High stakes cash game on Natural8 breaks last week’s record biggest NLH pot in online poker history, Ali Imsirovic claims almost $1 million pot

Last week’s previous record biggest No Limit Hold’em pot amounting to $842K made headline news when it apparently broke a twelve year record in online poker history. Wiktor Malinowski who held pocket Aces against Michael Addamo’s pocket Kings led him to scoop up the massive pot after calling down three barrels with his strong overpair. A definite cooler, the new record between players Tan “tan4321” Xuan and Almedin Imsirovic was a different case played out in a more interesting way.

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While many poker players are aware of the current boom in online poker given the slow return of live poker, only a few top tier high rollers are engaging in the juicy high stakes cash games available in leading platforms. The GGPoker network has been recently more aggressive and taking advantage of the present situation, attracting a ton of poker enthusiasts engaged in various stakes. With the previous record held on the same network (Natural8 – GGPoker network), it only took about a week for the largest NLH pot record to be broken.

Online poker action has generally been on the rise as a direct effect of the global health crisis limiting the majority of live poker play. The high stakes action on the GGPoker network is continuously growing in addition to the recently implemented rake reduction featuring a maximum of 5% at all stakes with a cap of one big blind for high stakes Pot Limit Omaha games. Safe to say, poker fans can expect more huge pots hitting the headlines with star-studded casts taking part in the thrilling events.

Imsirovic takes down $974k pot

The last 24 hours have been most eventful for poker crusher Almedin Imsirovic as he claimed the biggest NLH pot in online poker history with a value of $974,631. Playing a $500/$1,000/$200 six-max No Limit Hold’em with an additional $2,000 straddle game, the hand began with Xuan opening to $4,278 in the cutoff and Imsirovic raising it to $21,000 from the big blind. Xuan called to create a pot of $45,700 before the flop was even revealed.

Having three-bet from the big blind, Imsirovic continued the aggressive path betting $15,425 on a flop of 5d5h9s. Xuan countered with a raise to $53,700 as to which Imsirovic called. A Js came on the turn in which Imsirovic check-called another hefty bet of $101,046 from opponent Xuan. With the pot having already built up to roughly $355k, all eyes were anticipating the exciting action about to come down on the river. An 8s soon completed the board which Imsirovic answered with a check. Xuan took some time and opted to shove for his remaining $309,719 to get an eventual call from Imsirovic having rivered the nut-high flush with AsKs. Imsirovic claimed the pot of close to a million dollars after Xuan showed 9d7d.

GGPoker record big pot

While the Bosnian pro made a huge profit last night, Imsirovic is no stranger to winning huge payouts. His Hendon Mob records show an astounding $8.9 million in total live earnings with over $1.1 million for his best live cash. The cash game high roller’s record only spans out to less than five years with the pro quickly climbing up the ranks and raking in the dough both in tournament and cash game poker.


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