People News: Tom Dwan Predicts “Golden Age” for US Poker; Doyle Brunson beats cancer again; GPI cancels POY; Galfond Challenge Update

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Tom Dwan Predicts “Golden Age” for US Poker

Triton Poker
Tom Dwan. Credit: Triton Poker

Poker legend Tom Dwan was a guest on fellow high stakes player Brandon Adams’ podcast. In the 80-minute conversation they talked about Dwan’s origins and mental approach to the game, the election, the US economy, and legalized online sports betting in the US.

Dawn also talked about his experiences playing on the TV show High Stakes Poker in the past and in this year’s production, his beginnings in live poker and how he learned to succeed. Despite having a strong start in the online cash game realm, Dawn has amassed over $3m in live earnings.

When speaking about the legislative developments for poker, especially in the United States, he mentioned that there is an opportunity for sites to expand, as long as they keep aggressively policing bots and cheaters.

“People in the US love poker and they haven’t had an easy way to play since Black Friday. I think there’s a large opportunity coming with the US opening up. If sites police it well, I could see there being somewhat of a golden age. Maybe not quite as much as the first…”

You can watch the full podcast episode on YouTube:

Doyle Brunson beats cancer again!

It has been reported that Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson has successfully fended off cancer for the fourth time in his life. He has been given an “all clear” after recent surgery for squamous cell cancer, a form of skin cancer.

The “Godfather of Poker” almost lost his biggest fight against cancer in 1962, but he managed to go into full remission after an operation. After that he had to face cancer a couple more times, but came out victorious.

Despite Brunson not participating in big poker tournaments anymore, the poker world still hopes to keep seeing him at the tables as long as possible.

GPI cancels POY


With 2020 being what it is, it comes as no surprise that the Global Poker Index (GPI) recently announced that all Player of the Year races are being cancelled.

There simply has not been enough live poker to go on in order to find winners for awards like Player of the Year, Female Player of the Year or Event of the Year.

On the GPI website they state:

“There have not been enough festival results or events in 2020 to justify competitive winners in our traditional PoY races. Anyone finishing first will not be recognized as a PoY winner and officially, 2020 PoY results will remain blank in all categories.”

“We hope that the races will return in full force in 2021 and look forward to what the new year may bring.”

The GPI has brought to live a podcast recently where they talk about all kinds of poker topics in different formats.

GPI/THM Poker Podcast Network

Galfond Challenge Update

chance kornuth
Chance Kornuth (left) and Phil Galfond (right)

The most recent session of the Galfond Challenge did not pan out as planned. Session #34 was supposed to see Phil Galfond and his contender Chance Kornuth continue battling in the €100/€200 PLO games.

But just after 15 minutes right in a middle of a $30k pot Kornuth lost his internet connection. Galfond received the pot uncontended and Kornuth did not manage to restore his connection to continue the session.

The players will continue next week on their quest to play a total of 35k hands. So far 18,800 hands have been played and, after having been far behind, Galfond is currently in the lead with $28.5k.