Hot summer on Natural8: $300K in giveaways and a new Bubble protection

This August, Natural8 has released a new, industry first feature for tournaments — Bubble Protection for Early Birds, alongside another Rush & Cash promotion — $100,000 Drop Race. There is also a $200,000 giveaway for Omaha players.

Below are the details.

$100K Rush and Cash Giveaway

DR 700X450

Natural8 is offering another Rush & Cash promotion with $100,000 starting in August. The Drop Race, as aptly named, will have players seeking out for the golden tables. Every cent players make out of the Cash Drop hands will also get them points to the leaderboard.


Every $0.01 you claim from Cash Drops will grant you 1 point.

  • Weekly Periods (UTC+0)
  • August 1st, 00:00:00 – August 10th, 23:59:59
  • August 11th, 00:00:00 – August 17th, 23:59:59
  • August 18th, 00:00:00 – August 24th, 23:59:59
  • August 25th, 00:00:00 – August 31st, 23:59:59

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$200K Omaha Giveaway

OSS 700X450

This August, PLO games shall take the spotlight as Natural8 is bringing players an Omaha Summer Special featuring a $200,000 prize giveaway.

500 PLO enthusiasts will get to take home a slice of the prize money, with a sizeable sum of $15,000 going to the first place winner. Every hand played at Natural8’s Omaha tables will put players on the leaderboard.

Blinds Points per Hand
$200 / $400 7200
$100 / $200 3500
$50 / $100 1700
$25 / $50 850
$10 / $20 350
$5 / $10 170
$2 / $5 81
$1 / $2 27
$0.50 / $1 13
$0.25 / $0.50 6
$0.10 / $0.25 2.5

Introducing Bubble Protection for Early Birds

Bubble Protection main

Poker players who are regulars at online poker tournaments will understand the pain and despair of being the bubble. As other players celebrate being in the money, you end up licking your wounds wondering what went wrong.

For this reason, Natural8 is offering tournament enthusiasts Buy-in protection which is completely free when they bust out just before hitting the money.

In order to qualify for the Buy-in Protection, players need to:

1. Look for the ‘Bubble Protection’ badge within the tournament lobby.
2. Register before the start of the tournament (Early-bird).
3. Get your buy-in back if you bubble (finish just outside payouts).

The Natural8 Bubble Protection for Early Birds will be available for selected tournaments (Daily Guarantees, Bounty Hunters, Omaholic, Phoenix Rebuy & MBP) that have a minimum of 10 entrants. Only players who register for the tournament before it starts are eligible for this bubble insurance. Late registrations will not be eligible for the Bubble Protection.

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