GGNetwork releases Public Roadmap featuring Short Deck, Cash Game multi-tabling restrictions and more

GGNetwork home of Natural8 has grown in stature as a network in recent years. One of the main reasons for that growth is that GGNetwork are innovative, always looking to improve and are receptive to player input. Building on those key principles even further, GGNetwork has now released its “Public Roadmap”, in which it shows customers all its plans which are either being considered or in the process of implementation.

What is the Public Roadmap?

The Public Roadmap is the first ever openly aired collection of ideas which allow for feedback from customers before plans are introduced to the network or while they are in development. Like all fantastic ideas, it’s a simple one that leaves you wondering why more companies haven’t been doing it for years. If you want to make customers happy, why not keep them informed, and involved in the process of developing new ideas for your poker room?

The Public Roadmap

Commenting on the new Public Roadmap, Jean-Christophe Antoine, Head of GGNetwork, said:

“Sharing our Roadmap with the world is not only a first in the Online Gambling industry but also a way for us to get feedback and ideas from anyone that wants to help us grow and make poker fun again”. The collection of plans and ideas are hosted on Trello, and are accessible to anyone who wants to look at them.

What are the most eye-catching ideas currently in development?

1 – Cash game multi-tabling restrictions – October 1st

Cash tables will be restricted to 4 tables – Photo credit: GGNetwork

This idea follows in the footsteps of changes made by larger networks recently and is an idea which will divide opinion. The table limit imposed will be 4 and will be applied to the following game types:

  • VIP Games
  • No Limit Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • All-in or Fold
  • Rush and Cash
  • Short Deck

The changes will also apply to mobile devices but interestingly, will not be applied to tournament tables. The release date for the change is October 1st, meaning that it will be implemented regardless of initial player feedback.

2 – Short Deck/6+ Holdem – (In development)

Short Deck has experienced a surge in popularity lately, fuelled by its inclusion in High Roller events such as Triton. The game has already been introduced at PokerStars, and it seems logical for other networks like GGNetwork to bring in a game which is already popular, and looks set to grow further. This idea has been in development since June and has been given a due date of October 29th, although this has changed once already and me be moved back again.

3 – Ability to download full hand history – (In development)

Players should soon be able to view full hand histories – Photo credit: GGNetwork

Another idea which is in development and loosely scheduled to arrive at the end of October is the ability to download full hand histories. In development since the start of September, this idea will bring the network up to speed with major networks who already allow players to access hand histories in full.

4 – New Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments – (In development)

In development since July, Jackpot Sit & Gos are a popular sit & go format which has been around for a very long time. GGNetwork’s version has been in development since mid- July, and while it seems unlikely such an update would take too many months, there is no scheduled release date currently.

5- Revamping tournament offerings (under consideration)

A new tournament schedule could be on the way – Photo credit: GGNetwork

This idea is not in development yet but is being considered as a future update. As such, there is still time for players to give their input and help shape the future tournament schedule. The information attached suggests the new series could have a $20 million monthly guarantee which would be a bold upgrade in GGNetwork’s tournament offerings.

6 – 5 Card Omaha and Pineapple Open Face Chinese (under consideration)

The addition of these two games is another possibility which is currently only in the ideas stage. Players can contribute their thoughts on these games and whether they would make a positive difference to the network. Both games are popular on poker apps such as PPPoker and Upoker, which is a clear sign that they will build a following if added, but currently there are no firm plans to develop them for GGNetwork.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw