Natural8-WSOPC: “PDC Mayor” and David Vinayagamoorthy win WSOPC rings; Day 16 highlights

Like all previous Sundays at the Natural8 – WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021, the virtual scene was buzzing with players taking on the festival’s biggest games. In the aftermath, over US$ 11.6 Million was collected across 34 games. Outshining the competition were Mexico’s “PDC Mayor” and Norway’s David “Alw4ysinduc3” Vinayagamoorthy, both players seizing WSOPC rings. As a Natural8 player, Vinayagamoorthy also won a US$ 10,000 LiveX Sponsorship Package.

Also reaching ring event final tables were Singapore’s Curtis “ProdigyC Lim, and Hong Kong players Sparrow Park Yu “FacelessMan” Cheung and Dicky Siu Hang “Floatinworld” Tsang. At the side events, Niklas Astedt and Carter Swidler shipped their third win while Marius Gierse and WSOP ring winner David Comeron Carrasco pocketed big ones. For Asia Pacific, India’s Anshul “ISILDUR99” Rajput, Thailand’s Sutthichi “Whattherules” Audhnun, and China’s “meizi16888” shipped one side event each. We’ve got those results and ring event recaps for you.

Plenty of cash yet to be won with a total of US$ 100 Million promised. Also up for grabs are the last 9 WSOP Circuit Rings. Next chance is Ring #12: $800 Pot Limit Omaha Championship, US$ 250K guaranteed which takes place on May 19 at 02:05 HKT. Day 1 Flights are also running for Ring #15: $400 PLOSSUS, US$ 1 Million guaranteed and for the festival highlight Ring #18: $525 MAIN EVENT, US$ 5 Million guaranteed. To get in for less, try your luck at the satellites. The series runs through May 31st.

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WSOPC by the numbers

Day 1 – 16 cumulative prize pool: US$ 58,367,716
Seven figure prize pools: 7 ring events, 7 side events
Rings awarded: 11
Side events: 420
Total entries: 449,844
Largest phased ring event: RING #7: BIG 25 – 61,456 entries
Largest single day ring event: Ring #10 $100 HUNDRED STACK – 8,404 entries

Multi Ring Event final tables

Jonas “LobyPewis” Mackoff – two
Claas Segebrecht – two
TooStonedMonkey – two

Most Side Event wins

Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza – four wins

WSOP Circuit Ring winners

Ring #1: Bangshifu China – US$ 147,012.67
Ring #2: James “PHJ10” CarrollUSA – US$ 49,835.14
Ring #3: Mario MosboeckAustria – US$ 129,700.43
Ring #4: Uri “JimyT” ReichensteinIsrael – US$ 166,859.75
Ring #5: Jonas “LobyPewis” MackoffCanada – US$ 71,139.69
Ring #6: GangstaZabRussia – US$ 133,179.80
Ring #7: RaggazNew Zealand – US$ 145,994.01
Ring #8: Andres “chokitin” KornArgentina – US$ 163,388.73
Ring #9: Aleksey “ somebody444” ChurbanovRussia – US$ 69,142.65

Ring #10: $100 HUNDRED STACK NLH – DAVID “Alw4ysinduc3” VINAYAGAMOORTHY – US$ 84,831.28

First major victory for Norway’s David “Alw4ysinduc3” Vinayagamoorthy at Ring #10: $100 HUNDRED STACK No Limit Hold’em. Vinayagamoorthy topped the massive 8,404 entry field, eliminating five final table players to capture his first ever WSOP Circuit Ring and a career high US$ 84,831.28 payout. To date, this was the largest single day entry ring event. As a Natural8 player, Vinayagamoorthy also won a US$ 10,000 LiveX Sponsorship Package.

david v poker
David Vinayagamoorthy. Credit: Poker-NM

Buy in: US$ 100
Guarantee: US$ 500,000
Entries: 8,404
Prize pool: US$ 773,168
ITM: 1,088 places
Running time: 11 hours and 4 minutes

Final table payouts

1st David “Alw4ysinduc3” Vinayagamoorthy – Norway – US$ 84,831.28
2nd Markus Prinz – Austria – US$ 63,610.13
3rd Curtis “ProdigyC” Lim Siew Jian – Singapore – US$ 47,700.88
4th I4betUfoldD – Turkey – US$ 35,770.62
5th Sean “quackhouse” Prendiville – Ireland – US$ 26,824.18
6th Kaan “Dragon97” Becer – Canada – US$ 20,115.32
7th fishnbnin – Israel – US$ 15,084.32
8th AFS-20 – Brazil – US$ 11,311.66
9th Sparrow “FacelessMan” Park Yu Cheung – Hong Kong – US$ 8,482.55

Final table recap

With buy-in at just US$ 100, it was no surprise to see a massive turnout of 8,404 entries. This easily breached the US$ 500K guarantee for a richer US$ 773,168 prize pool. By the eighth hour, it was down to the final two tables. David “Alw4ysinduc3” Vinayagamoorthy took the lead after railing ClemFandango (16th), Kaan “Dragon97” Becer denied WSOP bracelet winner Byron Kaverman (13th), then at 10 remaining, a cooler against Curtis “ProdigyC” Lim Siew Jian sent Ameliorer below one big blind which Alw4ysinduc3 took to form the final table led by Dragon97.

