Philippines’ Joemark Vasay ships second Manila Super Series Main Event victory; Ronald Gorgonia and Reiner Magbutay claim side events 


A glowing start to 2024, PokerStars LIVE’s Manila Super Series has closed its 19th round of  Main Event games at Okada Manila, Philippines with local runner Joemark Vasay as its reigning champion. Vasay dominated the final table and defeated Renniel Galvez in heads up play to clinch his career second MSS Main Event victory. The impressive feat serves to be a record first across the festival’s history and awarded Vasay PHP 1,807,000 (~USD 32,470) and an APPT package in total winnings.

Celebrating triumph alongside the Filipino pro are side event winners Ronald Gorgonia and Reiner Magbutay for taking down the multi-day Super Series Turbo and Mystery Bounty respectively. Lucky winner Bryan Manalo equally had a profitable season after bagging the biggest bounty in the pot. 

Main Event Final Day Recap

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Joemark Vasay

Boasting a PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,000) guarantee, a total of 649 entries turned up for the Manila Super Series 19 Main Event and generated an PHP 11,079,728 (~USD 200,000) prize pool. Day 2 saw 96 runners collect a piece of the pie whilst playing down to its final nine for the bulk share of the prizes. Following over six hours of play, the remaining field whittled down to a winner, crowning Joemark Vasay his second PokerStars Main Event victory for  PHP 1,807,000 (~USD 32,470). Vasay started the week strong, having overcome the 330-entry Warm Up field to capture the first spadie of the season. A successful series for Vasay, the local crusher capped the week with PHP 2,214,000 (~USD 39,790) in prizes well in the green.

MSS 19 Main Event Final Table

The Main Event final games saw nine players return to the felt led by Philippines’ Alfredo Boligor to start the day. Within the first ten minutes, the first elimination was seen with Japan’s Kawaguchi Akihiro crashing into Ivan Dela Cruz’s AdAc. Kawaguchi with AsKd four bet jammed his 15 big blinds in and exited shortly as the table’s first casualty. India’s Harish Asnani followed suit not long after, having lost a flip to Renniel Galvez for his elimination.

The day similarly clocked in several continuous losses for final table chip leader Boligor to eventually land 7th place by the hands of Alexander Lai. Boligor lost his advantage right off the bat and failed to stop his downward momentum, ending his Main Event journey. By the first break, Dela Cruz ranked the highest and carried on to bust Russia’s Ionov Sergei with AdAh once more. Short stacked Lai then found himself under the pressure of the blinds, risking his tournament life with Ad4d against Kim Michael Enriquez8h8d. Enriquez bagged the win and headed to four handed play shortly after. 

Renniel Galvez

Despite having a healthy stack, Enriquez suffered a bad beat with his QcQs losing to Vasay’s KhQd to cost him over half of his chips. Unable to recover, Enriquez bowed out in 4th wiith Galvez9h9c sending his AcKc towards the muck. With three left in the running and Dela Cruz still in the lead, the latter would be seen in a back and forth battle against Vasay and take the final toll with midpair Kh8h on 5sJd8c4c against Vasay’s pocket aces. 

Two left in the game, a heads up deal was agreed upon with Vasay taking a larger PHP 1,807,000 payout, Galvez with PHP 1,565,000 and leaving the PokerStars trophy, APPT package and Manila Megastack seat to play for. Running a 2:1 advantage, Vasay carried on to eventually secure the victory and claim the additional PHP 120,000 APPT Manila Main Event Package (seat and accommodation) along with the title. In consolation, runner up Galvez received a PHP 45,000 entry to the Manila Megastack Main Event as well to add to his winnings.

Dates: January 3-7, 2024
Buy in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 360)
Guarantee: PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,000)
Prize pool: PHP 11,079,728 (~USD 200,000)
Entries: 649
ITM: 96 players

Flight A: 93 entries, 14 qualified
Flight B: 162 entries, 24 qualified
Flight C: 268 entries, 40 qualified
Flight D Turbo: 126 entries, 19 qualified

Live Updates

MSS 19 Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1st Joemark Vasay  Philippines ₱1,807,000*
2nd Renniel Galvez  Philippines ₱1,565,000*
3rd Ivan Dela Cruz Philippines ₱930,000
4th Kim Michael Enriquez  Philippines ₱720,000
5th Alexander Lai  Philippines ₱550,000
6th Sergei Ionov  Russia ₱425,000
7th Alfredo Boligor  Philippines ₱325,000
8th Harish Kumar Asnani  India ₱250,000
9th Akihiro Kawaguchi  Japan ₱189,728

*Denotes deal was made

MSS 19 Main Event Full Results

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Event #6: Super Series Turbo: Ronald Gorgonia – PHP 320,000 (~USD 5,760)

Ronald Gorgonia

The multiday Super Series Turbo ran alongside the Main Event and completed four starting flights to collect a total of 344 entries. The recorded field was just enough to inch over the PHP 2,000,000 (~USD 36,030) guarantee and list a PHP 2,349,107 (~USD 42,320) pot. 53 players collected a share and saw the final four strike a deal. Philippines’ Ronald Gorgonia held the highest chip count, earning him the largest payout at PHP 320,000 (~USD 5,760) and the PokerStars spade trophy to boot.

Dates: January 3-7, 2024
Buy in: PHP 8,000 (~USD 140)
Guarantee: PHP 2,000,000 (~USD 36,030)
Prize pool: PHP 2,349,107 (~USD 42,320)
Entries: 344
ITM: 53 players

Event #6: Super Series Turbo Final Table Results

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1st Ronald Gorgonia Philippines ₱320,000*
2nd Lemmor Patulot Philippines ₱313,000*
3rd Edgar Asehan Philippines ₱270,000*
4th Marcial Lou Philippines ₱228,000*
5th Kohei Kida Japan ₱123,000
6th Joven Huerto Philippines ₱95,000
7th Salih Kaya Denmark ₱73,000
8th Marcelo Tamura Brazil ₱60,000
9th Lin Hao Hong Kong ₱50,607

*Denotes deal was made

Event #20: Mystery Bounty: Reiner Magbutay – PHP 279,328 (~USD 5,020)

Reiner Magbutay

The exciting Mystery Bounty likewise broke its guarantee after welcoming a 165-entry field in battle for the PHP 1,195,128 (~USD 21,470) prize pool. 23 players were guaranteed a share of the pot as well as a chance to snag the biggest PHP 115,000 (~USD 2,060) bounty on the list. However, right on the first pick, Bryan Manalo drew the top prize and ended up bubbling the final table for a combined PHP 142,900 (~USD 2,560) in cashes.

Dates: January 7, 2024
Buy in: PHP 12,000 (~USD 210)
Guarantee: PHP 1,000,000 (~USD 18,015)
Prize pool: PHP 1,195,128 (~USD 21,470)
Entries: 165
ITM: 23 players

Event #20: Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1st Reiner Magbutay Philippines ₱279,328
2nd Younghwan Sung Korea, South ₱174,700
3rd Hisashi Hashizume Japan ₱124,800
4th Johnson Tan Philippines ₱96,000
5th Qi Xia China ₱73,800
6th Yonghwa Jung Korea, South ₱56,800
7th Benjamin Ebarle Philippines ₱46,200
8th Tomio Yoshimura Japan ₱38,500
9th Demian Bazerli France ₱32,100

*Excluding bounties

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