Kobe conquers record breaking Jin Bei Cup Short Deck Main Event for massive $1,656,000 payday


The inaugural Jin Bei Cup Short Deck Main Event ended in spectacular fashion with UK’s Kobe crushing the competition to bank the massive US$ 1,656,000 top prize.

Kobe at Jin Bei Cup
Kobe wins Jin Bei Cup

As one of the newest events in Asia, the flagship tournment’s US$ 5 Million guarantee turned heads and even moreso when 98 ponied up the massive US$ 53,000 buy in and a further seven in add-ons. As a result, the prize pool surpassed expectations, closing at USD$ 5,250,000. This now stands as the wealthiest Short Deck tournament in the region.

Jin Bei Cup – Record Prize Pool for Short Deck in Asia

Jin Bei Cup Cash

Jin Bei Cup – Final Day recap

The Jin Bei Short Deck Main Event was a two-day action-packed affair running from May 8 to 9, 2024 at the Jin Bei Palace. Organized by the Jin Bei Group, it was the first poker series to be held in Sihanoukville, Cambodia in nearly a decade. With Short Deck a known favorite of Chinese players, it was no surprise to see them dominate in numbers.

Sun Da Seng at Jin Bei Cup
Sun Da Seng

The final day opened with 25 players led by Sun Da Seng who won a big pot against Kobe during the last hand of Day 1. Among the re-entries and new arrivals were Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and Kenneth Kee. Surprisingly, Tom Dwan and Martin Nielsen did not return.

Daneil Cates at Jin Bei Cup
Daneil Cates

As soon as the cards went flying, so did the chips that it didn’t take long for Kobe to jump back in the driver’s seat. Within minutes, Kobe railed two players Ge Hua and Yang Yang, and from then on, Kobe was unstoppable. On the opposite end, Chinese pro Quan Zhou was given the hard halt by Cates, falling on the bubble.

Quan Zhou bubbles Jin Bei Cup
Quan Zhou bubbles

With the cash intact, it was another hyper turbo race for a final table seat. Short stacks Ke Xu (12th) and Guang Hui Luo (11th) couldn’t keep up and were first to cash. Esti Wang (10th) joined the railbirds after losing two showdowns. Kobe cleaned out the next two, Gavin (9th) followed by Cates (8th) to trim the field down to one table.

Jin Bei Cup final table
Jin Bei Cup final table

The incredibly fast race continued with players shoving at every hand. This sent the day’s entering chip leader Sun Da Seng out in 7th place with Kobe collecting again. Tao Zong (6th) fell to eventual runner up Aori. For the lone lady in the running, Joy, her luck ran out in 5th place at the hands of Kobe. After Aori finished the next two Fei Xu (4th) and Liu Ming Zhong (3rd), it was heads up for the the title.

Jin Bei Cup
Heads up: Aori versus Kobe

With the payouts built to be top heavy, the final two contenders – Kobe and Aori – were guaranteed seven figures. While it looked like a sure win for the massive stacked Kobe, it was not to be. Aori won two all in showdowns to steal the top spot. As the grinding continued, Kobe was at risk for the first time all day and pulled through by doubling up with quads. Back in control, Kobe closed it out with QdJh over AsJs on a board Ks8d6hKdQs.

Jin Bei Cup – Results

Date: May 8 to 9, 2024
Guarantee: US$ 5,000,000
Entries: 105
Prize pool: US$ 5,250,000
ITM: 12 places


Place Player Flag Payout in USD
1 Kobe UK $1,656,000
2 Aori China $1,022,000
3 Liu Ming Zhong China $670,000
4 Fei Xu China $461,000
5 Joy China $327,000
6 Tao Zong China $240,000
7 Sun Da Seng China $181,000
8 Daniel Cates USA $181,000
9 Gavin China $143,000
10 Esti Wang China $143,000
11 Guang Hui Luo China $113,000
12 Ke Xu China $113,000

Read up on the action via the live updates.

Jin Bei Cup – Main Event Short Deck 5M GTD $50,000

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