wsopsc os1 1
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Ring #10: $100 HUNDRED STACK NLH final table

Every player at the final table was seeking their first ever WSOP win. The opening hand was met with a flop 10dJc9c showdown between Hong Kong Poker Players Association’s (HKPPA) Sparrow Park Yu “FacelessMan” Cheung JhJd set and Austria’s Markus Prinz KcQd straight. The turn 7c and river 4d were no help to Cheung to quickly depart in 9th place. Brazil’s AFS-20 followed out with Ireland’s Sean “quackhouse” Prendiville delivering the boot. Half an hour later, Alw4ysinduc3 A10o two pair outdrew fishnbnin’s AJo top pair, another hour after, Alw4ysinduc3 emptied out Dragon97 for his second final table bust.

wsopsc os2 1
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Ring #10: $100 HUNDRED STACK NLH

Down to five players, they looked at the numbers, Prinz declined. Chip leader Alw4ysinduc3 proceeded to rail quackhouse (5th) then Turkey’s “I4betUfoldD” (4th) to amass over half the chips in play. Heads-up arrived when Prinz AsQs dominated ProdigyC AcJs. The final battle for the ring had Alw4ysinduc3 way up in chips. The players gave the numbers another look, and again Prinz declined. Ten minutes later, it was all over. Despite Prinz’s determination, Alw4ysinduc3 kept his lead intact. The final hand was Alw4ysinduc3 As7h, Prinz 8c8s, the board 10hAdQd9h3s.

Ring #11: $400 COLOSSUS – PDC Mayor – US$ 330,506.72

A weeklong of Day 1 flights for Ring #11: $400 COLOSSUS drew 10,166 entries to absolutely crush the US 2.5 Million guarantee for a much richer US$ 3,822,416 prize pool. Day 2 kicked off with 1,438 players vying for the glory. Just over eight and a half hours of play, a three way deal was reached with Canada’s “TooStonedMonkey” guaranteed the biggest cut of US$ 342,128.77. To date, this was the largest payout of all the completed ring events. Mexico’s “PDC Mayor” went on to win it to lock up the WSOPC Ring and a handsome US$ 330,506.72 to go with it. PDC Mayor also shipped the WSOPC Series $315 Sunday Bounty King side event on Day 1 for US$ 33,507.43. 

wsopsc os3
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Ring #11: $400 COLOSSUS

Buy in: US$ 400
Guarantee: US$ 2,500,000
Entries: 10,166
Prize pool: US$ 3,822,416
ITM: 1,100 places
Running time: 8 hours and 36 minutes

Final table payouts

1st PDC Mayor – Mexico – US$ 330,506.72*
2nd TooStonedMonkey – Canada – US$ 342,128.77*
3rd Clarky91 – Canada – US$ 304,561.02*
4th 1_2_3 – Azerbaijan – US$ 177,851.61
5th Javier “Marco_damme” Fernandez – Spain – US$ 133,370.07
6th Gotchem – India – US$ 100,013.20
7th Sol1d – Ukraine – US$ 74,999.25
8th Dicky Siu Hang “Floatinworld” Tsang – Hong Kong – US$ 56,241.73
9th TheTraveller – Norway – US$ 42,175.21
*Three-way deal, played for the RING

Notable players in the top 100: Jonah “RaiseUpBlind” Silverstein (19th), Gaurav “Haversham” Sood (27th), Simon “FiestaPagana” Mattsson (35th), Joao Vieira (47th), Joseph “B3ndTheKnee” Liberta (51st), Ranno “RukKuRuku” Sootla (52nd), Hristo “icho” Anastassov (55th), FanChihWei (78th), Mario Mosboeck (81st), Makoto “urawapoy” Yoshimichi (82nd), Chi Jen “Justin” Chu (83rd), Mike Leah (87th), and Aleksandr “leeel” Shepel (89th).

Event recap

Leading up to the final table, TooStonedMonkey railed China’s “LiuliAAAA” (16th) and Tunisia’s Melinaaaa G (12th) to take command of the chip counts. Canada’s Clarky91 denied Israel’s Omry “the shrakher” Avni in 11th place, India’s Gotchem AsKs railed Vince Cavailles Ah8h (10th) to form the final table led by TooStonedMonkey. This was TooStonedMonkey’s second final table appearance having placed 5th at Ring #5: $315 BOUNTY GIANT No Limit Hold’em.

