Niklas Astedt clinches the WSOPC 2021 Main Event; Satori_ and Mr-Bombastic win Cash Game Rings; final series wrap

With the last three rings claimed, the Natural8 – World Series of Poker 2021 Super Circuit Online Series is officially over! On the final day, Swedish superstar Niklas Astedt clinched the Main Event for his second ever WSOPC career ring; and at the Cash Game finals, Satori_ and Mr-Bombastic locked up shiners. We’ve got those recaps and results for you below plus the final series wrap.

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RING #18: $525 Main Event – NIKLAS ASTEDT – US$ 758,443.29

Swedish MTT beast Niklas Astedt has once again wowed the rail. On Saturday night, Astedt added another WSOPC ring to his awards collection after taking down the WSOPC 2021 Main Event. This was the largest and richest WSOPC Main Event in history with 14,496 entries and a prize pool of US$ 7,248,000.

lena900 astedt
Niklas Astedt. Credit: PocketFives

As the most experienced and decorated player at the final table, Astedt was favored to win, and in just under three hours of final table play, he did just that. Astedt defeated China’s Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi at heads-up to capture the championship gold ring and the enormous US$ 758,443.29 first prize. In addition, Astedt became the first player inducted into Team Champions and was awarded a US$ 50,000 Sponsorship Package that included entry to GGPoker Online Series Main Event, Live WSOP Main Event, Live WSOP Europe Main Event, Other Events upon agreement, and exclusive access to the GG lounge at Live Events. Astedt will also have a Custom Avatar, Team Champions Badge, and other GG network perks.

wsop sc os1
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series RING #18: $525 Main Event

Taking a glance at his WSOP achievements, in January this year, Astedt locked up his first ever WSOPC Ring at the WSOP Winter Online Circuit when he won the US$ 10,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em event. In cash, he pocketed US$ 348,250, which was his largest WSOP score up until his latest victory. Back in July 2020, Astedt nearly clasped a WSOP bracelet at the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event falling in 2nd place to Roberto Romanello. This earned him a decent US$ 156,905. However, these six figure payouts pale in comparison to the massive US$ 1,095,740 payout he shipped at the recent GG Spring Festival after taking down the H-41: $25,500 Sunday Five Million event. This was his largest known score to date. Recognized as one of the world’s best online tournament players in history, Astedt has around US$ 30 million in earnings, most of which was won at poker client PokerStars under the nickname “lena900” and about a third at GGPoker.

Final table payouts

1st Niklas Astedt – Sweden – US$ 758,443.29
2nd Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi – China – US$ 568,746.07
3rd sssssAK – China – US$ 426,499.15
4th Allan “Freedom35” De Mello – Brazil – US$ 319,829.29
5th Arkadiusz “Noksukow” Liszewski – Poland – US$ 239,837.89
6th Fabian Spielmann – Germany – US$ 179,853.35
7th Promoking – UK – US$ 134,870.72
8th David Miscikowski – USA – US$ 101,139.16
9th Patrick “Egption” Tardif – Canada – US$ 75,843.19

Buy in: US$ 525
Guarantee: US$ 5,000,000
Entries: 14,496
Prize pool: US$ 7,248.000
Day 2: 2,064 players
ITM: 1,500 places
Final table running time: 3 hours and 47 minutes

Final table recap

wsop sc os2
WSOP uper Circuit Online Series RING #18: $525 Main Event final table

Last weekend, 2,064 players advanced to Day 2 of the Main Event and closed when the final 9 was formed. Niklas Astedt bagged the chip lead while USA’s David Miscikowski brought up the rear. Miscikowski is a WSOP bracelet winner and was the only other player besides Astedt who was hunting down a second WSOP victory. The final race resumed on Saturday, June 5 18:00 UTC.

