietnam 24,100,000
8th Kim Kyoung Moon Korea 18,850,000
9th Chui Yuen Shan Hong Kong 14,300,000
10th Wong Ka Fai Hong Kong 12,600,000
11th Hayoung Park Korea 12,600,000

Event 27: Mini High Roller: MINH QUANG NGUYEN – ₫709,000,000 (~$28,900)

minh quang
Minh Quang Nguyen

Buy in: ₫30,000,000 (~$1,225)
Entries: 102
Prize pool: ₫2,671,380,000
ITM: 13 places

1st Minh Quang Nguyen Vietnam 709,000,000
2nd Ming San Chung Hong Kong 492,900,000
3rd  Jason Kyle Magbanua Philippines 326,000,000
4th Teng Kah Yew Malaysia 255,000,000
5th Le Phuong Viet Vietnam 205,700,000
6th Kunal Patni India 160,200,000
7th Kyeongrim Shin Korea 126,880,000
8th Changhwan Lee Korea 98,900,000
9th Seongsu Kong Korea 74,800,000
10th Sim Kok Wai Malaysia 57,500,000
11th Tang Ying Seng Hong Kong 57,500,000
12th Dinh Tien Thanh Vietnam 53,500,000
13th Dhaval Mudgal India 53,500,000

Event 28: Deepstack Hyper Turbo: NGOC PHUONG NGUYEN – ₫49,050,000 (~$2,000)

Ngoc Phuong Nguyen

Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$245)
Entries: 30
Prize pool: ₫157,140,000
ITM: 5 places

1st Ngoc Phuong Nguyen Vietnam 49,050,000*
2nd Richard Marquez Philippines 49,050,000*
3rd Akanit Rachan Thailand 25,500,000
4th Tran Duc Son Vietnam 18,540,000
5th Wong Tin Lam Hong Kong 15,000,000

*Heads up deal

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