Natural8 latest: $4.5 Million prize pool for N8GG Series – Chinese Rush introduced

Natural8 is an exciting, growing online poker room which has been granting MTT enthusiasts a great opportunity during the last week or more. Bringing the GG series to the online table has been a great decision for Natural8, helping their brand to grow even further. In addition, great prizes have been won and some events saw overlays, ensuring that all players received great value for money when deciding to get involved.

GG series concludes


Over the past fifteen days Natural8’s GG series has paid out prize pools totalling $4,571,196. This comfortably surpassed the total guarantee for the series which stood at $3.2 million. The largest prize awarded during the series was $375,601. The 129 events saw 26,975 entries, with 13 prizes over $50,000 being awarded throughout the series. One tournament even had an astonishing overlay of $5,776. This inaugural MTT series has been a great success for players, and for Natural8.

Key numbers:
– Total prize pool: $4,571,196
– Total guarantee: $3,520,000
– Largest single prize: $375,601
– 26,975 entries to 129 events
– Number of +$50K prizes: 13
– Largest overlay: $5,776

Chinese Rush introduced

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For those who enjoy playing as many hands per hour as they possibly can, Chinese Rush will enhance their poker playing experience significantly. When playing at Chinese Rush tables, players will be re-seated at a new table and be dealt a new hand the instant they fold. This allows players to increase their hourly rate through playing many more hands per hour than they normally would.

Chinese Rush Festival

The arrival of Chinese Rush will be followed by the Chinese Rush festival, where players can take part in a rake race on these new tables. Prizes will be awarded to the top 300 players on the low stakes leaderboard, and the top 200 on the mid stakes leaderboard, with the top prizes being set at 15,000 Yuan (US$2,177) and 40,000 Yuan (US$5,806) respectively. A total of 680,000 Yen (US$98,918) will be awarded in the promotion.

In addition to this new promotion, there are existing ones which also help to embellish the playing experience at Natural8. These include a $300 VIP Freeroll on Saturdays, weekly missions, a $10,000 bankroll challenge and a tournament leaderboard to name a few!

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Article by Craig Bradshaw