Just before the virtual cards were dealt, spectators had the option of betting on their favored player via the “Final Table Betting” tab. Unsurprisingly, Astedt was most favored and was matched closely in bettors by Canada’s Patrick “Egption” Tardif who was ranked sixth in chips. At the starting gun, early final table action was dominated by Astedt. Fifteen minutes in, Egption lost a big pot to Astedt with AsQs top pair not good enough against QcKc straight on a board Ah10d6hJc9c. Egption tried to recover but to the dismay of many, he fell in 9th place to Astedt with Ac7s trips outdrawn by Ad2c full house on a board As2sJcAh9c. (Hand pictured below)

Screen Shot 2021 06 06 at 8.29.45 PM

It took over half an hour for the next player to fall. Just before it, China’s Yanfei “aoteman1888” Chi landed a big double up with pocket Kings over Promoking’s pocket Queens then used those winning chips to end WSOP bracelet winner Miscikowski in 8th place. Miscikowski’s pocket twos were outdrawn by aoteman1888’s KQo when a King spiked the turn. Aoteman1888 continued to rise, railing Fabian Spielmann (7th) with AhQs flush over AdKd top pair on a board 3s8sJc10sKs.

Joining the knockout spree was Brazil’s Allan “Freedom35” De Mello who finished off short stacked Promoking in 6th place with pocket eights holding against AKo, then did the same to Poland’s Arkadiusz “Noksukow” Liszewski (5th) with Ah3h spiking the ace to outdraw 9d9h. At four remaining, China’s “sssssAK” Js10h tabled a higher straight against Astedt 6s5d on a board 7h8s9d9cQs, all chips in on the turn, to bump Astedt down to third rank. Aoteman1888 eliminated Freedom35 in 4th place with AsKs flush over KdJs two pair on a board 9sQsJc9c8s.

Down to three players, both Chinese players were up top while Astedt was still ranked third. SssssAK proceeded to lose a big pot to chip leader aoteman1888 then another to Astedt, and was finally stopped in 3rd place by aoteman1888 with 9h9c set over AsKs top pair. Heads-up opened with aoteman1888 backed by a 4:1 chip advantage. Twelve minutes in, Astedt shaved off some of the leader’s towers then doubled up to bring it to one bb difference. (Hand pictured below)

wsop sc os3

From there, it was all Astedt. He began to pull away, climbing as high as 3.5:1 when the final hand was tabled. Astedt pushed with As4c, aoteman1888 tank called with Ks7s, the board ran 6dAcKdQcQd. This was an incredible end to another strong performance by the Swede pro. In addition to this win, Astedt had collected three WSOPC side event wins amounting to US$ 132,200.39 for a combined US$ 890,643.68 in victory payouts. For runner up aoteman1888, it was just as impressive with a first ever six figure payout on the network after just 140+ tournaments played.

Cash Game Ring Events – Recaps

Aside from awarding WSOPC Tournament Rings, the series also promised two Cash Game Rings, one for Hold’em players and one for Pot Limit Omaha players. To have a shot at the merchandise, from May 1 to 30, cash game players earned points with the highest nine of each variant at the end awarded a seat to an invitational final table.

The final table of each variant kicked off with every player at par with 100,000 chips, equivalent to 100 big blinds deep. In less than three hours, Satori_ won the Cash Game Ring Hold’em variant and Mr-Bombastic took down the Cash Game Ring PLO variant. Recaps below.

Cash Game Ring Hold’em – SATORI_ – T$ 2,600

wsop sc os4
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Cash Game Ring Hold’em final table

The Cash Game Ring Hold’em final table ran a quick two and a half hours. Shortly after the first hour, Hong Kong’s “wsmbb_” couldn’t rise out of short stack and tumbled in 9th place with QcQs outdrawn by NoIdea’s AsKd, Ace on the flop. NoIdea claimed a second stack by railing Uruguay’s “nsoop4u” in 8th place with KdKh holding against AcKs that missed.

Matching up to NoIdea, Satori_ eliminated the next two players, Russia’s “goga7” (7th) with KdQh trips over 7s6s missed flush on a board Kh5sKsJc4c, and Poland’s “BHRazer” (6th) with a similar KsQc trips over Jh8h missed flush on a board 7sKh9hJsKd.

wsop sc os5
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Cash Game Ring Hold’em

At five remaining, NoIdea delivered a third bust with Russia’s “anonim72” (5th) taking the fall, Narcissus doubled up through chip leader Satori_, then Xeransis emptied out NoIdea in 4th place to take the lead. However, the ten minutes of heated action that followed sent Xeransis down in chips with Satori_ shipping it with JsJh dominating Ad6c. This gave Satori_ a big lead entering heads-up against Narcissus.

