Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan to be featured in the return of High Stakes Poker this December

Dating back to 2006, many poker enthusiasts today remember those times High Stakes Poker was showing on television starring the biggest names in the industry. The glitz and the glam of playing around with huge sums of money made everyone believe the poker dream is alive and well. While the show was put on hold nearly a decade ago, the return of High Stakes Poker in the limelight may be exactly the escape everyone needs amidst this ongoing global health crisis.

Rumors arose earlier this year of the awaited comeback but it was not until last month that three-time WSOP bracelet winner Nick Schulman confirmed the news on social media. Hailed as one of the most popular poker programs of all-time, the anticipated return of High Stakes Poker is scheduled to take place this coming December.

Dwan and Ivey to appear in new episodes

Phil Ivey (left) and Tom Dwan (right) playing a pot against each other on the original High Stakes Poker

While many have been wondering who might be cast in this year’s season and what other possible big changes may be in store, legendary poker icon Tom “durrr” Dwan teases the fans with two videos uploaded on his Twitter account. The sneak peek revealed poker star Dwan along with the likes of Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Jason Koon, Brandon Adams, Ben Lamb and John Andress sitting on a live game with hefty chip stacks in play.

“High Stakes Poker coming back guys. Hope I run as good as last time”, captioned Dwan.

In the video, Dwan can be heard asking, “What’s it been? Like seven years since High Stakes Poker was on or something?”. While a tentative date to air the upcoming series is set on December 16, cards are already in the air as the famous American pro shows himself holding a pair of sevens with a flop on board, giving viewers a glimpse of what’s to come.

With seven seasons and 98 episodes in counting, poker fans will be thrilled to look back into its previous moments of massive pots, huge losses and insane bluffs. Considering the earlier games reported pots of close to a million dollars and multiple six-digit plays, this surprising yet thrilling comeback may just even be crazier yet. With less than two months of wait left, poker enthusiasts can already mark their calendars and tune in to the latest news for more updates on its upcoming premiere.


Janette Dee

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