Natural8-GGSF: Two new millionaires! Joakim Andersson banks US$ 1.5M at Super MILLION$ 10M GTD, runner up Julian Stuer collects US$ 1.1M

Sweden’s Joakim Andersson was the envy of all after he shipped the richest tournament of the GG Spring Festival 2021. Andersson entered the final table of the GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H: $10,300, $10M GTD as chip leader, proceeded to eliminate six players to seize the enormous US$ 1,537,605.12 first prize. This was the single largest payout of the series. For runner-up, Julian Stuer, his hunt fell short but still walked away collecting a substantial US$ 1,185,655.13.

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The GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H: $10,300, $10M GTD was one of two events featuring a staggering US$ 10 million guarantee. The event ran from April 12 to 19 with five starting days offered. A cumulative 1,089 coughed up the US$ 10,300 price tag to impressively surpass the guarantee by US$ 890K. Of the 156 players that qualified for Day 2, 125 of them stood to earn with the top two spots locking up seven figures. After two and a half hours of final table play, Sweden’s Joakim Andersson shipped the US$ 1,537,605.12 first prize for his largest career takedown.

joakim andersson poker
Joakim Andersson. Credit: The Asian Poker Tour

Buy in: US$ 10,300
Guarantee: US$ 10,000,000
Entries: 1,089
Prize pool: US$ 10,890,000
Day 2 qualifiers: 156
ITM: 125 places

Final table payouts

1st Joakim Andersson – Sweden – US$ 1,537,605.12
2nd Julian Stuer – Germany – US$ 1,185,655.13
3rd Darrell Goh – Ireland – US$ 914,265.78
4th Stevan “Steve Austin” Chew – Australia – US$ 704,995.55
5th level29 – India – US$ 543,626.04
6th Gerely “Land on it!” Kulcsar – Hungary – US$ 419,192.75
7th Roman “RRomashka” Emelyanov – Russia – US$ 323,241.79
8th Alex Foxen – USA – US$ 249,253.40
9th Taylor Paur – USA – US$ 192,200.98

Day 2 recap

Day 2 opened with 156 players, many of whom were well known and highly decorated, however holding court was an unknown player from India named “level29” with 118 bb. Level29 was the only player bringing in over 100 bb into Day 2. Wedged in the middle was Andersson ranked 47th with a very healthy 44 bb stack. Within the first two minutes, the first casualty arrived with Andres “MaShalah” De Agustin falling to Ioannis Angelou-Konstas. He was quickly joined by Justin Bonomo, Pascal Hartmann, Daniel Dvoress, and Wei Zhao to name a few.

Ten minutes before the first hour was up, Fedor Holz fell five spots from the money; the bubble then burst on Costa Rica’s DonEmilio. With money assured, what followed was a flurry of busts that included Dario Sammartino (123rd), Guillaume Nolet (122nd), Nick Petrangelo (117th), Nguyen Sang (114th), Lirui “IvanZ777” Zhang (113rd), Alex Papzian (95th), Isaac Haxton (89th), and Adrian Mateos (86th). By the end of the second hour, only 64 remained. India’s “level29” was still among the leaders, joined by Roman “RRomashka” Emelyanov. Both players held rank all the way to the end of the fifth hour with Julian Stuer and Alex Foxen finding their way up as well.

It took another hour before it was down to the final two tables. Andersson was now one of the leaders however for Daniel Smiljkovic (16th), David Yan (15th), and Pablo Silva (14th) there would be no final table. Andersson added Jeff “DollarVig” Berwick (13th) to the fallouts, Alex Kolonias (12th) fell to level29, then simultaneously, Andersson railed Gerogia’s “FlowTao” (11th) and level29 ended Nicolo Molinelli (10th) to form the final table. Day 2 lasted over six hours. The finalists were given a one-day break.

Final table recap

GGSF 1 3

Upon resuming, Andersson was the man in charge with 105 bb, his closest challenger was level29 with 73bb; in third rank was Stuer with 53 bb and at the bottom was Taylor Paur with 9 bb. On the fourth hand, Andersson sent Paur to his knees with a full house over two pair. Paur was the first of six who met the Andersson axe.

After twenty minutes of exchanges, Alex Foxen lost a big pot to Darrell Goh with QhJd top pair rivered by Qs8s straight on a board 2c10hJs3h9c. Down in chips, Foxen lost the rest to Andersson with As10s missing against 5d5h (hand pictured below). This gave Andersson his second bust and an even wider lead with 105 bb to second ranked level29’s 54 bb. At the time, the average stack was 39 bb. For the seven remaining players, each one was guaranteed to pocket their largest cash no matter where they finished.

GGSF 2 3

At the end of the first hour, both Gergely “Land on it!” Kulcsar and Goh doubled up through the leader, Stuer eliminated Emelyanov, then Kulcsar won a second showdown against Andersson only to lose all of it to Stuer with Jc10c failing against 9s9d. For the first time at the final table Stuer was the player in charge though not for long as Andersson successfully grinded to regain control. From there on, it was all Andersson with level29 as his next target.

In back to back hands, Andersson chunked the lone Indian player then cleaned him out with 10d10s dominating 3c3s. For his fourth victim, he finished off short stacked Stevan “Steve Austin” Chew. At the end of the second hour, Andersson was ahead with 82 bb, Stuer had 46 bb, and Goh at 26 bb with the average stack at 52 bb. It didn’t take long for Goh to get it all in, risking his tournament life on KcJc. When the board ran 3dQd4s7d7c, Andersson’s Qc3h improved to ship it and bring on heads up.

Both Andersson and Stuer were now guaranteed US$ 1.1 million and were battling for the extra US$ 400K+. Andersson was ahead 98 bb to Stuer’s 16 bb. Andersson climbed as high as 20:1 that despite Stuer finding one double up, it wasn’t enough to stop the charging Swede. The final hand soon arrived with Andersson Kh2c, Stuer Ac9d, board 3cQc5d8h2s for bottom pair on the river.

GGSF 3 3

For a brief bio on the champion, based on his GG profile, Andersson has been very successful in the network with over US$ 5.3 million in winnings which includes his latest victory. Last year, at the GG – WSOP 2020 Online International segment, he finished 37th at the Main Event for US$ 22,876 however his largest known online record was at the WPT Online World Championship Six Max event in August 2020. He reached 3rd out of 989 entries for US$ 271,903. On the live stage, Andersson is quite scarce with only 14 cashes since 2012 and a career high live victory payout of US$ 50,643 at the EPT Malta No Limit Hold’em 8 Handed tournament. In 2019, he was seen in Vietnam, participating at the WPT and APT events where he cashed at four events with victories in two.

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