Initial action saw Satori_ carry the momentum to amass over half the chips in play. Narcissus didn’t make it easy, and soon closed the gap then stole the lead from Satori_. Narcissus climbed as high as 40 bb to Satori_’s 5 bb. With no other action left, on a board 6d9d9cAd, Satori_ doubled up with 7d3d higher flush to Narcissus’s 5d2d. Satori_ landed another double up with KhJh full house over Ah9s on a board 3d3c3hJd4s.

wsop sc os6

The winning hand soon arrived with Satori_ Jh7s pair defeating Narcissus’s Qc9d on a board AhKc4hJd3d. Satori_ locked up the Cash Game Hold’em Ring and T$ 2,600.


1st Satori_ Russia – T$ 2,600
2nd Narcissus – Poland – T$ 1,900
3rd Xeransis – Russia – T$ 1,500
4th NoIdea – Poland – T$ 1,200
5th anonim72 – Russia – T$ 900
6th BHRazer – Poland – T$ 700
7th goga7 – Russia – T$ 500
8th nsoop4u – Uruguay – T$ 400
9th wsmbb_ – Hong Kong – T$ 300

Cash Game Ring PLO – MR-BOMBASTIC – T$ 2,600

wsop sc os7
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Cash Game Ring PLO final table

Slightly shorter battle for the Cash Game PLO Ring with the champion decided in just over two hours and twenty minutes. Coming out victorious was Andorra’s “Mr-Bombastic” to claim the gold and T$ 2,600. Recapping the action, just before the first hour, Mr-Bombastic crippled China’s “D_Eiffel” with AsAcKcJs nut flush over 10d9d4d3s two pair on a board 4cKs8h10s5s. Down to 5 bb, D_Eiffel was then cleaned out in 9th place by Russia’s “Geneti”.

Several minutes after, Turkey’s “Nima_Sharifi” (8th) followed to the rail with AsAd5d4c defeated by UK’sShipItBabe” Qd7c6c3c two pair when the board ran 3s8d9cJhQc. Another three players quickly bounced out, Mr-Bombastic KdKhKc7c full house eliminated India’s “PrateekT” (7th) AdAhQd10s two pair, and Geneti booted two players, Hungary’s “Rrudy” with AhAcJd8c two pair over KsKc9c5d, and Canada’s “Kevvallan” with QcJh8c5h full house over KdKc3s2d two pair. This gave Geneti a big lead at four handed.

wsop sc os8
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Cash Game Ring PLO

Next called shoves saw Mr-Bombastic double up through the leader (hand pictured above), Geneti made up the lost chips by knocking out ShipItBabe (4th) with Qd9c10d7c straight over AsKdQhJh two pair on a board 2d10s8cJc10h. At three remaining, plenty of big pots moved around the virtual felt with Mr-Bombastic claiming the bigger pots, amassing two-thirds of the chips in play. Geneti managed to double up off the leader however not so fortunate for Russia’s “spykismol” who fell to Mr-Bombastic in 3rd place with AdAhKhKc full house crushing 10s10h4d3d two pair on a board 7hKs7d4s8h.

wsop sc os9

Heads-up kicked off with Mr-Bombastic up 41 bb to Geneti’s 15 bb. It took only three minutes for Mr-Bombastic to put a lid on it. The final hand (pictured above) was Mr-Bombastic Jc9s5c2d two pair over Js7s7c5d pair.


1st Mr-Bombastic – Andorra – T$ 2,600
2nd Geneti – Russia – T$ 1,900
3rd spykismol – Russia – T$ 1,500
4th ShipItBabe – UK – T$ 1,200
5th Kevvallan – Canada – T$ 900
6th Rrudy – Hungary – T$ 700
7th PrateekT – India – T$ 500
8th Nima_Sharifi – Turkey – T$ 400
9th D_Eiffel – China – T$ 300

WSOPC by the numbers

Day 1 – 30 cumulative prize pool: US$ 104,699,286
Seven figure prize pools: 10 ring events, 11 side events
Rings awarded: 18
Cash Game Rings: 2
Side events: 857
Ring Event entries: 154,862
Total series entries: 788,716 (satellites not included)
Largest Ring Event prize pool: $525 Main Event – US$ 7,248,000
Biggest Ring Event winner: Niklas Astedt – US$ 758,443.29

Largest Ring Event turnout

Phased: RING #7: BIG 25 – 61,456 entries
Single Day: Ring #14: $77 LUCKY 7’s – 9,966 entries