wsopsc os4
WSOP Super Circuit Online Series Ring #11: $400 COLOSSUS final table

First hand of the final table saw the departure of Norway’s “TheTraveller” whose KQo bricked against 1_2_3’s pocket Tens. It took another 45 minutes before the next bust. During that time, TooStonedMonkey collected a big one against Gotchem to amass a commanding lead. PDC Mayor Ac9c sent Hong Kong’s Dicky Siu Hang “Floatinworld” Tsang QsJs out in 8th place. A couple of double ups followed, then PDC Mayor claimed a second final table bust with Ukraine’s “Sol1d” falling in 7th place. Clarky91 KcKs eliminated Gotchem AdKd (6th) and following immediately after was Javier “Marco_damme” Fernandez (5th) with pocket nines running into PDC Mayor’s pocket Tens. Despite PDC Mayor having railed three players, TooStonedMonkey continued to hold court up top and pumped more in after eliminating Azerbaijan’s 1_2_3 (4th).

wsopsc os5

The final three players checked the ICM numbers, PDC Mayor declined. Several hands in, another look at the numbers, this time Clarky91 declined. A deal was finally reached on the third attempt with everyone pocketing over US$ 300K. TooStonedMonkey was guaranteed US$ 12K more than PDC Mayor and Clarky91 the smallest amount. The battle for the ring continued. TooStonedMonkey knocked out Clarky91 (3rd) with pocket Tens denying KQo. TooStonedMonkey entered heads-up with a 2:1 chip advantage over PDC Mayor.

Three minutes in, PDC Mayor doubled up and took the lead with AsQs flush on the river over TooStonedMonkey’s JdJs on a board 6h8s2d4s9s. From there, both players tugged for leadership. PDC Mayor climbed to 2:1 then closed it out with AhJc dominating 2dAc on a dry board.

Biggest Side Event Winners

WSOPC High Rollers: $5,250 Bounty Hunters SHR

marius gierse poker
Marius Gierse. Credit: World Poker Tour

Buy in: US$ 5,250
Guarantee: US$ 300,000
Entries: 81
Prize pool: US$ 405,000
ITM: 11 places
Winner: MARIUS GIERSEGermany – US$ 98,073.35

Germany’s Marius Gierse claimed the largest side event payout of Day 16.

WSOPC Series: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event

Buy in: US$ 525
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 2,222
Prize pool: US$ 1,111,000
ITM: 314 places
Winner: DAVID “MyLastHand!” COMERON CARRASCOSpain – US$ 89,388.94

WSOP Ring holder David “MyLastHand!” Comeron Carrasco shipped the one million dollar guaranteed side game of Day 16 to earn the second largest payout of all non ring events.

Pros Niklas Astedt and Carter Swidler bag third side event win

Niklas Astedt
Niklas Astedt. Credit: PokerStars

On Day 16, Norway’s Niklas Astedt and Canada’s Carter Swidler joined the list of players with three side event wins. For Astedt, it was the third WSOPC High Rollers victory at the $2,625 Blade Opener for US$ 29,591.97. His first two wins were on Day 4 at the $3,150 Blade Bounty King for 31,857.37 and on Day 9 at the $5,250 Sunday 250 for US$ 70,751.05.

Taking a look at Swidler’s achievements, he recently shipped the WSOPC Series $300 Sunday Closer HR for US$ 13,394.40. His first two wins were on Day 2 at the $250 Sunday Monster Stack for US$ 28,983.98 and on Day 15 at the $315 Bounty King Circuit for US$ 16,874.84.

Other players with three wins were Artur Martirosian, Alessandro Giannelli, HuliGPN, Ramiro Petrone, Enrico Camosci, and David Coleman.

Multiple Side Event Winners

WSOPC Series: $250 Sunday Double Stack Fast

Buy in: US$ 250
Guarantee: US$ 75,000
Entries: 418
Prize pool: US$ 96,140
ITM: 62 places
Winner: FREE STYYYLE Austria – US$ 18,087.33

This was Free StYyYle’s second side event win. Free StYyYle previously won the WSOPC Series $315 Bounty King Circuit on Day 7 for $15,300.82.

WSOPC Series: $50 Sunday Saver [Hyper]

Buy in: US$ 50
Guarantee: US$ 45,000
Entries: 1,129
Prize pool: US$ 51,934
ITM: 152 places
Winner: LUCKYPHOOEYMexico – US$ 7,844.74

Second side event win for LuckyPhooey who also won the WSOPC Series $250 Monster Stack on Day 10 for US$ 11,856.73.

Asia Pacific – Side Event Winners

WSOPC High Rollers: $1,050 Sunday Kick Off

Buy in: US$ 1,050
Guarantee: US$ 150,000
Entries: 199
Prize pool: US$ 199,000
ITM: 27 places
Winner: SUTTHICHI “Whattherules” AUDHNUNThailand – US$ 43,178.83

WSOPC Series: $210 Bounty Hunters Sunday Special

Buy in: US$ 210
Guarantee: US$ 300,000
Entries: 1,950
Prize pool: US$ 390,000
ITM: 278 places
Winner: ANSHUL “ ISILDUR99” RAJPUTIndia – US$ 34,799.01

WSOPC Series: $125 Sunday Kick Off

Buy in: US$ 125
Guarantee: US$ 100,000
Entries: 1,161
Prize pool: US$ 133,515
ITM: 170 places
Winner: MEIZI16888China – US$ 19,728.49

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