WSOPC 2021 Ring winners

Ring #1: Bangshifu – China – US$ 147,012.67
Ring #2: James “PHJ10” Carroll – USA – US$ 49,835.14
Ring #3: Mario Mosboeck – Austria – US$ 129,700.43
Ring #4: Uri “JimyT” Reichenstein – Israel – US$ 166,859.75
Ring #5: Jonas “LobyPewis” Mackoff – Canada – US$ 71,139.69
Ring #6: GangstaZab – Russia – US$ 133,179.80
Ring #7: Raggaz – New Zealand – US$ 145,994.01
Ring #8: Andres “chokitin” Korn – Argentina – US$ 163,388.73
Ring #9: Aleksey “ somebody444” Churbanov – Russia – US$ 69,142.65
Ring #10: David “Alw4ysinduc3” Vinayagamoorthy – Norway – US$ 84,831.28
Ring #11: PDC Mayor – Mexico – US$ 330,506.72
Ring #12: Ian “potamophobia” Matakis – USA – US$ 87,386.17
Ring #13: NuttedDreams – Austria – US$ 51,285.42
Ring #14: Ficho – Germany – US$ 76,029.52
Ring #15: RyutaroYT – Japan – 140,050.95
Ring #16: davidchien88 – Taiwan – US$ 113,881.23
Ring #17: N@pudp6hjas – Estonia – US$ 21,747.03
Ring #18: Niklas AstedtSweden – US$ 758,443.29

Cash Game Ring – Hold’em – Satori_ – T$ 2,600
Cash Game Ring – PLO – Mr-Bombastic – T$ 2,600

Natural8 – US$ 10,000 LiveX Sponsorship Package winners

Ring #7 winner – New Zealand’s “Raggaz”
Ring #10 winner – Norway’s David “Alw4ysinduc3” Vinayagamoorthy
Ring #16 winner – Taiwan’s “davidchien88”

Multiple Ring Event final tables

Jonas “LobyPewis” Mackoff – Canada
1st – Ring #5 BOUNTY GIANT No Limit Hold’em – US$ 71,139.69
2nd – Ring #9 $525 Bounty Deepstack No Limit Hold’em – US$ 47,901.49

davidchien88 – Taiwan
3rd – Ring #9 $525 Bounty Deepstack No Limit Hold’em – US$ 31,767.32
1st – Ring #16 $840 Bounty Championships – US$ 113,881.23

Claas Segebrecht – Austria
7th – Ring #3 $400 DOUBLE STACK MILLIONUS$ 26,447.71
4th – Ring #4 $800 No Limit Hold’em 6 Max Championship – US$ 63,066.59

TooStonedMonkey – Canada
5th – Ring #5 BOUNTY GIANT No Limit Hold’em – US$ 16,204.91
2nd – Ring #11 $400 COLOSSUS – US$ 342,128.77

Tim “BeardOilGuy” Rutherford – Canada
7th – Ring #1 $100 Super Circuit Kick Off – US$ 30,800.03
6th – Ring #12 $800 PLO Championship – US$ 17,265.98

Eder “BlueMoon” Campana – Brazil
7th – Ring #6 $365 GIANT No Limit Hold’em – US$ 30,319.85
5th – Ring #16 $840 Bounty Championships – US$ 28,574.84

Most WSOPC side event wins = 6 wins

David Coleman and Artur Martirosian

Other Multiple WSOPC side event winners

Four wins: Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza, Carter Swidler, Enrico Camosci, Alessandro Giannelli, “kelvra77”

Three wins: Niklas Astedt, Ramiro Petrone, Connor Drinan, Jonah “RaiseUpBlind” Silverstein, Pablo “Singleleg” Wesley, Chris Puetz, Vlad Stefan “HaiFanFan” Lache, Kirill “iHodl_” Shugai, David KGB Plus ev” Sheinin, Aleks “JustaMortal” Dimitrov, Rumukulus, queenkong, HuliGPN, Kou KUSH65, Pur3WiT, gokchinees!, Yan-Liang “yao_poker” Yao, and Mariam “WsidomTree” Nozadze.

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That concludes the Natural8 – WSOPC 2021 series. Stay tuned to Somuchpoker for updates on WSOP events happening this summer.

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